Puma Totem – Focus and Precision

Puma Totem – How Focussed are you in Life?

Introduction to the Puma totem

Puma is a wild animal found in the cat family. It inhabits rainforests and mountainous regions. It is predatory by nature Feeding on small and large animals. Puma has a precise and accurate move while hunting. There are share the same characteristics as the mountain lion and the cougar. Puma totem as a spiritual guide has a lot to offer. In this article, we are going to discuss most of the items it provides. Meaning, symbolism, and messages are the way we are going to use.

Meaning of Puma Spirit Animal

Having a keen look at Puma’s behaviors will guide us on this. Puma has a variety of characters that are good to be adopted by man. As a spiritual guide, this animal gives a lot of guidance to humans. It is the way we will be able to discuss Puma animal totem. Puma is a silent attacker. It likes to take cover on the trees. Puma uses trees as its hunting ground. Let’s have a look at the messages and symbolism of Puma Animal spirit.

The message of Puma Totem

* Silent movement

Puma has a secure communication of silent movement. When Puma is hunting it is always calm and patient. It is an excellent spiritual guide to humans. Puma totem wants us to be quiet in our life movements. Let results speak for you. Just keep communication between the Creator and yourself. When Puma totem appears to someone, it might be a message to change your habits. It might be you keep talking to others much about your plans. For you to be able to fulfill your plans successfully keep silence about them.

* Taking time to plan

Spending a good time to prepare for your life is essential. Life calls for planned decisions and actions. Puma always takes its time before making a move. When hunting this period helps the Puma to be accurate and precise. It will rarely miss the hunt. Taking time to plan will help you to succeed. You will reduce stupid mistakes in life. People associated with Puma totem have time for themselves. If you need to prosper in life, then you need to call upon the power of Puma animal spirit.

* Observant

Puma animal totem also communicates a message of being observant. Taking the time to observe your surroundings. Having a keen look at your plans. Know which step to take first. Observation will help you to prevent repeating the same mistake. In a success story, observation plays an important role. Puma animal totem helps us to be observant and patient. We should first study our plans before making a move. View also guides you in decision making.

* Focus and Precision

Being accurate in life is most important. Puma is one of the focused cats on earth. They spend most of their life hunting. Puma is not prone to missing their hunt either. They take time to calculate and observe their pursuit before launching the raid. It makes them focused and accurate cats. Puma totem teaches us to be focused and have a reasonable move.

The symbolism of Puma Animal Totem

* Strategy

Puma animal totem symbolizes strategy. The importance of having a good plan in life. Planning and organizing yourself towards your success. Puma has developed an excellent hunting strategy. It is rare for a Puma to miss while hunting. Considering the entire message communicated by Puma totem then the plan will fall into place. Having Puma as your spirit guide then calls for a life strategy.

* Skillfulness

Puma totem symbolizes skillfulness. They always use their power and skills to get food. Puma as a spirit guide wants us to be skillful. Knowing how to handle different situations in life. Various problems have different solutions. For an accurate decision, you need to be skilled. People associates with this animal guide are always full of ideas. They can handle various issues with perfectionism. If you feel like you’re having a mixed decision on something calls for the power of this spirit guide.

* Perfect Guardian

Puma have an association with the power of the solar. As the solar protect the earth so as Puma. Puma always protects its kind. Puma totem symbolizes perfect guardian. Calling upon the this totem in times of fear is a good idea. It will give you strength and courage to face your fears. People who have Puma as their spirit guide are always courageous and protective. They know their boundaries and perfect them.

* Action

Puma totem symbolizes action. Time to make a move. When it appears to someone, then it’s time to start acting. It might be you have already taken enough time to plan and strategies. Its appearance means it’s time for actions now. It guides your efforts though. It advice’s you to procedures first before taking action. Thus, it is a perfect move towards success.


Puma Totem : Conclusion

Puma spirit guide have an association with someone knowing his life perfectly well. Calling upon the power of Puma symbolism encourages you. For your success, you need the Puma as a spirit animal.

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