Celtic Archetype Symbolism: Understanding Archetype Symbols

Celtic Archetype Symbolism: What are Archetypes?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, an archetype is a primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious. Archetypes are also symbols that we see and interpret that are present in our psyches. Most of these symbols are easy to understand. Others, on the other hand,  require profound interpretations to grasp the illusion of that which is real. According to Celtic Archetype symbolism, archetypes can transmit information that cannot be quickly relayed by either written or oral modes of communication.

Archetype symbols exist everywhere in the world in different cultures. Archetype symbols are connected unconsciously by the human mind. These symbols present themselves at different frequencies in our minds. The only time when people are aware of archetype symbols is in dreams, visions, crop circles and meditation among other modes built by an unconscious mind.

Celtic Archetype Symbolism: Insight

To many, Celtic Archetype symbolism is not easy to interpret since it is a web of complications. Your thoughts may present a symbol to you but interpreting it may present a problem. Archetypes are not only figments of the unconscious mind, but they are also auditory. They are recognizable via tones and harmony.

The term archetype originated with Plato who was a Greek Philosopher. Carl Jung, a psychiatrist, later advanced it.  He refers to archetypes as a collective unconsciousness that comes to us from the memories we inherit from our ancestors. Jung believes that there is a connection between the happenings of the world today and the archetype symbols of the past.

Is there a relationship between archetypes and history? As humans, we are born with archetype symbols. It is important to understand basic archetype symbols to know what different cultures believe. Opening ourselves to learning archetype symbols brings us closer to ancient wisdom.

Celtic Knowledge and Nature

To have vast Celtic knowledge we need to appreciate the existence of nature. As human beings, we are one with nature. We cannot exist without the presence of nature. Our true roots only appeal to us if we understand the prints and symbols created by nature for our well being. In modern times, ignorance has taken over people. No one bothers to know more about their original roots. The moment we establish our roots, we can connect with the people we regard as family.

Personal archetypes enable us to connect with nature and appreciate the symbols present in different cultures. Archetype symbols enable us to choose which one of them suits us best. They explain our character, the qualities we possess, needs/desires and personalities. The characteristics of nature will manifest in our lives if we embrace archetype symbols through meditation.

Celtic Archetype Symbols

Many people ask, do Celtic archetype symbols exist? The answer is yes; these symbols do exist because of the rich cultures we identify with in the world. Celtic Archetype symbols exist in numbers. They are so many since they represent different cultures. This article is going to explain just but a few that exist among the many.

The Anima and the Animus

This symbol represents both male and female gender. The Anima is the female representation in the male psyche. Animus is the male representation in the feminine psyche. This symbol creates a great bond between the female and the male gender. It symbolizes good relations with the opposite sex. This relationship leads to an excellent understanding and improved communication skills.

The Claddagh Ring

This symbol carries a triple Celtic Meaning. The symbol is a combination of hands, a crown, and the heart. The hands signify the presence of everlasting friendships. The crown, on the other hand, signifies loyalty, obedience, and respect. Lastly, the heart signifies undying love and fidelity. This love is eternal, that is, infinite. This symbol has mostly been incorporated in marriage and engagement rings. Its usage can be in other jewels, but it mostly appeals to rings.

The Wise Old Man

In Celtic Archetype symbolism, this symbol signifies greater wisdom, spiritual enlightenment and awakening and knowledge. It presents to us protection, mentorship, advice, guidance, and assurance. It is present in many cultures where old people are regarded as knowledgeable, wise and protectors of the family.


The Celtic Tree of Life

This symbol has great significance to the beginning of life and new people. Its other name is Crann bethadh. It appears as a tree with branches that reach into the sky and roots that spread into the earth. It signifies the connection between human beings and nature. This oneness of people and nature brings about harmony. This is because the heavens and the earth have a relationship.  Celts believed that this tree had powers that brought blessings to a people living together. Any events and celebrations the Celts had, they held them at the location of the Crann Bethadh.

The above mentioned are just a few out of many Celtic archetype symbols that exist in the world.


Celtic Archetype symbolism will only be significant to us if we learn about our heritage and ancestry. We need to understand the meaning of Celtic symbols if we want them to have meaning in our lives. These symbols exist to date through stories, art, music, and cultural beliefs.

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