Leo Leo Love Compatibility

Leo Leo Love Compatibility 

Can two Leos lead a long and happy life together? Read on to find out about Leo Leo love compatibility. 


Leo Overview 

Leo (July 23 – August 21) can be described as courageous, ambitious, and a decisive leader.  They want to be the best that they can be. That often means being the boss, the head coach, the executive, or anything their ambitions inspire them to be.  It takes them a long time as a child or a student to not defy all of the authority.  They work hard because they see the mission goal or the purpose of their efforts.  Because theyre excited about it, it doesn’t seem like a chore for them.  Even if they aren’t confident, they don’t let it show.  It may not be their skill that leads them to success in their work or at love, but their confidence and drive to achieve

When it comes to love, they want to be in control, even though they fall completely in love with their whole heart.  Even their love life is competitive with a purpose to keep the romance alive and their interests exciting.  If the interest isn’t there, they won’t waste their time on a dead-end relationship. 

Leo Leo Love Compatibility Overview 

When two Leos fall in love, they share all their interests and traits.  Theyre full of energy and ready to be competitive in love and sex.  They understand their flaws and their strengths.  However, it isn’t guaranteed to be the most comfortable relationship as they both want to be in charge most, if not all, of the time.  When they can figure out how to compromise and take turns, they may find that there are advantages to being the student again as they wait for their turn to be in charge. 

Leo Zodiac Sign
Two Leos will share interests and hobbies that make their relationship harmonious.

Positive Attributes of Leo Leo Love Compatibility 

There are several advantages for two people who share this sign.  Theyre both goal-oriented and share the same values and passions from financial success to adventures that show them the world. Full of pride, theyre ready to take their strengths and use it to reach for the top.  Shared characteristics such as the drive to succeed and work to their full potential is admirable to each other.  Sometimes theyll challenge each other to reach a goal, but theyre just as likely to work together to achieve common goals.  This can include saving up for a dream wedding or beating the other team in doubles tennis.  Theyll also enjoy the rewards of their success.  Leo likes luxuries and other beautiful things, so theyll splurge on nice gifts for each other or go to famous restaurants before attending a special event. 


Both of them understand the importance of encouragement on their way to be an expert in their field.  With high expectations, its reasonable that therell be conflicts and roadblocks along the way.  Since the path isn’t an easy one, a boost in confidence from someone who understands their goals and motivation is vital

Two Paths, Shared Destinations, Leo Leo Love Compatibility
A Leo’s path to success can be tricky.  A partner of the same sign is great for giving them a confidence boost.

Communication isn’t lost in the bedroom for this couple.  Its how theyre able to please their partner and share in the pleasure themselves.  While there may be a time or two when theres a power struggle, but theres nothing to lose when it comes to their physical and emotional passion.  Their romance can be creative and affectionate, and they may surprise each other with thoughtful, romantic dates or last-minute trips. 

Negative Attributes of Leo Leo Love Compatibility 

While the similarities make it easy for the other to relate to each other in a relationship, some of their personality traits can pull them apart if they don’t learn to accept it.  Leo is the sign that wants to be on top or have control of the situations in their life.  In a relationship with someone born under one of the other signs, Leo may be able to take charge in many aspects of the relationship.  Once they get involved in a long-term relationship with another Leo, they have to learn that someone else wants the same thing.  There can’t be two bosses nor can there be one person who makes all of the decisions that affect the couple.   

If they cannot figure out when and how to compromise, they are going to find themselves in constant arguments with no real winner.  Their pride and passion can only complicate matters if they cannot find balance.  Their disagreements can last for days unless they apologise and make things right by listening and working out a compromise.  Itll take practice as well as patience.  Leo has done so much in their life by being informed and being correct. As a result, their confidence may take a hit when someone close to them has a better idea or strategy.  With time, theyll remember that theyre often working toward the same goal when it comes to a number of the decisions they make.  

Leo Leo: Conclusion 

When it comes to compatibility, two people born under Leo have a lot going for them.  They motivate each other to reach their goals and support each other when needed.  They understand the drive for success, the ethics they put into their work, and the feelings of frustration.  This is a team that wins together as well as compete against each other.  Their competitive natures can work against them if they’re not careful.  The other Leo will stand up for their own choices, and the only compromise will bring them back to balance.  There are many reasons for this relationship to work, but it’ll take reveals a lot to work.  In the end, theyll be able to enjoy a partnership that is romantic, exciting, and full of passion.

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