Polar Bear Totem – Time to be Observant

Polar Bear Totem – Plan And Have Fun!


Polar bears are the biggest bears living on the northern arctic. It is the only surviving mammal in the icy areas. They have lived in this habitat for quite an extended period. Polar bears have a huge white fur covering their skin keeping them warm. They can walk like humans on their two behind legs. This article will deal with Polar bear totem meaning, symbolism and message to humans. Looking at its character and surrounding, we will be able to accomplish this.

Meaning of Polar Bear totem

A polar bear is a unique animal with a particular feature. It is a belief that polar bears were originally black. Extreme cold climate made them adapt by adopting the white looks. It also helps during hunting as it will not be easily spotted. Polar bear totem gathers all these characters and drives important traits to humans. Polar bear totem guides and encourages human.

Messages from Polar Bear Animal Totem

* Playfulness

Polar bears are playful animals by nature. They spend their time in families. Polar bear spirit animalwhen appearing to someone can be encouraging one to be a little bit playful in life. It might be you’re too dangerous to the extent that you can be stressed. The polar bear may come to your dreams to give you a message of relaxing and enjoying yourself. There is a famous saying that goes work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

* Inner Power

Polar bear totem also wants one to use their inner power in solving life challenges. Polar bears depend heavily on their abilities for survival. As much as they live in families, sometimes they spend time alone. When alone this is when they realize their full potential. Polar bear totem also encourages us to always rely on our inner power. You can achieve a lot if you believe in yourself. It will give you self-positive aggression towards life challenges.

* Thriving in Hostility

Polar bear brings the good out of the icy areas. They have adapted in these areas and survived there. Polar bear totem encourages us to be productive even in our hard times. Always produce the best no matter your situation. It is an encouragement message to prosper in all conditions. We are not supposed to give up during life challenges.

* Responsibility

Polar bear totem communicates a message of being responsible. Polar bears always live with each other helping them. Even if the Polar bears sometimes spend time alone but they keep close look among themselves. The female Polar bear hunts food for its young ones. It also protects them from any danger. Polar spirit animal is a good sign of responsibility. When appearing to someone, it might be a reminder to be more responsible. It can also be congratulation for good work.

The Symbolism of Polar Bear Totem

* Secrecy or Cunningness

The polar bear is believed not to be white as they appear in nature. It is a way of camouflage for survival. This aspect is related to secrecy or cunning. People associated with polar bears are always secretive in life. Sometimes don’t trust them for they can also be cunning. This can also be a message for you to change and stop being cunning.

* Isolation

Polar bear totem can also be isolation related. Polar bears are isolated animals living alone in the Arctic region. This totem can be communication for you to separate yourself from being able to achieve your dreams. It might be an encouragement for you to discover your inner strength and power. You can only find your internal energy when isolated. You will be able to know what you’re capable of doing. It will have much contribution to your dreams achievements. Sometimes it’s not wrong to be alone. It brings self-reflection.

* Family

Polar bear lives in families. They have survived like this for long. Family helps them achieve a lot too. Polar bear symbol encourages the importance of family. When you have a polar bear spirit guide, then you are prone to be a family person. Caring and providing for your family and being there for them at all times.

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* Guide

Ancient people believed that polar bear plays a vital role in the dead. They thought that it guides the dead on the other side of life. It is a belief though. It was a symbol of guider to them. They firmly believed that the polar bear had the power to move from the dead and back to life.

Polar Bear Totem: Conclusion

Polar bear totem has a majority of life encouragement. When it appears in your dream take time to know more about this animal totem. They are a good omen when present in dreams. This article will help you.

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