Year of the Goat, Chinese Zodiac Goat Fortune & Personality

All About the Goats

The Sheep/Goat sits as the eighth sign in the Chinese zodiac astrology. The years of the Sheep are as follows: 

  • 1919 
  • 1931 
  • 1943 
  • 1955 
  • 1967 
  • 1979 
  • 1991 
  • 2003 
  • 2015 
  • 2027 
  • 2039 
  • 2051 

Just by the mere look of the Sheep, it signifies a calm personality that’s hard to compare with any other. According to astrological experts, the Goat is a humble sign that indicates the beauty that people have on this world. Therefore, if you’re in any kind of relationship with the Goat, then this is a relationship that might last for some time. This is also attributed to the fact that the Sheep are protective of their loved ones. This means that they won’t want to get you hurt in any way. There are certain traits that make the Goat different from other Chinese animal signs. Some of these attributes are discussed under the headlines below.  

Chinese Zodiac, Year Of The Goat
People born in the Year of the Goat are loving and calm in nature

Traits and Characteristics  

Simply stated, the Goat is a gentle and kind individual with a personality worth loving. They would strike you as individuals that rarely shift from the routines that they are used to. Certainly, they’re inclined to routinized activities and they might not fall for the idea of doing things differently. Getting to know a Sheep prevents confrontations from arising.  

Goat Men 

Goat men are always seeking comfort in their lives. This is one thing that they’ll prioritize above anything else. Their calm nature gives them time to think about their personal lives. They’ll want things to flow smoothly in their lives and it’s for this reason that he’s rarely associated with things going the other way around. Partly, this is what contributes to his career success. He actually knows when things aren’t going as expected and he has an idea of what he should do to succeed in life. An issue that you might have with the Goat man is that he rarely lets anyone into their inner circles. As a result, chances are that you might find it difficult understanding what they really need in relationships.  

Comfort, Pillows, Year Of The Rabbit
People born in the year of the Goat seek comfort in their lives

Goat Women 

Just like Goat men, the women would prefer to observe their relationships from a distant angle. This is one way of ensuring that they deal with the right people. Women born in the year of the Goat would at first want to be sure that there’s trust in relationships before offering their best. Similarly, she’s quite shy and she might not love the idea of hanging out with lots of friends. Moreover, her pessimistic nature is another attribute that might irritate you. She never thinks that the best can happen in future. Considering the fact that she’s afraid, there is a possibility that she would be thinking of the worst happening. It’s for this reason that they are normally reserved when compared to other animal signs in the Chinese zodiac astrology.  

Goat Sexuality  

Before taking relationships to the next level, it’s imperative to understand all aspects of the individuals that you’ll be dealing with. This includes getting to know their sexuality. Consider asking yourself; are they good in bed? What makes them happy in bed? What do they love and what do they hate about getting intimate? By getting to know these facts about your partner, it gives you an easy time pleasing them while at the same time getting the best from them.  

Goat Men 

Before these men can get intimate with you, he’ll want to know that they’re protected in the relationships you’ll have with them. In addition to this, they’ll be looking for trust from those that are close to them. Certainly, for the man, the form of security that they’ll be looking for would be emotional security. Once they’re certain that you’re the right lover for them, they won’t resist your charms. Sexually, this man is emotional in nature. He’ll want to be involved in your sexual life in every way. The good news is that he rarely disappoints when it comes to lovemaking. This is for the mere reasons that they’ll have taken time to know you well. Consequently, they’ll know what’s good for you in lovemaking and offer you plenty.  

Dating, Sex, Couple
Men born in the year of the goat are emotional in nature and want to be a serious relationship before they have sex.

Goat Women 

This woman isn’t easily lured as you might have been thinking. Their calm and gentle nature shouldn’t convince you that it’s easy to take advantage of the Sheep woman. This is one mistake that men make which only leads to disappointments in future. The Sheep woman won’t easily get intimate before trust comes along. Therefore, it might be wise to win them over emotionally before trying to get physical. They’re also very emotional. This means that they’ll appreciate the importance of lovemaking in your relationship. The Sheep woman understands that lovemaking is the best way of making your love bond grow stronger and stronger.  

