August 4 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 4 Zodiac Personality

Being born on August 4 means that you belong to the zodiac sun sign Leo. You are generous, a natural born leader, and quite sensitive. You are also very considerate towards the feelings of others and you wouldn’t say or do anything to intentionally hurt someone. As an August 4 zodiac, you can be a tad dramatic at times. In normal circumstances, you are good at promoting yourself and also at connecting with high-ranking professionals who hold very powerful positions.

As an August 4 zodiac, you like to be productive and dislike wasting time. Taking a beating is not uncomfortable for you at all as you are a strong lion. You are the kind of person that learns from past mistakes. You will do whatever it takes in order to not have a repeat of the same.


As a Leo born on August the 4th, you realize that sometimes you will need to lose a battle in order to win the war. Whatever crisis you might be facing, whether personal or career-wise, then you can get workable solutions for that like quitting and finding a job that’s more fulfilling both personally as well as financially rewarding.

Business, Work, Promotion
Leos will do whatever they can to become the boss in their workplace.

As an August 4 zodiac, you see setbacks as a positive thing for you to rethink your strategies. This move, however, will make your ego suffer just a little and those who know you might not like the new person you will become. Many people do not respond to change very well.

A few negatives for you Leo born on August 4 is that you are impatient sometimes and also tend to be very bossy. This attitude might make it hard for people to work with you. It’s time to lighten up a bit and you will see the amazing results this will have.


Being born on August 4, you are inclined to spending a lot of time and resources to satisfy oneself due to the security in constant finances. You have a good job that pays up well and gives good vibes due to its working conditions and your constant love for your work. However, you are getting too comfortable in the position and scenery that your creativity is diminishing. It is advisable that you ask for a change in working scenery or position to bring back the creativity lost.

Money, Rabbits
Leos are great with money.

You can be tight with your money sometimes Leo. For a Leo born on August 4, you will have and maintain long term relationships. You have the brave heart of a true lion and your aim is to reach the top. People consider you a self-made individual who is very successful. You are a hard worker and you worry about your position in life. You are a progressive leader and people like being led by you.

Romantic Relationships

The love predictions for this August 4 show that you are a hopeless romantic and highly physical like most lions in your sun sign. For you, love and sex go hand in hand. You tend to want the two and not just part of it. For you, it’s the whole package or nothing at all.

Sex, Couple
Leos need sex in a romantic relationship to be happy.

As you are a generous lion, you are inclined to spoiling people who take a genuine interest in you. In matters of romance and love, you hold on to traditional values and this explains your close-mindedness. Loosen up lion, some changes can be good to spice things up in your relationship.

Platonic Relationships

Your reports suggest that you are an extrovert. You are boldly elegant and you are a lion who is not scared of speaking your mind. Generally, a Leo born on this August 4 prefers to surround yourself with those who have similar interest as you. You are persuasive, optimistic and trustworthy. You have people with influence in your back pocket, always close to you.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
Learn how to open up to others.

According to the astrological analysis reports, a person born on August 4 can refuse to be open-minded but you are social. You tend to be more conservative when it comes to certain things and not flexible at all. You even tend to debate and even strongly oppose other people’s opinions. There are always to sides to a coin and both should receive equal respect. This is specifically the kind of attitude that causes you to not sustain lasting relationships that would otherwise be of great benefit to you. As a Leo born on August 4, you have many friends and you enjoy spending with them, and those who know you tend to understand your attitudes.

August 4 Birthday


Your family considers you responsible and charming. Family ties for a Leo born on August 4 are quite important. Naturally, a lion is known to be the king of the jungle. This applies even at home.

Party, Club, Woman
You are the life of the party.

As a Leo born on August 4, you love to be the center of attraction and people will always want to be around you because you are bubbly and lots of fun. You are the sweetest and always jovial in a very good mood and your smiles are all the time contagious.

According to August 4 astrological predictions, a Leo born on August 4 will go out of his way for those he considers his friends. You are able to understand human nature and you are very sympathetic. As a lion, you possess the abilities to feel the pains and joys of the people you love by putting yourself in their shows or by mentally switching places and trying to experience what those you love are going through.


Leos tend to be healthy. However, they usually strive to be healthy to improve their appearance– not their actual health. Because of this, Leos exercise often and fill their diets with protein.

Healthy, Food
Try to eat healthier to improve your health.

August 4 Zodiac Personality Traits

If you are celebrating your date of birth on this August 4, there are very high chances that you desire to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In your dreams, you imagine walking down the red carpet and also of expensive champagne toasts with the wealthy. You are also known to be a very kind and generous lion.

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Leo Symbol

August 4 Zodiac Symbolism

Your lucky numbers are three and four signifying your intelligence, wit and your lively personality, and represents you as a responsible lion who is loyal, stable, trustworthy and well organized. Your lucky colors are white and yellow symbolizing innocence, wisdom sincerity and balance.

Yellow, Rabbit 2020 Horoscope, Jumper, Fashion, Style
Wearing yellow may bring you luck.

The lucky day for a Leo born on August 4 is  Sunday which symbolizes your ambition, inspiration, and ruthlessness. Your lucky birthday gemstone is the ruby. Wear it as a symbol of beauty, sexuality, intelligence and to enhance your ability to focus.

August 4 Zodiac Conclusion

As an August 4 zodiac, you do not envy or get jealous of people’s successes. Instead, you strive to learn from them. Usually, you find yourself on the same path. This totally explains your back pocket. As much as you meet and interact with all these influential and rich folks, and as much as you achieve big successes, you will still remain humble and grounded.

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