Castle Symbolism And Meanings: Protection and Comfort

Castle Symbolism And Meanings: Secrets of the Castle Meaning and Significance

When you are looking at the castle symbolism & meanings, there is a lot of complexity that comes into play. The simple description of the purpose of the castle is a house that is built to offer sanctuary to people. It usually has high walls or enclosures that will help prevent enemies from attacking.

However, it is also a symbol of luxury, and that is meant to offer the wealthy status of wealth. According to the medieval period art, the castle was the representation of the heavenly Jerusalem and a transcendent soul. On the other hand, the castle meaning also has the symbolism of spiritual testing. Also, it can bear a sense of difficulty in acquiring. They also chose to look at the castles as a symbol of height or higher levels due to the forts that they always built on hills.

On the castles, they would have moats or bridges. The meaning of both represents the need for spiritual refuge. In the mythological tales, the castle is where most of the rich people would hold their most valuable possessions like the princesses. Therefore, it represents a symbol of enlightenment. The castle is both the symbol of glory or hardships as it is a symbol of both prison, status or power.

Castle symbolism and meanings: Secret Meaning

When you see a castle, the first thing that usually comes to a common man’s head is the amount of money that the used to build it. Moreover, they made them with such amazing architectural designs that could cost a lot over a long period. Therefore, the design of the structure screams of wealth and power that comes with it. On the other hand, the castle meaning also implies that it is a safe place to be.

This is because of the location and how they build them. Usually, these structures have such high walls that frequently were hard to scale for the enemies of the people. Also, the castle sometime would offer sanctuary to the people of the region when there were terrible weather or calamities like diseases. Plus, the high and thick walls of the castles were always under guard.

Alternatively, the castle can symbolize your need for aid and support, but you don’t want od to admit. The presence of the castle is asking you to accept the support and pray for them when you are stuck. Plus, there is nothing to be ashamed of in asking for help. This act goes out to everyone regardless of their financial status or the power that they have in society. It will also humanize in the eyes of the community. Another symbolism of the castle is to be healthy and independent.

Castle Symbolism and Meanings: The Symbolism It Contributes to the Tarot

There is no way that you can read the tarot without including the symbol of the castle. When you are doing this, there are some of the factors that you may need to consider like size of the structure in question. All in all, the presence of the castle in the tarot shows the need to realize life achievements. This always come into play after a long wait.

Or, it may also signify the particular kind of pain and hardships that you have undergone to get to the point you are in life. In the tarot cards, the castle is usually hidden at the end of the map to show how far away it is from reach. So, the standard interpretation here that you need to have patience and hard work to attain your life goals. There is no short cut around the subject.

Did You Know that Castle Emblem Can Also Manifest itself in Your Dreams?

Just like the symbolism of the other many symbols in life, the castle symbolism also does have special meanings. However, there is always the general demeanor when it comes to the symbolism of the castle in your dreams. It is there to represent courage, protection, and comfort to all that are within its walls. In most of the castle, you will also see a moat or a draw bridge. They represent the type of serious defenses that you need in your life at any given time.

It can also signify the need for mental barriers from some of the emotion-triggering factors in life. Alternatively, they are the people that dream of the castle doors opening to them in their dreams. This can have multiple meaning that is equally important in your life. In most of the cases, it means that you are uptight and guarded.


Therefore, the dreams are letting you know that it is that time to loosen up a little bit. On the other hand, it means that you are going to come into some fortune in the future that is worth the symbolism of a castle. Also, it may bear the meaning that your defense in life is not secure. Therefore, you are vulnerable to the predatory attacks from the people that you have trusted with your life.

Dreaming of a castle with a gloomy demeanor means that you are going through some hardships despite your stature in life. Therefore, you need to lighten up and seek help. Don’t be afraid to go out and look for some that advise your life. Or it may also mean that you are not a trusting person in life. Therefore, you need to loosen up a little bit. Solitude is not suitable for anyone.


There is an intuitive thought of riches that comes to you when you think of the symbol of the castle. However, the symbolism of a castle has a lot of meaning that varies depending on the situation and the view of the person. Most of all this symbolism aims to teach and guide you in your daily life. Plus, it will show you the value of unusual people in your life.

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