May 2 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

May 2 Zodiac

People born specifically on May 2  have a higher degree of intuition than other Taurus personalities that share your May 2 birthday zodiac group. Being born on this day, you are very determined to make your dreams a reality. The virtue of kindness naturally comes from within. This explains your big heart for giving. You are tender and caring to the people you love and are good at providing a shoulder to cry on. You have a practical innovative approach towards life and are the type that shuns negativity.

May 1 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

May 1 Zodiac

People born on May 1 are creative individuals. Since you have a May 1 birthday, you are very creative and resourceful. You are a strong-willed individual who makes sure that nothing hinders your way towards achieving your goals. Being nice, kind-hearted, and helpful is part of your personality.

Pluto in Astrology

Pluto In Astrology

When it comes to Pluto in astrology, this planet is all about changing under the surface. Self-transformation in a few different ways including little tweaks in the subconscious are all controlled by Pluto.

Neptune in Astrology

Neptune In Astrology

Neptune is the God of the Sea, but Neptune in astrology also influences things like dreams, how psychic someone is if they are at all, confusion, and illusion along with other things that come subtly.

April 30 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 30 Zodiac

People with an April 30 birthday are wise and openhearted. Yet, sometimes they are concerned about their image and respectability. You have a versatile mind, making your interests diverse. You are smart, charismatic, amiable, and you love conversing and expressing your ideas to others. While you may appear arrogant in your opinions, deep down your personality is totally nonjudgmental. Your kindness, craving for stimulus, and sense of humor make you very sociable. You are calm, composed, and collected. All in all, you love the good things in life.

Uranus in Astrology

Uranus In Astrology

Due to when Uranus was found, it is the ruler of modern inventions. For example, Uranus in astrology rules over innovation and scientific inventions like technology or electricity. Another way to put it is that Uranus brings freedom and raw emotions. Those of us who are ruled by Uranus is usually amazing in most fields of science and they are some of the freest thinking minds we will have the pleasure to encounter.  

April 29 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 29 Zodiac

People who have an April 29 birthday have a strong personality and are very level headed. They are go-getters. They do not stop at anything or anyone. Sometimes they may be faced with delays in plans or schedules. However, regardless of how or what happens, they are sure to go ahead with their goals and plans so as to achieve their dreams and everything they set their mind to!  

April 28 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 28 Zodiac

Individuals with an April 28 birthday are open-minded at all times. When faced with change, they do not choose to cling to the past or the previous situation, they just go with the flow. They do not worry about things that do not concern them as well. They are very caring people. The friends they have can and always attest to the fact that when in trouble. Someone born on April 28 is one you can always count on. They do not cling on to so much especially if it will not help or facilitate the desires of their heart.

April 27 Zodiac Is Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 27 Zodiac

As someone with an April 27 birthday,  your decision-making tactics are the best. You are never short of words and your opinions always remain consistent. You always seem to be sure of everything you set your mind to do. Those around you enjoy your company because words of wisdom are what stream from your mouth.

Saturn in Astrology

Saturn In Astrology

Saturn rules over Capricorn. When learning about astrology, it is marked that Saturn in astrology rules over self-control, limitation, and restriction. These restrictions can come in just about anywhere by making sure we know when we are supposed to do things (like having an internal clock so we keeping waking up even without an alarm), what we are supposed to be doing those things, and making sure we do not overstep a boundary somewhere along the way.  Saturn in astrology is also the known ruler of fathers or father figures, people who bring discipline and order to our lives, and tradition.