Couple, Sex, Women, Year Of The Sheep
Women born in the year of the goat need to form a deep trust and emotional connection before having sex

Dating a Goat 

Dating a Goat might be the best thing that ever happened to you. This is simply because the Goats are also interested in sharing a loving relationship with other people. Goats hate the idea that they could be alone for the rest of their lives. Thus, they’ll want to have someone close to them. If you can be convincing enough, rest assured that they won’t be able to resist your loving charms.  

Goat Me 

Gaining an emotional connection is the most important thing for Goat men. The last thing that he needs is to waste his time in relationships that won’t bear anything. As a result, the Goat man is serious in relationships and wouldn’t take anything for granted. Bearing in mind that these men are emotional in nature, they have the ability to sense what people around them feel. This is one of the reasons why they’re considered as great lovers. They would never let you down during the courtship stage.  

Goat Women 

One thing that you’ll love about the Goat woman is the fact that she offers nothing short of the best in loving relationships. This isn’t all, she’s also quite intuitive. This is because she easily understands the demands of those that they’re in a relationship with. Additionally, the Sheep woman also knows what’s expected of them. There’s no chance that you’ll be fighting each other over love in this relationship. On the contrary, more time will be spent appreciating each other. This is a recipe for a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, for those that’re in search of relationships that would last for a long time, perhaps the Sheep woman might be the best candidate.  

Goats in Love 

When the Goats are in love with other animal signs, they’ll do this willingly. This is what they really want in life; to be loved. An aspect that makes their relationships thrive is the fact that they’re giving in nature. Once they trust you, they’ll give their best in the relationship you share. Nothing will stop them from expressing the sincere feelings they have for you. Nonetheless, one thing that they might demand from you is to keep your relationship private. Engaging in public affection is not their thing. If you’re going to get intimate, this should stay behind closed doors. They’re shy lovers and this is what they expect you to respect about their personalities.  

Goats with Money  

When it comes to money matters, those born in the year of the Sheep are regarded as conservative in nature. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that they’re not generous. As a matter of fact, the Sheep would go to the extent of emptying their bank accounts just to help those in need. Their generosity with money is at times what makes other animal signs easily take advantage of them. This is one thing that the Goat ought to be careful of.  

Goat Careers 

The Goats are quite skilful in the career paths that they engage in. What keeps them going is the motivation that they get from their loved ones. Keeping in mind that Goats can be somewhat lazy, the best career fields that suit them are those that don’t involve tedious duties. Some of these jobs include acting, designing, musicians, and many more.   

Business, Work, Promotion
People born in the year of the Goat are likely to be successful in the career that they chose

Goat Health  

To ward off lifestyle-related diseases, it’s important that the Sheep understands the benefits that come with regular working out. They’re lazy at times and this is the main reason why they desire comfortable lifestyles. Consequently, this type of lifestyle should be balanced with regular exercise. This will prevent diseases from hindering the Sheep from appreciating the beauty of life.  

Goat Fitness 

Physical fitness of the Sheep/Goat goes hand in hand with their health demands. They might not be physically fit considering the fact that most of them prefer to live sedentary lifestyles. It’s recommended that they should avoid this kind of lifestyle. This is due to the fact that they could be easily affected with cardiovascular diseases.   

Goat with Fashion /Style 

People born in the year of the Goat love to include the colors green and purple in their wardrobe. These are the colors that define their calm and collected nature. People from this animal sign should seek assistance in knowing how to dress for the occasion. Remember, they’re not social beings. Therefore, there’s a possibility that they might not be good in choosing ideal outfits that suit them.  

Green Material, Style, Fashion
People born in the year of the Sheep love to wear green and purple clothes

Compatibility with Other Signs 

The Goat will work in harmony with Chinese zodiac signs that aren’t extroverts. For example, the pig and the rabbit are ideal lovers that would work perfectly with this animal sign. Surprisingly, the horse is yet another Chinese zodiac sign that would match with the Sheep. The matches that they should avoid include the dragon, rat, ox, and the dog.


Are you still hanging on the fence as to whether the Sheep is the right animal sign for you? If you’re planning to indulge in a business relationship together, it’s important to note that the Sheep will offer their best. This also applies to intimate relationships that you might share. They’re loving in nature. Love is what drives them. As a result, getting to compromise and understand their demands is the key recipe to winning their hearts.

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