Good Luck Symbols: Life Under the Spell of Luck

Good Luck Symbols: What are Good Luck Symbols and How do they Affect Your Life?

There are so many people around the globe that are practically having an obsession over Good Luck Symbols and their meaning in the lives. So, they research and maybe get to understand the outer sense of such symbols. The significance of good luck symbols is there to ensure there to help people understand themselves better by offering guidance and inspiration to be better.

However, you will have to get the inner meaning of good luck symbol that you happen to come across. This is the only way that you are bound to channel the totems meaning finally. Remember that when you are looking into this type of symbols that they are many and you cannot use them all. So, go for the ones that apply to the situation that you are having handy and implement that in your life. The good luck symbols will help you prosper in life.

Some of us collect the symbols of good luck from different cultures for educational purpose. However, I believe that all humans have the power to make their luck and destiny. Plus, it is not possible for one to have good luck throughout their life. So, it is better to pray for good luck while keeping in mind that at one point in life, you’re bound to come across some bad ones. However, how you handle bad luck is what matters the most. By learning from experience, you will be able to make your luck.

Good Luck Symbols: The Various Lucky Symbols On Earth

Good luck symbols are some of the things that make the lives of many people bearable. They commit to the, swear, by them, and live by them. However, some people think that they are silly. This is people that look at the good luck charms at face value.  They have not had the time to look at them intensely. Here are some of the famous Lucky symbols and their inner meanings.

The Symbol of Luck: Four Leaves

This is one of the symbolism of good luck that was prominent in the Celtic culture. Through the leaves, the druids had the belief that they could be able to see the fairies. Thereby, they will also be able to avoid in the form of mischief in their lives. The four Leaves represent some of the admirable qualities like hope, wealth, love health, and fame. These are some of the traits and opportunities that four-leafed clovers would offer them. The four-leafed clovers usually have a smaller leaf than all the others. This is how you will know if you have come across luck four-leafed clover.

The Symbol of Lucky Horseshoe

There is a lot of mysterious power surrounding the tale of the horseshoe and it meaning that makes it one of the most significant symbols of luck. They would use it against the demons and the fairies of old to bar them from entering their houses. Some would even hang the horseshoe on their doors or at the top of the beds to stay away from the influence of evil. At one point, there is a tale of the blacksmith that used the horseshoe to tame the devil himself. After they had agreed, the devil decided to avoid the places with a horseshoe hanging on the doors. Plus, the pain which St. Dunstan inflicted upon the demon must have played a role in the determination.

Good Luck Symbolism

The Symbol of the Lucky Dice

There is no surprise that the dice are given the name the Luck dice considering that you use them to play a game of chance. So, people carry the dice in the hope that it will help them sway good fate in their favor. Some even blow on them to channel the power of the dice to give a favorable outcome. The game of dice has a close association to the that of the cards and sometimes cross paths, and we use them in the same games. So, over time, some people have taken the dice to be the lucky charm that helps them have kind fates.

The Symbol of the Ladybugs

There are many types of ladybugs with most of them having their kind of symbolism. There are some of the standard and favorite charms in the world. In my culture, if the ladybugs land on you, then it means that you are bound to receive good news. However, to others, it means the period that you have to wait before you can before you meet your soulmate depending on the dots it has on its back. Also, if you both see a ladybug with someone you are bound to like each other and possibly fall in love with each other. I find the little ladybugs to be a sign of being cheerful in life.

The Symbol of the Lucky Number Seven

The number seven is one of the holy names in most of the culture around the world as it tends to capture some of the most important aspects of life. This meaning comes from the ancient Greeks. It speaks for things like the seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, the number of visible seven planets to the naked eye. Also, it refers to the 7th son that was considered to be the luckiest of all children.

The Symbol of the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot

This is perhaps one of the most common symbols of luck in the entire universe. It has the sway of the magic that encapsulates it. In the legend, the tale goes that if you capture the rabbit in the cemetery at night, then its left hind foot had a lot of meaning. It had the power to protect and ward off evil spirits from you. Also, you can wear the same foot around your neck. Other prefer having the rabbit’s foot under their bedding to deter the sway of the evil spirits from getting to them.

Good Luck Symbols: Summary

There is an endless number of good luck symbols across the cultures of the world. They have a different contribution, but the main one is always to offer one good luck or guide them to it. The many people that don’t believe in the good luck charm don’t understand their inner meaning. Therefore, they have a hard time comprehending their teaching and guidance. However, if you open your mind to it, you will find that it is not that hard.