March 7 Zodiac Is Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

March 7 Zodiac Personality

People born specifically on March 7th are believed to be highly responsible and realistic with their dreams. Being born on March 7th, you belong to the Piscean group. This explains your sensitivity to people emotions and your world imaginations. You are easygoing and fun loving, making you have a wonderful social life. You have a high degree of intellect and are very creative with extra sharpness. This makes you to quickly understand things and have an easy time gathering information and imparting your knowledge ion others.

You are not keen on your appearance and you believe that nothing can change this character. You are naturally kind and are curious to know about things, some which do not concern you. The main reason you do this is simply that you know that others appreciate your kindness. You like feeling appreciated and having a sense of importance.



You are known as a hard worker and are prepared to commit yourself fully to your job. This is because you take your responsibilities very seriously. You are attracted to occupations that give you the opportunity to utilize your cleverness and your ability to perform different tasks at the same time. Also, you have a certain love for reading books and researching on various topics.

Studying, Woman, Monkey
Learning new things on the job will also bring you joy.

You have the thought that your job should give you a sense of purpose in life. Securing yourself with different kind of jobs, as to have a variety of sources of your income, is something you are likely to do. You are not selfish and are ready to share your ideas and thoughts making you an ideal person to work with. Everyone appreciates your efforts at the workplace and will often refer people to you when they need help.


Money is fairly important to you. As a person born on March 7th, you have a hard time planning on how to organize your budget. Sometimes, you could be a little careless with money. This explains why you often need help when it comes to managing your money as you find making financial decisions quite tricky.

Rat With Money
Try to get some help with your finances to see your money grow.

You see the value of money and will avoid spending it on unnecessary things. However, you could be more generous than your budget can afford and you find yourself reorganizing your income from time to time. You need to take caution of this as most people including family and friends will take this as a chance to take advantage of your kindness and use it as your weakness.

March 7 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, you believe in the power of love and have the thought that it contributes to your main wishes and goals in life. You have a positive attitude towards the institution of marriage and believe that it shapes a person’s life. Compared to your fellow Pisceans who share your zodiac sign, you can be a little too emotional.

Woman, Dress, Emotion
It may be best to be with signs that can either center you or relate to your emotional state.

You mostly find your love partners from your close friends. This is because love grows in you with time. You have a craving for affection and yearn to get attention from your soul mate. You are considerate and very understanding of situations. This is why you avoid judging your partner after making silly mistakes. You are not self-centered when it comes to making decisions and will take your soulmates’ suggestions very seriously. You like having a romantic passionate and intimate soulmate that satisfies all your needs.

Platonic Relationships

You like bringing new people into your fold to make them feel included. You are good at making friendly gestures to people you have just meant and are very good at looking for interests that you share with them. As a Pisceans, you are a good communicator and you know how to express your thoughts in a positive way.

Business, Working, Man, Woman, Computer
Don’t work too hard! Always make time for your friends.

You are realistic about things and you like sharing your opinions and views about situations with others. You find yourself commenting on important issues and useful debates on social networking sites. Remember to create time to have a drink or two with your old friends to keep a connection. By doing this, you will have long-lasting friendships. You are the type that checks on your friend’s welfare just to know if they are fine.


Family is the central unit of society that shapes your personalities in different ways. Being born on March 7th, you like being with your family as they are the only people that accept you the way you are. You have the thought that they are able to give you a sense of belonging and make you feel accepted by appreciating your strengths of character and embracing your flaws.

Home, House
Home is your safe place.

You like making your home a haven and using it as a safe place to share your joys and sorrows in. Even though you might not admit it to them, you are entertained by the sheer cluelessness of your siblings at times. However, you are a good adviser and you are able to give them tips on how to make wise choices in life.


Minor health disturbances are usually linked to your ignorance of listening to your body and making a quick response. However, you have a positive attitude towards having generally healthy well-being. You enjoy maintaining a balanced diet and you try to avoid foods that are harmful to your body. You are advised to reduce the habit of engaging in the use of drugs just to make yourself feel better. Try to avoid relying on stimulants as they affect your sleep patterns and energy levels. You try to put time aside for relaxation for proper mental functioning.

Caffeine, Soda, Pop
Try to avoid caffeine as well.

Personality Traits

You have your own originality in thinking and are able to dig into information and come out with good results. You like taking charge of your relationships and like having your say. Your main strength of character lies in your empathy to emotional cues. You have respect for others and are good at not crossing their boundaries. You like looking for a solution for every situation and facing obstacles with an optimistic attitude. Your alertness when it comes to responding to people’s feelings enables you to get along with others well. You are interesting to have you around and are good at cracking jokes, sometimes even without realizing it.

Pisces symbol

March 7th Birthday Symbolism

The heavenly number seven is the number that will bring you good fortune. You are the equalizer you are diplomatic as a person. You help people build bridges and come together after arguments. Also, you like speaking on people’s behalf. You give a voice to those who have none.

Jade, Gemstone,
Try wearing jade to improve your luck.

Seven is the label you should look for when checking your tarot. It is the card that contains your secrets. You should listen to the narrations to understand your actions better. Your lucky rock is the jade. It will be the foundation of your character. It will facilitate your emotional and mental growth. Also, it will be your guarding the moment when you find it and wear it.


Neptune is the commander of your steps in life. You love peace and harmony. You work towards ensuring that everyone is happy. Because of your good deeds towards others, you are content and find yourself blessed. You are comfortable in your own skin. This is a gift that you possess. You also help people achieve happiness in their lives. Your self-esteem is high and this is what makes you confident. You are positive that everything will turn out okay for you.

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