All About Angel Numbers

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel Numbers are sequences of repeated numbers. Many see this as a sign that your angels trying to talk to you. The sequences can show itself in different ways. You can see these numbers on the corner of a page, an address, or the time on a digital clock. Your angel can even show the number on a license plate on the car in front of you, a TV channel, or radio station.

Your angels tell you what numbers are important by showing you the numbers. If it is a true angel number, you will get a gut feeling when you see the numbers. Once you get good at seeing these numbers in different places and ways, your angel might try using different numbers to tell you different things. These numbers can show be a sign of your own personal or spiritual growth.

Angels use numbers to get messages across because numbers hold a special kind of vibration. That is how you know when the message is for you, you feel the vibration and it gives you the gut feeling.

Angel Numbers, Number
Angels use numbers to communicate every day.

Learning about Angel Numbers

Everyone has a different Life Path number. This is a popular aspect of numerology. There are different ways to learn your Life Path number, but this article is focusing on the Angel Number aspect. Once you find your Life Path number, you can start to keep your eyes open for it. These Angel Numbers tell you different things and there can be more than one number in the sequence. Sometimes, your angel can tell paragraphs of information with just a few numbers.

Angel Numbers
Soon, jumbles of numbers will mean something to you.

Why do Angels Try to Speak to Us?

When it comes to angels, they can be seen as a kind of guide. They use numbers to give us messages because there are numbers in everything we do. In the kitchen, in cars, watches, phones, on TVs. It is very hard to miss out on the number of signs when they are all over the place.

Watch, Jewelry
What angel numbers do you see in your everyday life?

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

All angels use different numbers to get their messages across. Sometimes, they use more than one number in a sequence so they are not always the same number repeated different times. Usually, the repetition of a number means that the message is more urgent.

It can be helpful to know what the numbers so that you can better understand what your angel is trying to tell you. If you have more than one number in the sequence, then you can try to take the different means of each number to get the whole meaning. Here is an outline of the meanings.

Angel Numbers, Angel
Not all numbers are sent by the angels. When a number is an angel number, you’ll instinctively know it.

1: Independence and Leadership

The number one stands for independence, originality, and leadership. This number is very important because it can mean that something new is about to begin in your life. One means that you are your creativity’s apex. Seeing the number one can also be taken as a sort of confirmation from your angel telling you that you are on the right path to something bigger and better.

One, 1
The number one is usually a good sign.

2: Sensitive and Social

The number two means that you are more in tune with the other people around you. You are more sensitive toward them, maybe you got a new associate at work or a new partner on a group project in school. Work a little better on being cooperative or you are doing an amazing job of working with others.

Connection, Network, Business, People
The number two often signifies that you will need to work with others soon.

This number can also mean that you need to be little more trusting than you have been. Is something big unfolding? Let it and work with because it will be worth it in the end. It might seem stressful and overwhelming at first, but you can work with it if you give it time and take a step back.

3: Creativity and Spirituality

Three is another number of creativity. It also stands for spirituality and self-expression. Though the number may seem a little odd, if you see often then it can mean that your angel is trying to show you how to get better in touch with the creativity. The angel can better show you the way if you so allow them.

Artist, Career, Paint
Don’t be afraid to let your creativity show!

The number three does not only mean that you can take more creative paths. It also means that you should express yourself more. Tell others what you are thinking, use more colorful clothing to get yourself out of the shell. Perhaps you need to stop hiding things from yourself before you can openly be yourself with others.

4: Change and Warnings

The number four is usually taken as more of a warning than anything else. Something might be changing with your job and you want to keep your eyes open. It does not always relate to work. Maybe something is going to lose a peg of stability in your life and you need to prepare for it.

Angel Numbers, Warning Sign
Keep your eyes peeled for danger if you see the number four often!

The stability can also come in if you are in a rough spot and you feel that you need help in a certain area. If you are seeing this number a lot, then feel free to ask your angel for help in that area and they will try their best.

5: Opportunity and the Future

Seeing the number five means that you need to let go of the past and launch forward. Whether there is a broken relationship that is holding you down, a lost job or learning opportunity. Let go of it and try your best to move forward with what you have because you are missing out on other things. It is time to open a new chapter.

Alarm, Clock
Let go of the past and look towards the future.

Sometimes opening that new chapter involves adventure. The number five generally means that new and better things are on the way but that you have to meet them halfway by dropping the missed chances to welcome these new ones.

6: Perspective

Some people think that seeing 666 is a bad thing, but they are quite mistaken. Six means that there could be a different way of looking at things. You need to try a different angle.

Devil, 666, Angel Numbers
666 isn’t always an evil number, like some religious people think.

Thinking in the same way for too long can really hold you back if you are not careful. That is what the number six means. It is time to step things up a notch and let go of what is holding you back. If you think that 666 is a bad sign, then take it as an omen that things need to change before too long.  

7: Good Luck and Good News

Seeing the number seven is very special and it is not one that people see very often. Seven means that your angel is highly pleased with you and you are doing the best you can at that moment. You are on the right path and they are excited for you.

Seven, 7, May 7 Birthday
Many consider seven to be a lucky number.

The number seven is sort of like your angel is cheering you on. You are doing a good job, they are proud of you, and they are still with you should you begin to slip a little bit so they can get you back on the right track.

8: Immediate Change

Eight means that something new is coming and your angel wants to help you kickstart that change as soon as possible. Not as soon as you are ready, but right now. Maybe it is a new job, maybe it is something entirely different. Whatever it is, it is important and your angel wants you to be ready for it.  

Angel, Angel Numbers
When your angel tells you it’s time to make a change, you need to listen.

Have you been feeling that you should start working out, get that dream job that has just opened up but do not know if it is to be the best? Seeing the number eight means that it is and that you should jump for it at the next possible chance. It is confirmation that what you have been debating is for the best.

9: The End

Nine is, more or less, to show that an ending has come. That does not mean it is a bad ending. Maybe a bad relationship is coming to an end, the boss you hate is about to be replaced, a year of school is closing. Whatever it is, it ending.

People 2568954 1280
Nine symbolizes endings. Keep in mind, happy endings are real!

When you see the number nine, know that your angel is still with you and that they are fully willing to stay with you while you go through this ending. Not all endings are easy that can be quite hard and your angel understands this so they will stay with you.

Angel Numbers: Conclusion

Angel numbers are how our angels communicate with us because numbers give a strong vibration that is special between each connection. You do not have to worry about someone getting your message or you getting someone else’s because what might be life-changing advice from your angel looks a random time or just a jumble of numbers.

Understanding what the angel is trying to tell you through angel numbers can take time. So, you need to be patient and just keep your eyes open. Understanding the angel will come easier with time and practice. If you think that your angel is trying to talk to you more now than before, then keep a tab of what the numbers and you should get it down in no time.