Chain Symbolism: Life Under the Significance of the Chain

 Chain Symbolism: Some of the Influences it has

Do you want to know what the meaning of chain symbolism is? Or, did you have a dream or vision of a chain and you are wondering what it means? Do not worry; you are about to go into a world of unusual thoughts with this article. Like most of all the items that have symbolism, the chain to has an equally essential analogy. Moreover, it has the power of changing and giving your insight into many things your life that you were not aware of.

So, it wise to consult into the meaning of such symbolism before you can apply it in your life. Also, the symbolism of the chain may vary depending on the way it will present itself to you. So, you will need to learn the various possible ways that the chain meaning can manifest itself in your life. I process, the emblem of the chain has a lot way that it can use to bring significant change into your life.

This would be assuming you want to have positive changes in your life. You need to remember also that this symbolism does not depend on the age, race, or height that you have. It will come to you depending on the situations that you are going through. However, you can still draw some of its meaning from things like race; enslaving people in America and Europe.

Chain Symbolism Depending on the Imagery It Creates

Do not get lost on the meaning of the ‘imagery that it creates’ this means how you perceive the chain in question. Chains are generally a form that represents the strongest connection between people. However, they may also have some part that represents bondage and slavery. It also provides the symbolism of needing to reconnect with your loved ones. Also, you can look at it to mean the way that the chain itself will come to you in your vision or dreams. For example,

The symbolism of Chains that are Connected

In most of the cases, a chain that has a connection to another chain and together usually gives a depressing picture. This is because many people associate it with slavery or bondage. In short, it means that some one’s freedom is has come to an end. As history has taught us slavery was one of the darkest parts of human history. The bondage in question is not only physical slavery.

However, it can also mean the mental slavery that one is going through. So, you may need to reevaluate what you are going through if it is worth your time. On the other hand, it may also mean relationship bondage. This is one of the relationships that only serve to choke the life out of you. So, you may need to get out before you lose it.

However, a chain he has an active link also means that there is a sense of togetherness. So, it has some positive values. One can say it represents strong familial values or relationships. It may also mean that the bond that you have for a friend is so strong and can hold through tough times. So, it is important to read into the meaning of the chain before you can make any conclusion.

The symbolism of a Broken Chain

It is most likely to have the thought of freedom when you hear or think of a broken chain. Therefore, it signifies a lot of positivity when thinks or visualizes a broken chain. It is truly the best representation of liberation and free expression. So, when you see this symbol, you may need to free yourself from the bondage that you have. Do not let the baggage of your past bind you and tie you down because you are not worth it. You need to step up and regain the ultimate control over your life.

Alternatively, broken chains are the sole representation of broken bonds that are important to you. It may signify the disconnection that you are experiencing in your relationship, family or partnership. So, you may need to mend this type of bond before it gets out of hand. However, you will also need to consider the benefits that that type of bond means to you. If it is one that brings you to pain them, you best leave it. However, you will need to salvage a relationship that is beneficial to you.

Chain Symbolism

Do You Have Dreams about Chains?

Having dreams about chains is not something uncommon among many people. It always has different meaning depending on the type of string that you had an idea.  Remember that a chain can also come in the form of a handcuff. So, you have such a dream it means that you are having a hard time letting go of your past. You are still a slave of the past life that you had despite the progress that you currently have.

So, when you have such visions, it means that you need to cut off the chains that are holding you back. A string is one of the ways that the seamen anchor their boats. So, if you dream about it in this context, it means that there is someone in your life that is giving you such support. Therefore, you may need to start learning how to appreciate their efforts in your life. Besides, they may be the only thing that is holding you down despite your troubles. This usually goes to parents, spouse or even close friends.


It is easy to state that the chain symbolism is one of the ambiguous ones that have one lousy meaning for every good one. However, it has individual lessons and significance that can help you learn more about yourself. Moreover, the chain symbolism has a lot of imagery or ways that it can present itself. Also, it enables you to free your mind from some hard situations.

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