Daisy Symbol and Meaning: Living a Happy Life

Daisy Symbol: The Significance in your Life

If you are looking into the inner meaning of the daisy symbol, then you are at the right page. You will get to learn all the glory it portrays to us. Did you know that the symbolic meaning of the daisy captures the essence of purity? Yes, it is one of the symbols that reflects on the matter of virtue, positivism, and perspectives. Just by looking at the daisy, you are most likely to notice its radiant demeanor. Some say that it is perky and brilliant looking. So, over time the daisy flower has been an emblem that uplifts people spirits.

Moreover, the daisy flower has been present in most of the cultures around the world dating back to ancient Greece. As a child, I remember playing the game she loves me, she loves me not while plucking the daisy petals. I would do this with my friends hoping that the last leaf would give me a definite answer. Also, during my grade school or primary school days, there was a phrase that we would use a lot during our essay writings. ‘As fresh as a daisy.’ This symbolizes the purity the daisy flower represents in life.

Daisy Symbolism and Meaning: What are Some of its Inner Meanings?

The general meaning of the daisy symbolism captures the traits like youth, love, purity, innocence, freshness, cleanliness, motherhood, chastity and transformation. As you can see the daisy flower is a champion of most of the virtues that you can use in your life. As per the name, the word daisy comes from ancient English to mean’ the day’s eye.’ Moreover, the daisy is one of the few flowers that can close it flowers at night and open them at sunrise.

Hence the name the day’s eye. If you are lucky enough to have experienced the season of the daisy, then you know the joy that they can impose in one’s heart. Also, it is one of the flowers that will blossom in springtime. The Native Americans thought of the daisy as the symbol representing the sun in their culture. The symbolic white petals of the daisy signify the rays of the sun while the center yellow part stands for the center hot part of the sun. This is one of the reasons why daisy falls under solar symbols.

Daisy symbolism: Spiritual Significance of the Daisy

When you have come across some of the pictures, images of the Virgin Mary, there is always a daisy with her. It signifies the purity inform of virginity in ladies. One can say that it is the symbolism of purity. Alternatively, the Christians also employ the symbolism of the daisy to signify the baby Christ. However, in the Norse culture, their mythology represents the daisy as a symbol of love. Also, the pictures of both Mary and Christ usually have the sun symbol that equals to the symbolism of the daisy. All in all, the symbolism of the daisy in the spiritual sense has the will to encourage you to be useful in life. Moreover, there is a strong need for more people of a pure heart in the world.

Daisy Meaning as a Solar Symbol

As a solar symbol, the daisy has a lot of attributes and teachings that it can bestow upon you. Some of these include clarity, cheer, warmth, constancy, light, life, truth, joy, and provision. Once upon a time during the Victorian era, one Lady Mary Wortley came up with a way to generalize the language of the flowers. From then, many adopted the symbolism of sending flower to their lovers to show their love. According to Lady Mary Wortley, the daisy was to mostly posted by ladies to signify that they accept a suitor’s marriage proposal.

The Astrological Meaning of the Daisy Symbol

The daisy has a close association with the Zodiac sign Taurus. This is because the daisy always blossoms around the time of spring in the Northern hemisphere. Here are some of the symbolic attributes that the flag Taurus gives to the daisy flower; family, security, appreciation, patience, persistence, inner strength. Also, there is the symbolism of the colors of the daisy that falls under the astrology. The white petals of the daisy signify the purity of the daisy while the yellow part symbolizes communication, vitality, and radiance.

What Does It Mean to Dream of the Daisy Flower?

The daisy symbol, like most of the symbols that we come across in life bear the meaning in our dreams. However, the dream meaning of the daisy may vary depending on how it represents itself in our visions. Therefore, you may need to be a little bit more careful at how you interpret the meaning. Remember that the daisy is a positive flower symbol hence try and be positive with your purposes. For example, the daisy in your dream may be fully blossoming. This means that you are doing well in that particular time in life. Or, it may bear the meaning that there is a bright future ahead of you

Daisy Symbolism Meaning

On the other hand, it may mean that you need light in your life. Or, you may need to start practicing some purity in your life. So, you need to apply the symbolism of the daisy depending on the situation that you are going through in life.

Furthermore, the daisy that you are dreaming of may fully blossom at night. This means that you are about to have some good fortunes. Or, it may mean that you need to be careful of the people that are around by staying alert of their deeds. Being cautious is one thing that you cannot sacrifice in your life. Only then, can you live a good happy life like the daisy.


The symbolic meaning of the daisy has but one purpose, and that is to bring out the good in people. Therefore, if you are one of the people that are born under the solar signs or the Taurus, then you are lucky. The attributes of the daisy will sway you to be an excellent transparent person. Also, the symbolism of the daisy is most likely to teach you that there is room to improve your characters regardless of your current life. Also, it can guide you towards living a simple spiritual life that is pure of sin.

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