May 15 Zodiac is Taurus, Birthdays and Horoscope

May 15 Zodiac Personality

People born on May 15 are friendly, sociable, and therefore easy to approach. Having a May 15 zodiac, you are energetic, easygoing, and humorous, making you fun to be around with. You are very persistent and have great self-determination that helps you focus on making your goals achievable. You are realistic with an idealistic mind, as you like being taken seriously by the people around you.

Your intellectual mind and diplomatic shrewdness makes you stubborn but also naïve. You prefer making decisions based on your own judgment, as you believe in your intuition. One has to break through your emotional guard to win your trust, as you are afraid of people using your secrets against you. You have the proneness to have unlikeable mannerisms when sad or disappointed. You are able to relate well with others and are ever willing to shares your opinion and views about life with others.


It is often difficult for a May 15 zodiac to decide on a career. This is due to the fact that you are averagely good at many things. You look for an occupation where you do not have to change your personality to fit in. Tauruses are less attracted to mundane jobs. You prefer a career that requires an abundance of practicality and one that challenges you. You are ever willing to sacrifice extra hours for work as you like meeting deadlines.

A job that keeps you on your toes will be perfect for you.

People find it easy to work with you, as you are able to perform duties at a steady pace and to desirable standards. You are industrious and will make your professional life a priority. You are ambitious and have a great need to feel important and useful. Lastly, you are naturally clever and your originality in thinking makes many find you reliable.


A Taurus with a May 15 birthday is able to handle finances fairly well. You are able to make a budget and form a discipline of following it to the letter. You are able to survive on the income you get and you have quite a variety of them. Your investments are able to turn small amounts of money into large amounts, as you have a very sharp mind and an optimistic attitude.

Be careful of how much money you sign away.

You are able to sacrifice a few luxuries to help a person in need. This is an explanation to why you are fairly active in charity activities. You are doubtful of letting other people take charge of managing your money and prefer being the one in control.  You are generous enough to assist family and friends whenever they call out on you. However, you are very careful about not letting people take advantage of your weakness for your kindness.

Romantic Relationships

Love plays a role in determining your main wishes and objectives in life. You are patient enough to wait for your destined soul mate. You seek a companion who fulfills your wishes of being appreciated fully and cared for. As a Taurus, you yearn for oneness and closeness in a romantic relationship.

Couple, Holding Hands
A Taurus will be totally devoted to their partner.

You more often than not give your all in a relationship. You are loyal and devoted in a long term relationship and are able to put your partner’s feelings before yours. As someone with a May 15 zodiac, you are able to handle differences and arguments in a mature way to avoid unnecessary fights. You look for a fun-loving partner and one who loves adventure as you are prone to easily losing the spark. You have a high libido that makes you more than exciting in bed. Your partner will see you as playful and are a good comforter to wipe tears with. You are able to give good advice and are a wonderful listener. These amazing attributes make anyone lucky to have you as a companion.

May 15 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

You are naturally sociable. This gives you an easy time when interacting with others. You are able to break the ice with small talks or a good joke once the silence is deafening. You like knowing what is in other people’s minds and having an idea of what they expect of you.

College, Graduation, January 4Th Birthday
Your supportive and friendly attitude helps you make many friends.

You are supportive and very encouraging. This draws people towards you. You are able to keep a secret making you a great confidante and friend. You are ever willing to help where you can and are courageous enough to deal with your own weaknesses. This helps you relate well with others and show people the real you.


Family is a priority for a person with a May 15 zodiac. You treasure your family with all your being. You care a lot about your parents, despite their habit of meddling into your private life and shudder at the thought of losing them. Your siblings enjoy having you around as you are less of a killjoy. You give them space to learn from their own mistakes but your love from them pushes you to make a judgment of their decisions. You like sharing your joys and sorrows with family and will raise concern whenever you feel something is not right. This proves how much family means to you and shows your appreciation of the happiness that comes with family.


Minor health disturbances experienced by an individual with a May 15 zodiac are usually as a result of thinking or worrying too much. Deal with problems immediately and to open up more to relieve your mind off stress. You are able to maintain a balanced diet and should definitely keep up on this. You have a sweet tooth for sugary foods and are cautioned to tone down on this and pay regular visits to the dentist. Exercise more often to maintain a younger look and to keep your energy levels high enough.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Taurus people tend to like outdoor exercises best.

May 15 Zodiac Personality Traits

Having a May 15 zodiac makes your opinionated. Your main strengths of character lie in your ability to utilize your full potential and your acceptance of situations. You are strong-willed and determined. Like most Taurus bulls, you will work to your level best to make your dreams a reality. Your conscientious attitude and optimism enable you to deal with obstacles that hinder your path. You are confident with a touch of self-respect that gives you a kind of uniqueness in your individuality.

May 15 Zodiac Symbolism

Being a Taurus is the reason why you love connecting. You are able to create friendship from the simple talk. You engage in social networking activities successfully with your charming kind of personality. In Arcana, the card picked out for you is the 15th one on the magician’s deck of cards. It accounts for your ability to focus on making your future better every day.

Turquoise, Rock, Gem, May 15 Zodiac
Wearing turquoise jewelry can help to bring you luck.

You are very lucky to have a variety of numbers to depend on for luck. Any number with the digit five in it will make you proud. The lovely turquoise gem gives you the beauty of the heart and purity of the soul.

May 15 Zodiac Conclusion

You are gifted with double optimism and a unique kind of mental alertness. Avoid worrying too much and live life as it is taking in all its challenges and sweet moments. You have an awesome personality from your guardian planet, Venus. You are fabulous and very thoughtful. Always think of yourself highly.

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