January 23 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 23 Zodiac Personality

As an Aquarian born on January 23rd,  you love doing things your way and having control over your destiny. You are known to have the power to bring people together and form a cohesive society. You cherish the virtues of kindness, modesty, and loyalty in your relationships with people. There is nothing that you treasure more than family. You are generally charming and have a high sense of humor and this is why many are attracted to you.

The celestial body that rules the day you were born is planet Venus and this explains why you own certain uniqueness in your personality. You have a purpose in life and ambition motivates you. You take your work seriously and are always at the top in your career. For sure, people born on January 23rd are meant for success and happiness in life.


Career choices are an important part of our lives. These Aquarians choose occupations depending on their passion. They are able to work diligently in their fields and are known to be very active. Working with others gives them joy as they are able to utilize their full potential. Their originality in thinking enables them to generate new ideas and thoughts which they share with others during discussions to get their opinions and views. They can turn their hands to any given task and are good at handling their own responsibilities.

Business Meeting, Pigs Make Great Business Partners
Aqaurius people prefer to either work alone or with like-minded people.

In work situations, they are rather a perfectionist and will find it hard to work with others. However, they are able you make up for this as they are very friendly and helpful in sharpening others skills. They are always willing to sacrifice extra hours for work and this is why anyone will notice whenever they miss for work.

Born On Jan 23


Like a typical Aquarian, being born on January 23rd makes you have an easy time when handling money. This is because you are very good at making a budget and having a habit of following it to the latter. Individuals born on January 23rd know how to limit their spending as they own the virtue of self-control. Even on a meager income, they are able to satisfy their basic needs due to their excellent organizing skills.

Generous, Money, Pigs With Moeny
January 23rd people are willing to give cash to almost anyone in need.

They have a very big heart of giving and will stretch a hand to a homeless person on the street by dropping a coin or two. They participate in charity activities as they love making everyone happy. Aquarians also give money to their family members often. However, they should have a limit on this to avoid having problems with cash.

Romantic Relationships

Being born on January 23rd, you have your own opinion about love. You are afraid of rejection and take your time to approach those who attract you.  Having pep talks in the bathroom is part of you as this is how you try to build your self-confidence when it comes to matters of the heart.

Confidence is key in your romantic relationships.

You look for a partner who is naturally nice to go with your generous personality. Though you cherish your personal freedom you are willing to let in a partner that has similar opinions and views about life as you. Though you have quite a temper, you are mature and will want a moment of solitude to control your anger which could lead you to say nasty things. You are good at having long term relationships as you are very loyal devoted to your partner and will want him or her to do the same.

Platonic Relationships

Becoming a social person contributes to determining our main wishes and aims in life.  For personalities born on January 23rd, making new friends every day makes them happy. They are charming in nature and have quite a sense of humor and this attracts people to them. When they think they have nothing in common with a new face they trying talking about something different such as switching to politics if they are talking about sports.

Communication, Couple, Understanding
An Aquarius’s listening skills is one of their best traits.

They are very good listeners and this makes them interesting people they are able to balance work and fun and will always create time to enjoy themselves with others outside the office. They are able to embrace people’s different personalities and this is why their friendships seem to be long-lasting. All in all, they are individuals who can pull people together to unite and generate positive energy for a good cause.


Family is the central unit of society. People born on January 23rd love taking comfort in the company of family by sharing their joys and sorrows with them. They believe that family ties give us a sense of belonging and provides us with certain strength to explore the challenges in life. Despite their tight schedules, they will check on their families from time to time to know how they are doing.

January 23rd people always make time to spend with their families.

They are very attached to their siblings and will have one on one talk with them quite often.  Giving them a chance to discover the world partly on their own makes them be more open with them creating a certain connection. This explains why they make good candidates for parents. The most important thing to them is seeing their families happy and helping them uphold the respect and joy they have for one another.


Having January 23rd as your birth date you are very keen on noticing any disturbances in your body. Health concerns you and any minor issue gives you worry. You tend to be choosy on what you eat to avoid fads in your diet. During your free time, you take part in exercises and love making walking a habit to keep your body fit. You love having adequate rest as you believe in beauty sleep. Emotional stress gives you irregular sleep patterns and limits you from relaxing. You are advised to learn about sharing your problems with others to avoid letting worries affect your well-being.

Snake Health, Woman Sleeping
Aquarians love their beauty sleep!

Personality Traits

Your opinion highly matters to you as an individual having this birthday. You value modesty and like gaining a sense of accomplishment in whatever you put your hands on. You love having control over your own destiny and will take charge in most of your relationships. Changing negative situations to positive ones is what you do best as you own an optimistic attitude. You prefer following your guts and are very assertive with the decisions you make in life. You act as an inspiration to others as you take failure as an encouragement that drives you towards success.

Smile, Woman
January 23rd people try to be optimistic whenever possible.

January 23rd Birthday Symbolism

For all Aquarians born on January 23rd their date of birth adds up to five and this is their lucky number. This explains why they own an independent amiability. They have a unique character and are very flexible personalities. They have a blend of qualities that make them have positive progress in life. Aquarians will go an extra mile to get what they want in life. They are very inquisitive in nature and this is why adventures interest them and have a taste for rare things.

The clear diamond is classic, but diamonds in other colors can also fit your birthday horoscope.

The tarot card associated with their birth date is the firth one in the major arcana that symbolizes their effective ways of interacting with others and being tolerant of people’s negative sides. The precious gemstone that brings them lack is the sparkly diamond.


These Aquarians have their personalities astrologically influenced by planet Uranus. The actual day they are born on is however ruled by mercury. This explains why they are able to set goals for themselves and attain them with a little effort. They are wonderful people to associate with and having them as a friend or partner is a great advantage as they bring good fortune.

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