January 6 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 6 Zodiac Personality

January 6th babies are blessing to the world. Their zodiac sign is Capricorn which is symbolized by the goat. Their outer being shows there toughness yet their inner is tender. They are usually emotionally weak and tend to express their emotions in a way that may not always make sense to others. They are practical and creative in nature and love expressing these in their thoughts and ideas. Petty issues such as gossip don’t interest them, as they are peaceful people.


Work is a very crucial part of life. January 6th babies take this very seriously. They are interested in a good amount of money and hence avoid laziness they desire the pleasures in life such as good cars expensive houses and other luxuries.

Health, Doctor
A good job for a January 6th baby would be something challenging but helpful, like a teacher, doctor, or lawyer.

A good way to describe them is they are ’money oriented’. They are role models in society as many people admire their hard work and will to improve their living standards. They have an ego in that you will hardly find January 6th baby begging on the street. Pride doesn’t control them, but instead, their determination drives them. In most working places you will realize that they are always in top management filling their pockets with fat salaries.


You have a clear plan on how to spend your money if you belong to the Capricorn group. This is because of your budget for your money wisely. You love luxury but know how to limit yourself so as to take care of the rest of your needs. You are always willing to help especially when it comes to family and friends by stretching a hand in times of need, ignoring the fact that some people will take advantage of your kindness.

Money, Donate, Charity, Philanthropy
Donate money when you can, but make sure you save up enough to pay your own bills first.

People born on January 6th love charity work and want to start helping the less fortunate in their tribulations. You always desire expensive things but have self-control.  When it comes to spending they avoid spending it all and value the art of saving. Capricorn babies have a bright look since money is their lotion.

Romantic Relationships

Capricorn babies believe that relationship should be based on trust. When it comes to romantic relationships they tend to marry early and have the final say in their relationships. However, they are very romantic and charming. They take anniversaries very seriously and spoil their partners in a way to show them how special they are in their lives. They like surprising their loved ones very often with special gifts and are always the ones remembering people’s birthdays.

Marriage, Baby, Pregnancy
January 6th babies want a partner who will stick with them and create a family.

People born on January 6th prefer partners who are able to balance home and work at the same time. They easily get hurt with petty issues as they expect people to do the same for them, as they don’t understand not everyone is the same.

Platonic Relationships

Being a January 6th baby, you have a very interesting social life and love relating with the society at large. Due to your naturally nice nature, you make many new friends every day since you do not look at their negative sides. They value companionships and create new relationships every day. All in all, they have different opinions in relationships.

They opt to choose their friends for themselves as they hate living a loner’s life but prefer having an active social life. However, they like vetting everyone in their own circle including and families. They like being involved with company that has goals as them and getting to know new people.

Friends, People
January 6th babies are likely to have friends from all ages and walks of life.

You like everyone having a smile plastered on their faces by treating them well in a manner that shows love to all. Fun is an important part of your life despite your busy life. You like holding parties even when it is not your birthday and always the chief organizer of surprise parties. You like having many friends despite age, background, and looks.

Looking younger is one of your aims by interacting with both generations; young and old. Your social nature brings risk in your relationships as your partners don’t understand why you choose to spend time on campus and tours and not with them.

Born On Jan 6


Family is another sensitive issue to January 6th babies. They believe trust and honesty bonds a family. They like caring and helping the families in such a way that they make heavy sacrifices for them.

Man, Baby, Father, Son
January 6th babies will likely put their families before themselves.

In most cases, they are not able to express their feelings for their families, but in actual sense, they have an extremely deep love for them. They like taking responsibility when it comes to family issues, always taking charge in deciding for the family. Again, pushing their families to success is their first priority, and sometimes this gets pretty annoying as they overdo it and in the long run leads to arguments.


Health is an important aspect of our lives. Capricorn babies love their health and often do exercises that keep their bodies fit. Their energy is prone to fluctuations and hence they need to make sure they take a balanced diet. They should avoid excessive intake of fats and sugary stuff to keep them active during the day.

January 6th babies will try just about any exercise– so long as it is not too dangerous.

During free time, you will find them in gyms making their bodies look fit. They believe in the power of beauty sleep and always take rest seriously no matter how busy or engaged they are in their day to day activities. They love taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing by being involved in games and brain teasers. Sometimes they tend to get annoying by being judgmental about people’s health by telling them on what to do and not do to keep them fit.

Personality Traits

People born on January 6th share some Capricorn personality traits but they also have a number of traits that not every Capricorn has. Some of their most special traits are listed below.

Capricorn symbol


You value truth and honesty by avoiding lying to people and expecting them to reciprocate. If someone born on January 6th were to find out that one of their friends was a liar, it is likely that they would not be friends for much longer. Also, it’s not likely that you will become involved with dishonest businesses or practices.

Dating Snake Women
Honesty is a Capricorn’s best policy.


You find kindness significant in each individual’s life. You always encourage teamwork so as to discover other people’s ideas and thoughts. The belief that unity is strength applies in your way of doing things. It is because of this personality trait that January 6th babies are able to make so many friends with ease.

Hug, Couple, Winter
January 6th babies always try their best to be kind.


You’re always reasonable when it comes to dealing with situations. You believe in justice and fairness to the society as a whole. There’s nothing you loathe more than selfish people. In fact, you can hardly understand how some people can be so selfish. When you can, it’s likely that you will donate your time and money to those who need it more than you do.

Work, Volunteer, Friends, Selfie
It’s not rare to find a Capricorn at a charity event.


You are very assertive when it comes to decision making and opt to discuss issues for wiser decisions. You are also very innovative when it comes to having new ideas and looking ahead of current thinking. This gives you certain importance to society at large.

Choice, Decision
Making decisions might be hard for some, but not for the January 6th baby.

January 6th Birthday Symbolism

Pale gold color has a great significance to people who have January 6th birthdays. Saturn has a ring which is a symbol of protection to those born on this day. The ring is a symbol of your unique nature as a person and the attractiveness you exhibit. You are destined for great fortune.

Rose-Gold, Office Supplies
January 6th babies are likely to be attracted to rose gold-colored items.

The Capricorn sign of the goat is a symbol of courage to conquer the tests of life. Communities have a great belief that January 6th babies are lucky and they spread it to the people around them.


As a January 6th baby you need to be motivated since nothing comes on a silver platter. Challenges will overwhelm you but always remember they only make you stronger. You may not have everything you want in life but learn to appreciate the blessings in your life. Have the will to trust your instincts for you have the advantage of good luck. Learn to accept that everything you want is coming to relax and let the universe pick up the timing and the way. You just need to trust that what you want is coming and watch how fast it comes. Keep a good attitude when waiting.

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