All About Vedic Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

Vedic Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

Some astrologers find that the various Vedic zodiac sign and astrology is more accurate than the Tropical or Western zodiac signs. This is because the Western zodiacs move depending on the position of the planets and the stars rather than staying stationary like the Vedic signs. Though the different signs are linked in some ways they do, in fact, differ from each other. So without further delay, here is a look at the personalities of the Vedic signs.

Mesha (April 14 through May 15)

Mesh Personality

Mesh people are brave, impulsive, and more competitive than most of the other signs. These people are also honest, self-confident, and headstrong which means they do not back down from tasks or challenges. They do not respond well to criticism and have little patience so they get angered pretty easily.

When a Mesh has started a cause or task they see it through to the end and they have a strong belief and love for their work. Honest and open-minded, Mesha people share how they feel and what they think so bluntly that it can hurt the feelings of others.


Vrishabha (May 16 through June 15)

Vrishabha Personality

Vrishabha folk are positive no matter what may come their way. If they could have their way, they would find themselves securely in domestic life with a long term partner if not a spouse. However, they know that this life does not always come easy to everyone so they are willing to work for it.

Unlike the aforementioned Mesh, Vrishabha people are not easy to upset and are not as open-minded. They are quiet as well as patient. Vrishabha people like to find the best of everything in life. While they can be a little selfish at times, they do like to spoil their friends and family when they get the chance. Also, these folks can be stubborn at times and they do not care all that much for change.

Mithun (June 16 through July 17)

Mithun Personality

Mithun people are fairly versatile people and they have little to no trouble when it comes to adjusting to a new setting or situation. They are fast learners and love sharing their new information with anyone that will listen to them. They also have faster than average wits. Their ability to adapt, however, can cause them to be inconsistent which can make it a little harder for the other signs to trust them. They can be moody at times.

Also, they happen to a little superficial because they like to talk about their emotions but try to avoid feeling said emotions whenever possible. When you get a Mithun talking, good luck getting them to stop.

Karka (July 18 through August 17)

Karka Personality

Like Mithun, Karka people are conservative but unlike the Mithun, they are sensitive to their emotions. Karka folk have a habit of wanting to help people in parental manor. They are not shy but introverted even though they can have a lot of energy. It does not take a lot to annoy them and they have a strong intuition.

These people hang in the past, usually regretting past mistakes and it can be really difficult for them to let go of something whether it be a mistake or something they did wrong or something someone did to wrong them. Whenever a Karka the chance to travel, they will take it and it does not matter how many times they have been to the location.

Simha (August 17 through September 16)

Simha Rashifal Personality Traits

Simha people hold themselves in such a way that they have an almost regal sense to them. You know they know who and what they are when you see them but you do not get an immediate feeling of arrogance from them even though you may notice that trait once you know the Simha person a little better.

When it comes to how a Simha likes to go through life, they like and need action. They are loyal, brave, warm, friendly, inspirational to those around them, and they are absolute optimistic. Simha people can also be a little impatient at times and they like to offer their friends what generosity they can.

Kanya (September 17 through October 17)

Kanya Personality

Kanya people are truly caring folks and it does not matter if you are a long-time friend, a family member, or even someone they were introduced to three hours ago. These people are usually perfectionists and they are also nurturers where they see they are needed. With them being perfectionists, it is not uncommon for them to have a strict set of rules that they do their best to follow whenever they can. These rules help them to get things done more quickly while being more exact. If a Kanya person comes across someone that they are able to help then they will bend over backward to do everything they can to help them.

Tula (October 18 through November 16)

Tula Personality

Tula people live for the balance they can find or make in their lives. These folks are great when it comes to making decisions because they can easily weigh the pros and cons to find the best option. They work best in harmonious situations but can get by without if they have to.

However, they hold justice above all else. They will tell you without batting an eye if you are out of place in anything you are doing. If someone has a conflict, they should locate a Tula and see what they think. This is because Tula people are great at coming up with solutions to a number of problems.

Vrischika (November 17 through December 15)

Vrischik Personality

Vrischika are some of the most fierce people you will come across so you want to make sure that you do not anger them or get them on their toes because they will not hesitate to sting you strong and hard. They are also mode dedicated and ambitious than most of the other signs.

These people are also always willing to learn no matter what the subject it. They are loyal and can be intense when they feel they need to be. When a Vrischika person is motivated, that vibe is infectious to anyone close enough. They do not give up easily and will help to power others through whatever troubles they are struggling through so they can feel the same level of accomplishment.

Dhanus (December 16 through January 15)


Dhanus Personality

Dhanus are gentle people and others tend to take that trait as timidness and they could hardly be more wrong. They are not shy in the slightest though they can be a little anxious and they love their freedom as well as much independence as they can get safely.

These people are blunt and will say whatever is on their mind without much of a verbal filter. Sometimes, this can hurt the feelings of others. However, the Dhanus might not take notice right away. When it comes to their job or career, they are highly competitive. They can even get a little greedy if they are not careful and watch themselves.

Makara (January 16 through February 12)

Makara Personality

Makara people are hard-working and they take any responsibility they have very tightly. They have more wisdom than one might expect them to. These people are not fast-moving, but they are moving nonetheless and they have no trouble with a little discipline.

Work is important to them and they often work overtime even when they are not getting for the work; getting things done brings them genuine happiness. When a Makara is trying to get something done, they can be greedy in how they go about finishing the task. If there are not mindful, they can border on narcissistic.

Kumbha (February 13 through March 14)

Kumbha Personality

Kumbha folks have little to no trouble when it comes to socializing. This is because they have a lot of charm. It might look as though Kumbhas having a boring life. However, that is by no means the case. By getting the know the person, they will see that there is some sort of activity or charity work they do on the side that keeps them entertained. If you are going to be starting a project of sorts but want confirmation that it is a good idea, you should ask a Kumbha. This is because they are supportive if they think the idea is a good one.

Meena (March 15 through April 13)

Meena Personality

Meena people are outgoing, romantic, and charming. Meenas tend to be misunderstood because they appear stern and unmoving. However, when given the chance they are friendly. They like to help others as much as they can. They are spiritual and find that one of the best ways to spend time is to learn as much as they can about their inner selves and make peace with everything that goes wrong. This is because there are times when things can not be fixed. Dwelling on them is going to do nothing to help the situation. Meena folks are also fully willing to go miles out of the way so they can avoid conflicts and other kinds of troubles.

Vedic Zodiac Sign Personality Traits Conclusion

Each of the Vedic zodiac signs differs from each other. They also differ from the signs of other parts of the world. Some say the Vedic signs are more accurate to people who live in one area all their lives. The Vedic signs also differ from the most common Western Zodiacs. This is because of the cultures in the parts of the world the signs are from.

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