Garden Symbolism and Meanings: The Wisdom of the Old

Garden Symbolism and Meanings: Some of the Inner Meanings and Influence it has in Your Life

This article is going to help you explore the garden symbolism and symbols. Garden meaning is one of the things that has the healing power that we all need. Also, it will help you travel the simpler of path knowledge and intuitive thinking to your enlightenment. Gaining the ability to decipher the symbolic meaning of the garden is going to give a new perspective into things. However, all of these will require that you exercise a lot of discipline so that you can be able to apply some of the meaning to your life.

Moreover, the path to living under the symbolic influence of the garden is all about sharpening and training your perspective of the symbolism languages. A garden is more of a self-contained mini ecosystem. I am glad to say that owning one of them is such a satisfying thing. It takes a lot of will power to maintain a good garden.

All through the gardening process, you have the time to develop and maintain a healthy balanced relationship between all the major three elements of the earth. These elements are air, land, and water. The result of it all will give you such amazing results. Plus, you have the pride of growing your food and flowers. Plus, it promotes attributes like self-reliance, self-determination, and freedom.

Garden Symbolism and Meanings: Symbolic Meaning of a Garden

I always have a calming sense whenever I think of a garden and the serenity that the pose. Let’s be fair gardens are such beautiful environs. It is a place that will give a sense of satisfaction for working with your hands. However, it will provide you with a feeling of pride when you see the work of your hand’s fruition into something more beautiful. To most people that take up gardening, they do it because it is one of the ancient forms of meditation.

It will allow focusing your mind to a single task until you are through.
On the other hand, the garden symbolizes the source of nourishment and abundance. It is the place where people can manage to get food for their family member and even for their community. However, to some, the garden may symbolize wealth and power. This is because some people use the gardens as places of relaxations. A place where they can meditate and calm themselves.

Various Types of Garden Symbolism

There are different types of gardens, and their meaning differs as per the plants that they have in their midst. Here are some and their purposes;

Food Garden Symbolism

This is the type of garden symbolism that bears the most powerful meaning of all the three types of gardens. This is because it takes the metaphor of rebirth or renewal, substance, self-sufficiency, abundance, nurturing, and growth.

On the other hand, the act of planting your food also symbolizes survival. These are the best reasons why anyone can start up a flower garden. However, it can also express a source of healing due to the calming effect that it gives to the people that visit or even visualize it.

Flower Garden Symbolism

There is a lot of wisdom and intellect that one can borrow form a flower garden. This is because the flower garden possesses a lot of symbolic meanings to us. All we have to do is to look deeper and apply their teachings in our lives. In the general sense of the symbolic significance of a flower garden are love, happiness, satisfaction, care, and pleasure.

Decorative, Rock Gardens or Water Gardens Symbolism

These are some of the oldest types of gardens that were used by the rich people in the past to show off their sense of wealth. In the Roman and Greek empires, some of the affluent people could have them inside their homes. This is a habit that is still present in today’s society. However, what are the other effects of these types of gardens? They symbolize strength, good memory, power, and healing properties.

The Christian Symbolic Meaning of a Garden

History of the Garden of Eden

As per the beliefs of the Christians, God created the humans in the garden of Eden. The garden of Eden is therefore symbolic to many things like the beginning of creation. Also, it is the symbolism for the beginning of the troubles of man on earth. Before that, man and woman had a good life with the good Lord providing for them. God, in his wisdom, created a haven for man and his companion in the garden of Eden.

Garden Symbolism And Meaning

However, the two finds themselves in breach of the agreement that they had with God. God had banished Satan to earth. There he found himself in the garden in the form of a serpent. It seduces the woman and bears false tongue to her about the fruit tree in the middle of the gardens. She gave in to the persuasion of the serpent and also convinced her husband to do the same. Upon eating the fruit, the snake slithers away and leaves the two to face the wrath of God. In which cease He, curses and throws them out of the garden. Since then, God pits man against the snake and vice versa.

The symbolism of the Garden of Eden

There is the symbolism of the beginning of creation, where God tasks man with the duty of taking care of all of his other nature. Thereby He gives us the total responsibility of the earth. Second, he tasks man with the responsibility of reproducing and filling the soil. Tasking us to use the resources of the planet to ensure that we do the same. However, upon eating the forbidden fruit, we get to attain higher wisdom of the gods. We get to think for ourselves and make our own choices.

On the other hand, there is the symbolism of the beginning of hate that God places on man and snake. We have to kill the snake by stomping on their heads while they have the free rein to bite us back on our heel.

Another thing is the symbolism of the snake as Satan or his tool. This is why, in most of the community’s people never get along well with snakes. There are a lot of other meaning and significances of the garden of Eden. You can try to decipher them by reading the Bible the book of Genesis.


The garden is one of the oldest symbols of them all and has a lot of teaching that it can bestow on you. Therefore, you should learn to give it a chance in your life. It will help you move from the situations that you are in regardless of their sway on you. All you have to do is believe in its meaning and apply them to your location with the disciple.