Zodiac Compatibility

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Have you ever wondered which zodiac sign you would pair best with? The articles listed below can answer that question for you! The articles below will pair two people from each sign to calculate their compatibility. The information in each article will be presented as though the couple is straight, but the information is accurate for LGBT+ couples as well.

These articles will take into account two people’s sun signs. While each person also has a moon sign and rising/ascendant sign that also influences their personality, these signs will not be discussed in these articles. However, if you have astrology-based relationship questions, feel free to contact us.

As of January 2019, we have started uploading Aries compatibility articles. For each zodiac sign, we will list their partnership with each of the twelve zodiac signs, including their own. We will begin with Aries and go through Pisces.

Stay tuned to see your sign’s pairings!

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