Chinese Flower Symbolism: Life Under Their Influence

Chinese Flower Symbolism: Do They Bring Good Luck?

What do you think about the Chinese flower symbolism? Well, their general demeanor as per my thought is that they are a symbol of growth and beauty. However, most people tend to view them as their symbolism to mean the circle of life. However, those are some of the general symbolism that most of the flowers have.

Although all the flowers do have original symbolic meaning, more so, the unique nature of these flowers is what we are going to discuss in this article. It will help us get a clear perspective on how the chines people look at the significance and meaning of the Chinese flower. When you are looking into the symbolic meaning of a flower, then there are many things that you have to consider.

For example, what the use of the flower is, what is the color of the flower, and lastly the location on which the flower is growing. Their period of growth and blossom is also another crucial matter that you may want to put into account. In Chinese culture, flowers are generally a symbol of good tidings or blessing or good luck. The Chinese think of the flowers that are blooming as signs of divine and radiant energy.

Chinese Flower Symbolism: Symbolic Significance of the Common Blossoms

In this part of the world, there are so many flowers that have symbolic significance to the Chinese. Here are some of them and their symbolism.

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning

The Chrysanthemum flower is one of the best gifts that you may give to some you care about as per the culture of the Chinese. This is because it represents the need for ease in life. It is one of the flowers that means a lot to people that are seeking spiritual enlightenment like the Buddhist. Somehow the energy that it radiates help them in the meditation. It also produces a lot of potent Yang energy; therefore; it will bring serenity to the homes that it grows in or given.

The Citron Flower Symbolism

This citron flower usually is pink in color. However, sometime it may be white or both pink and white. It has a total of five petals per bulb. Remember number 5 is one of the holy names in the Asian region and has a lot of other meanings. This is because it represents the palm of Buddha.

Most of the Chines people sometimes refer to the Citron flower as the Buddha hand flower. Moreover, it looks like a hand that is reaching out to something. Some believe that the petal of the citron is looking like something that has taken a meditative pose. They signify good luck and happiness. However, one may use them as a symbol of simplicity, beauty, and grace.

Hydrangea Flower Symbol

This is the flower that will help you express gratitude, enlightenment, and love to the people that you love and care. It has such a hypnotic glory that most of the times draws in people that are looking at it. Some say that you can even get lost in your thoughts by just staring at the beauty that it beholds. If you have someone in your life that is always the hero to your story and want to appreciate them, then the Hydrangea is the flower. This is because the flower is radiating a powerful sense of beauty, and versatility.

The Lotus Flower Meaning

In the holy sect of the Buddhist, they refer to the lotus flower as the symbol of Buddha’s seat. Therefore, in China, this flower is the symbol of purity and what one can refer to as perfection. The lotus is one of the flowers that tend to grow in marshy areas. There with all its glory it usually manages to produce past the mud and dirt to have such glimmer in life. Moreover, it has medicinal uses from all parts of the flowers.

Therefore, like the likeness of Buddha, it has the power of healing that is itself such powerful symbolism. Also, Buddhists think that this flower has the best meaning of life and nature. This is because it signifies the need for clearing and the grandeur that you can have on the outside.

Narcissus Flower Symbolic Meaning

This is the flower that signifies the splendor of working hard in the culture of the Chinese. Also, in some way, it shows them that there are some hidden talents in one that they are yet to explore.

Moreover, they have the belief that Narcissus has the power to influence the way you go about your career. Plus, the energy that it radiates for such a course is always positive.  Therefore, it will help you succeed in your career choices.

Therefore, if you know of a friend that is seeking to progress in their career, then this the best gift that you can offer to them. Alternatively, you can also plant it so that you can enjoy the process of getting to be one with nature. More so, you will get to explore your energies to help cultivate the flower to blossom.

Chinese Flower Symbols

Orchid Flower Significance and Meaning

The orchid is the Chinese symbol of flowers to mean fertility. It is, therefore, a bad sign to have in your life when you are trying to have a child. Many people would keep or plant such flower in the homes to help with their fertility. This is because it radiates a lot of positive power towards the matter of progeny. Also, it the symbol of exotic brilliance and beauty, abundance, perfection, and growth. By having this flower as your sigil, you are saying that you are a person of great wealth. Therefore, you are also ready to share such with other people in your life.


In many ways, the symbolism of the Chinese flower meaning is the same as most of the other cultures around the world. However, they have a little uniqueness that makes them stand out. Also, there is no negative symbolism of the Chinese flower meaning. This is because the general sense of flowers is positive and seek to gift rather than take. Plus, the Qi that they are realizing is excellent and can give one a chance to help himself.

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