Celtic Animal Symbols: The Mysteries of the Animals

Celtic Animal Symbols: Some Special Powers of Animals

There is a spectacular beauty when you take a look at the Celtic animal symbols and the significance that they held in the ancient days. A long time ago, the Celts came up the animal symbols and meanings. So, over time as their culture grew they passed the knowledge down to the descendants. Moreover, they were the kind pf of people that would place symbolism on the various things that were around them.

The could use the symbols of the animals in ways that would represent their totemic meanings to the various people. So, one can see them in things like jewelry, clothing tapestries and even their artwork. The animal symbols in the Celtic culture was there to play the role of teaching and guidance. So, it would remind them of the various qualities that a person could have or borrow from such animals.

Some of the animals would even touch on the matter of religion. It is not a bad idea for an individual to adapt and illustrate some of the animal symbols and the meanings in your life.

Moreover, it can help bring a lot of sense in your personal life. Plus, it will help boost the various areas of your life that you seem to be ignoring all the time. So, all in all, the Celtic animal symbols and their meaning serve to teach, guide and make you a better person.

Symbolic Meaning that it Displays in your Life

There are many animal’s symbols that fall under the Celtic animal symbols. Also, they tend to have unique meanings that would directly affect the lives of the Celts. Here are some of them and the purpose that they have.

Celtic Bull Meaning

The bull is one of the animals that the Celtic placed a lot of favor in terms of symbolism. It was their sign of male power and strength. There it was meant to symbolize masculinity. However, the bull is also a stubborn animal in nature and would tend to give people problems. Coincidentally, the beast was also a symbol of fertility to the women of the Celtic culture. They would place the images of the bull in their living quarters and even on the items.

However, sometime back some of the people would prefer having the actuals bull in the bedrooms. It was to help the man show sexual prowess in the bedroom and help the ladies with matters of fertility. Through this, they were able to reproduce faster and to healthy children. The bull is also an emblem to represent food and abundance. Only, the rich people were able to have them in numbers like in the Maasai culture in East Africa.

The Celtic Symbolic Meaning of a Cat

The good people of the Celtic culture had a cat in their symbols also. However, the cat like the bull is one of the animals that are present throughout different culture in the world. Some of these cultures are like the Egyptian, the Greeks, and Romans. The cat although some had to the brazen idea to domesticate them, they were a symbol of the spiritual world. In the Celtic culture, one would look at the cat as the keeper of the Underworlds knowledge and wisdom. Many of the humans in the Celtic world had no idea of the power of the felines.

The Symbolism of the Celtic Dog

In most of the cultures around the world, the dog is one of the domesticated animals. Moreover, they consider the protector and the most loyal animal that one could ever wish. There is always a psychic connection between the dogs and their owners that is just special. Also, they were symbols of camaraderie. Moreover, you can look at them from the spiritual standpoint as the radiance of good health. Some of the people in the ancient Celtic world would use them as signs of good health.

The Celtic Griffin Meaning

In the early days, there was a belief that there was this mythical symbol by the name the Griffin. It was such a beautiful image to behold in the mind of the people. They would describe the griffin as a part lion and part eagle. Therefore, it had a lot of symbolic meaning s to offer to the people. Plus, it has dualities in its symbolism meaning that it bears both the positive and negative attributes.

At, that time in life, the Celtic used the symbol of the Griffin to symbolize, power, justice, vigilance, and nobility. Some of them would even put it on the shields as they went to wars as a sign of protection. However, they would also choose to dispel the griffin on the tombstones of their fallen brothers and sister. If you needed such traits of the Griffin, then you could call upon them.


Meaning of the Celtic Butterfly

In the Celtic culture, they would use the butterfly as the symbol of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration. In some sense, the Celts had a high value in the meaning of the cycle of life. They had the belief that just like some of the animals and tree, they had the power to come back from the dead. Moreover, death in their view was the path to another life that would lead them back to earth.

Celtic Goose Meaning

The goose id one of the vibrant animals that are present in the culture of the Celts. They would appear in the green fields of Ireland. Due to their regular migratory patterns, the Celts viewed them as the birds of changes. They had no fear of transformation and changing their environment.


In the Celtic animal symbols and meanings, there are so many that you can learn. Therefore, you need to be keen so as not to misinterpret the meaning of one animal to the other. Plus, they will bring a lot of changes to your life in ways that you have never seen before. Through their characters, the animals can speak to our various traits in life.

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