Knot Symbol: The Tether of Infinite Life Force

Knot Symbol: Do You Know the Meaning?

When you are looking at knot symbol, you will find that there is a lot of meaning that is attached to them and their general importance to people. Also, the sense that they have usually depended on the culture and the origin of the knot in question. Moreover, other contributing factors help define the true meaning of the knot depending on religion, color, and tattoos. Also, it may depend on the individual that has the knot or gifts. Plus, knots are found in almost all aspects of life, ranging from the sea, and land. To get a better grip on the symbolic meaning of the knot, you have to look at the origin of that knot and the culture of the people.

Symbolic Significance of the Knots Based on Different Cultures

The concept of knots is one that is in most of the ancient’s cultures around the world. Therefore, each of these cultures has their specific meaning of the knots. However, sometimes, the purpose of the knots from different cultures can have a similar meaning. Here are some of them and their meaning.

Celtic Knots Symbolism and Meaning

In the modern world, there is no way that you will hear about the Celts without thinking of their knots and meaning. In most sense, the Celts and the druids of that era in time were profoundly spiritual. One can say that they were pagans; therefore, they had many deities depending on the need that they had. They had the mandate to take care of the earth as they believed that they had a meaningful connection with it.

On the other hand, the symbolism of the Celtic Knot most touched on the meaning of the cycles of life and death. Plus, the knots bear the meaning of infinity, meaning that life force in never lost. In some sense, people would move on to the next realms in the cosmos and live there.

Plus, the Celtic Knots don’t seem to have a beginning or an end. Therefore, it represents good luck, longevity, and the belief in the other spiritual and celestial realms. Also, it means that the meaning of rebirth is mentioning in the purpose of the Celtic Knots. I would say the knots have such a hypnotic beauty about them as well. Therefore, most of the people in the current world use them for decoration like in the old days.  Also, remember the knots are different and vary in meaning. Some of the most famous Celtic knots include the Celtic Mandala Knot, Dara Celtic knot, the Triskelion knot, and the Trinity or Triquetra knot.

Knots Symbolism

The Chinese Knots and Meaning

The Chinese are the other significant players when you are looking into the meaning of knot symbolism. Like in the different cultures, they have their unique sense of the knots. They have the belief that is tying of a knot a symbol of good fortunes ahead. So, in the ancient days, most of them would take their time to tie the knots. Or, they would offer the knots to people who they would wish good fortunes. Moreover, some of them would go as far as keeping the said tied knots at home to help them ward off evil spirits. The knots would serve the role of protection and would liberate them from the supposed wicked charms.

Egyptian Knot Meaning

The Egyptians also had a thing for the knots, and it seems to appear in most of their artistic depictions like paintings. Like the Celts, they used the knot to represent the meaning of connection. Also, the knots symbolize the sense of infinity in life. However, the infinity in the Egyptian land is not for the common man but that of the gods. Remember that the Egyptians also had a belief in life after death. So, the only people that would the concept of eternal life are the chosen few who did well by their friends and neighbors in this life.

The Meaning of the Knot Symbol in Europe

Europe takes a new meaning with the concept of the purpose of the knots. They use the knots to represent the meaning of love and being bond to one for eternity. Just looking at the concept of marriage from the ancient days, they would get such a knot to represent the concept of union. The would mean that the union between a man and a woman is blessed.  Also, it said that there is a chance that the family is bound to grow larger. Some of them would even symbolize the meaning of the by drawing blood while bounding the couple. The bond then means that you have made a promise before man and gods that you are going to stay together for eternity. I believe this is where the term tying the knot comes.

The Concept of Tying the Knot

In the contemporary world, when you hear the meaning of tying the knot, then you know that some people are bound to get married. This is one concept that captures so many cultures and religions around the world. Some of them include the Hindu, Celts, and even the Norse would use the symbolism of the knot to mean marriage. They would like a rope to make a knot on the hands of the newlyweds to show the people that form then henceforth they were an item. As per the ancient days, when you made such vows, you had to mean it. Therefore, the partner that you got was yours for life.

Knot Symbol: Summary

Well, as you have seen that the concept of the Knot has different meanings and influences to various societies. Also, it gives people the chance to apply the purpose of the knots as per the needs that they have. However, you may need to study further the meaning of specific Knot symbols before you can use them. Also, you need to apply them correctly in your life. Moreover, if you happen to gift one of these knots wrongly, you may end up in a union that you did not plan for. Some people also channel the power of the knots to help guide in them in life.

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