Celtic Jewelry Symbolism: Their Wealth

Celtic Jewelry Symbolism: What is the Origin of its Meaning?

There is a great and rich history that captures the Celtic Jewelry History Symbolism. The craftsmen would create beautiful jewelry.  In the ancient days, these craftsmen discovered that they could work with metals like silver and gold. They then ornament the jewelry with emblems of the Celtic people. The process of this craftsmanship caught on over the many ages. Therefore, it still exists even today.

However, the process of doing this has changed with technology over time. The signs of the old Celtic culture still have a place in most of the people hearts. Also, there are so many types of jewelry that touch on the subject of Celtic Jewelry Meaning. Therefore, to comprehend their history, you may need to have all the facts right.

Plus, you may need to comprehend why the jewelry means so much to you. Also, if some gifts you the jewelry what does it mean? Gifting of the silver with a specific badge will be a different thing as per the jewelry. So, you need to learn all of them to be safe. Or, to avoid seeming ungrateful to the giver of the gift.

Meaning of Celtic Jewelry Symbols and their History

As you can understand that there are so many symbols of the Celtic Jewelry that one can adorn upon such jewelry. Here as some of the common ones with their meaning.

The Irish Shamrocks Ornaments Meaning

In the ancient Celtic world, this was the Shamrock was the emblem of their land Ireland. According to the Celts, the Shamrock would form a triad. Moreover, the number 3 was one of the sacred figures in the Celtic culture. It touches on the spiritual matter of the Holy Trinity among other things. Plus, the shamrock was the best way that St Patrick could use to explain the Holy Trinity to the natives of Ireland. There is the jewelry that takes the symbol of the 3-leafed shamrock within green emerald. This usually symbolizes good luck to the person that has.

The Celtic Claddagh Ring

There is no better way to show someone that you love them than by giving them the Claddagh Ring. Moreover, in the ancient Celtic realm. They would use such as a symbol of loyalty, friendship, and love. If you wore it with the crown facing inwards and on the right hand, then it means that are single. Plus, no one had ever won your heart. However, on the same side with the crown facing outward, then it means that some are considering your love. However, the left side would depict that your heart belongs to someone else. The ring has to face outward.

The Jewelry of the Celtic Mother’s Knot

This would be the perfect gift between a mother and her child in the Celtic ways of life. Moreover, it was the sign of the Holy Trinity. It depicts the child and the mother in an embrace with the mother. The symbol of this type of jewelry represents the strong bond between the mother and her child. All in the while they must endure in faith, the child, the mother according to the rules of the Celtic ancestry.

The Jewelry of the Celtic Sisters Knot

Long ago, the ladies would bound themselves insects of sisterhood. There they would find a secure and eternal bond that would bind them to friendship and duty to one another for life. Plus, they would show each other eternal love regardless of the situation that they found themselves. So, they would give one another these gifts to remind them of such a bond. Also, the Celtic sister knot represents the various three stages into womanhood.  These stages are maid, mother, and wise woman. So, if you give one of the necklaces to someone today, it means that you love them forever in the spirit of sisterhood.

The Jewelry of the Celtic Family Knot

These are usually in the form of pendants. They represent the love that one family can share with among themselves. Plus, it means that there is the beauty of loving your family members without prejudice. In the weave of each knot lies the symbolism of each family member.


The Celtic Cross

A long time ago while moving around in the Celtic world preaching the gospel, the St. Patrick drew the cross in a Celtic circle. The circle here was the symbol of the moon goddess. This is how the beautiful yet eerie Celtic cross was born. Moreover, many people even the current Christians are wearing the symbol of the Celtic cross on their rosaries. One can say the encapsulating circle of the Celtic cross symbolizes the endless love we have from God.

The Jewelry of the Irish Harp

The Irish harp is not famous as the Irish shamrock. However, it has a significant meaning in the Celtic realm. Moreover, in its way it signifies or represents all of Ireland’s special musical instruments over the many years. Plus, there is such a fascinating story about the Irish Emerald Isle that concerns this harp.

The Jewelry of the Irish Rose

There is no more beautiful a rose than the Irish wild rose in the Celtic jewelry symbolism. It is wild and untamable but has the beauty of goddesses. It is also quite persistent and will grow in one of the harshest condition but will bloom with a lot of vigor. The wild Irish Rose symbolizes the women of Ireland that can blossom even in the strictest of the environments. Gifting jewelry with this symbol means that you believe in that person able to survive even the hardest of the conditions. Plus, you are telling them to keep up hope. Moreover, their time to shine is near. All they have to do is have a little patience.


There are a lot of Celtic Jewelry Symbolisms that are significant to the task that they represent. Also, the jewelry of the Celtic world has been in use for such a long time. They are still being used even in contemporary society to bear meaning. Therefore, if you are having one of these Celtic Jewelry History Symbolism, you should learn their meaning.

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