Numerology Number Four: Serious And Structured

Numerology Number Four

Are you a Numerology number four person? If yes, then congratulations! You must be lucky. Most of the numerology number fours lead a life of success and are at top of the pyramid. Before exposing details about your personality characteristics, check out some of the great information on the number four! The information and symbolism for this number go back centuries.

Numerology Number Four History

First and foremost, according to the Pythagoreans, the masters of the field of numerology, four is a perfect number. This means it is the Tetrad, the symbol of God. Also, they claimed four has great significance because it is the number of the four combinations of the soul: mind, opinion, science, and sense. The importance of the number four are also obvious in the following cases:

  1. The Book of Gates, a holy funerary text by the Ancient Egyptians, dividing humans into four races: the Egyptian, Asiatic, Lybian, and Nubian.
  2. The Christian traditions, mainly the four evangelists of the new testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
  3. The four chariots of Zachariah in the Kabbalistic mystical traditions and its relation to the term Merkabah in the Zohar.
  4. The four rivers of Paradise.
  5. The number of human elements in astrology: water, earth, air, fire.
Seasons, Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Autumn
The number four shows up naturally in nature.

Numerology Number Four Characteristics

To grasp the precise meaning of Numerology number four, you can think about them as the people with a continuum starting and ending with seriousness. There is nothing but seriousness between the two ends of that continuum. This means they are serious enough it might backfire on them.

Numerology number fours are the cornerstones of the workplace. They are dedicated and focus their concentration and energy on their work. The quality of their workmanship also gets a lot of attention. Their minds are everything but illogical and accurately focus on the smallest nuances and details. These people never tire, always enjoying their daily routines and work.

More, prejudging them, you might think of them as machine-like creatures: unemotional, cold as if they were iron in the cold winter very-early mornings. In truth, Number fours are not overly emotional since they prefer to keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves.

Number fours know nothing more than hard work with a kind of dysfunctioning in thinking outside the box. Whereas, a little think of a small idea outside the box can make them thrive professionally and personally.

Career, Business People
Number fours are extremely serious individuals.

Logically, being too strict is consuming and dangerous. Therefore, there are more lessons for numerology number fours to learn. Yes, they can indeed overcome all problems they confront in their workplace. However, they might use some strategies that are unhealthy, being inflexible, stubborn and narrow-minded. For example, you might find a numerology number four person thinking of fun and leisure time as nonsensical and a waste of time, while they are the only remedy against their exaggerated seriousness, if not to all their problems. Numerology number fours require too much, concerning the use of emotional, financial and physical stability to thrive in their personal lives and professional domains.

Numerology Number Four Functions

Number fours exude many positive characteristics, like seriousness and stability, qualities helping them handle any business they get into. So you will find them functioning mainly as bosses, CEO’s and managers. They can also excel in banking and finance, engineering architecture, and planning.

Number Fours Life Path

If you are a number four, your purpose, as is your destiny, is to be a dedicated worker, walking that path your whole life. Since four, considered the number of stability, is practical, it is associated with dedicated workers. For numerology number fours, wealth is not very important; financial and functional stability is, surely as just as fame is not so important a factor as respect is.

Four, Number
Four is also your soul number.

Numerology Number Fours Soul Number

In the here and now, your soul urges you to be. Still, some flexibility is needed. It is the key to harmony. Too much seriousness is not helpful for you to get along with others, especially if you think of dating or making a family.

Snake Health, Woman Sleeping
Try to relax more to ease your troubled mind.

Love and Romance

Number fours might find difficulty in finding their partners because it doesn’t come naturally to them. They don’t like partying, having fun, or going where people meet, thinking that leisure time is a waste of time. However, steady relationships and marriage are very important to them. Since, like every human being, number fours enjoy the company of a family, they have to be more careful that their matches are as serious as they are. Therefore, number fours can perfectly match number ones since they share many of their characteristics, being determined. Also, the number eights are fairly good matches to number fours because they are highly goal-oriented.


Numerology number fours are serious, more serious than seriousness itself. This can somehow serve them as a good personality trait to thrive at the workplace. They are dedicated workers, whose energy never fade concerning their work. Still, their seriousness can backfire on them, being a drawback that stops them from using other options since their thinking is very restricted. Numerology number fours have to work harder and, at the same time, meditate on some of their positive characteristics.

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