July 21 Zodiac is a Cusp Cancer and Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 21 Zodiac Personality

People who have their birthdates on July 21 have the Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer is governed by two celestial bodies– namely the moon and Jupiter. If you have a July 21 zodiac, you are insightful. You make informed decisions putting into consideration future aspects that will affect that certain situation. You are responsible. 

People born on July 21 have an eloquent understanding. They are open to new ideas and new experiences. If you were born on July 21, you understand things very quickly. Thanks to your quick grasping memory you hardly ask repeated questions. Once you hear something, you internalize it and understand it. Your understanding works hand in hand with your persisting attitude.  


You have a consistent expression of favor towards your daily activities. You are highly determined. Your level of determination is notable. Whatever you set to accomplish, has to be accomplished no matter what price you have to pay. At the same time, you have learned to strike a balance between work, family, health and personal space. Balance shows that your life is structured and is in order.

Balance, Relationships, Libra
If you can find balance in your work and social life, then you can do anything!


You strongly believe in yourself and the endeavors that you undertake. The future is a great part of you. You prepare for it by saving a certain amount of what you earn.  You have a comfort zone that makes it hard for you to adapt to change. Learn to break out of your comfort zone and this will open new experiences for you. 

Piggy Bank, Money
Try to break out of your comfort zone when it comes to money sometimes.

More so since you are an optimist good and great things are bound to happen to you. You have clearly stated goals and objectives that enable you to create time frames of what to accomplish in the short run and long run. The structure that you give to your life through consistency and discipline makes it even easier for you to accomplish your set goals and objectives.

Romantic Relationships

Natives that are born on July 21 are very protective of their partners.  You are a very protective lover. You are romantic and passionate about your partner. Due to your intuitive nature, you tend to follow your gut feelings in almost all situations. The advantage of following the gut feeling is making the right choices most of the times. Wrong choices are very rare in your situations. 

Couple, Holding Hands
Follow your instincts when it comes to love.

You are attracted to people who have creative skills and are imaginative and exhibit this in their daily lives.  People under the Cancer zodiac are compatible with each other because they possess similar fortes.

Platonic Relationships

People that are born on July 21 are very competitive. If you were born on July 21 this competitive forte will lead you to choose friends who also possess this forte. Your competitive nature has gained trust issues. It is not easy for you to trust people including your friends.  

Help, Support, Pig Women
Trust means everything to a Cancer.

However, natives born on July 21 are very naive. They are overly cautious. If you were born on July 21, your naivety has made people take advantage of you which has led to you having trust issues. Not everyone has good intentions, so be very careful in your endeavors. You have to embrace change and adventure. Those are two aspects that will always be part of your daily life. You seem to have a fixed attitude towards certain aspects of life. Things change and so do people. 

July 21 Birthday


Your family deems you as the responsible one. You take your duties very seriously and follow the instructions to the letter. You take care of your loved ones and accord them help when need be. As a Cancer, you have an amicable level of self-control. In situations that make other people lash out and make indispensable decisions, you are calm and collected.  You take charge of the situations and take time to digest the actions to take.

Cancers will do anything they can for their family members.

You are very protective and sympathetic to your family and friends. This is mostly due to your intuitive emotions. You love cohesion. When there is a piece of conflict among your friends and family, you are quick to bring them together and reconcile them. 

You crave a life of convenience for yourself and those dear to you. You are the responsible one in the family and amongst your friends. They admire that about you.  You seem to accomplish more than everyone else. They look up to you for guidance and motivation.


Natives born on July 21 are prone to some addictive behavior. Smoking and drinking are most common. You need to give up such behavior since they are harmful to your well-being. Search for substitutes. For example, take water instead of alcohol. Exercise regularly instead of smoking. 

Relax, Simha 2020 Horoscope
Take time to relax to improve your mental health.

Learn how to control your stress levels. Stress leads to ill health. You need a calm and soothing setting to revamp yourself. Taking occasional holidays is one of the things you love doing. Attend to your health, it is important. 

July 21 Zodiac Personality Traits

Consistency is the key to discipline. People who have their birth dates on July 21 are very consistent in what they do. The result is they are much disciplined in the way they conduct themselves and their activities. Your consistency and discipline are valuable to the world around you. You make a good example that should be emulated. 

As a Cancer, you are a purposeful human being. You love doing things with a purpose. You aim at positive end results. Each and every activity that you carry out must have a catch that has an optimistic impact. 

Cancer Zodiac Quiz, July 21 Zodiac
Cancer symbol

People born on July 21 believe in themselves. They have great abilities that when combined with their talents, they are capable of great things. You are exceedingly talented accompanied with learned abilities that make your daily activities easier to go by. 

July 21 Zodiac Symbolism

You have the lucky number three in your possession. The lucky word for you is “innovation.” The card you should listen to is the 21st in the magician’s deck. The stone that you should always hold close to your heart is the lucky amethyst.

Amethyst, Gem, Dragon 2020 Horoscope, July 21 Zodiac
Try wearing amethyst jewelry to keep your lucky gem with you always.

July 21 Zodiac Conclusion

People who are born on July 21 have attributes that are outstanding from the rest of the people in the Cancer zodiac sign. They are deemed to be possessing unique attributes that blend into their personalities.

You are evidently an optimist and tend not to interact with negative people. You are very assertive of the happenings around you. This makes you a very informative person because you are virtually and physically aware of what is happening. Rarely do you find yourself in unexpected situations. You plan ahead and prepare for future events.

Natives born on July 21 are very intelligent and innovative. You have a good memory that fuels your levels of innovativeness. People rely on you to generate ideas. Your intellect combined with creativity and innovativeness makes you stand out from others. The way you conduct your day to day activities shows how much you rely on your wonderful imaginations. 

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