What is My Sign?

Have you ever wondered what your sign is? Did you know that there are several types of signs? The kind of sign a person can have can depend on their culture. Sometimes, the area/time zone can also affect a person’s signs. With even more complicated signs, the time the sun rises can also affect the sign.

Some signs are easier to find out than others. Below are a few of the most common types of signs. As this website/webpage continues to update, more types of signs and the methods of calculating each sign will be added to this list.

Know Your Zodiac Sign

A person’s zodiac sign, also known as their sun sign, is one of the easiest signs to figure out. This sign is simply shown by the day you were born. Below is a photo that you can use to figure out your zodiac sun sign.

Zodiac Signs

This picture shows the basic dates for each of the signs. However, in some years, the start/end dates of the signs may change slightly. Dates that change are known as “cusp” dates.

There is a common misconception in which people are born on a cusp date and they think that their sign changes each year. However, a person’s zodiac sun sign is shown by the year they were born. It does not change each year, or ever.

To learn more about your zodiac sign, you can read this article which summarizes the personality traits of all of the zodiac sun signs. On this page, you can also find links to full-length zodiac sun sign personality trait articles.

Moon Sign

Moon, Eclipse, Moon Phases

The moon sign is a little more complicated to figure out than the sun sign. This sign uses the same 12 zodiac signs that sun signs do. However, you need much more to figure them out. To know your moon sign, you need to know your birthday, your birth time, and the time zone that you were born in. Once you have these details, you can use this moon sign calculator to know your moon sign.

Moon signs are important because they help to understand your secondary personality traits. While your sun sign traits are the strongest influences on your personality, your moon sign personality traits are not to be ignored. If you feel like your personality does not align perfectly with your sun sign, it’s likely because your moon sign is influencing you.

To learn more about moon signs and how your moon sign influences your personality traits, read this article, which contains a summary of each of the moon signs and their personality traits.

Ascendant/Rising Sign

Every person has a rising/ascendant sign. It should be noted that the terms “rising sign” and “ascendant sign” are interchangeable. Rising signs contribute a little bit to each person’s personality traits. Many astrologists would agree that the rising sign impacts the way a person sees another based on their first impression. Rumor has it that rising signs can also affect a person’s appearance, but this is more debatable than the rising sign affecting the personality.  You can use this rising sign calculator to find out your rising sign.

Like sun signs and moon signs, there are twelve ascending signs. However, each person only has one ascendant sign. Each sign affects a person differently. To learn about the ways that the rising sign can affect one’s personality, check out this article: Rising Sign Personality Traits.

Zodiac, Clock
This clock shows the pictures of all of the zodiac signs

Know About Cusp Signs

Do you have a birthday that is at the end or beginning of a sign change where likely you were born under a cusp? This means that, even though everyone is only born under one sign, your personality may contain the personality traits of two signs.

People born under a cusp often feel like they do not fully relate to the personality traits of their sun sign. Since they are born so close to another sign, it makes sense that they would take on some of the traits of that sign as well.

To learn if you were born under a cusp and/or to learn about cusp sign personality traits, check out this article: Cusp Sign Personality Traits.

January, February, Calendar
It should be clear that not everyone is born under a cusp.

Chinese Zodiac Sign

It is fairly simple to find out your Chinese zodiac sign. This sign is most often used in Eastern cultures but can be applied to anyone. It is entirely dependent on the year you were born. Like the zodiac sun signs, there are 12 Chinese zodiac signs. These signs are all named after animals. You can use the picture or calculator below to discover your Chinese zodiac sign.

Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator Link

If you would like to learn more about the personality traits of each of the Chinese zodiac signs, you can go to this page on our website. On this page, there are also links to full-length articles about each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

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