July 20 Zodiac is a Cusp Cancer and Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

July 20 Zodiac Personality

Cancerians with a July 20 zodiac have a desire to be liked, respected and loved. These individuals envision a world of possibilities with their creative imagination. If you were born on July 20, you rely on your imagination in your day to day activities. You uphold certain moral standards that you adhere to in your daily life. 

You were raised in a certain way with certain values that have become part of you and you stick by them as a guide in your life. Since you have a close connection with your emotions, you are sensitive. Cancers value their privacy. Buy some alone time to think about different aspects of life in some peace and quiet. 


Being a Cancerian born on July 20, You have brimming talents that you can make a livelihood from. You have realized your potential and have set the right goals and objectives to actualize your full potential. You are very ambitious, seeing the bigger picture. 

As a Cancer, you are open-minded. You have a broader view of things and you explore all your ideas. Your patient nature and your creative skill work hard in hand towards your success. A happy personal life and a successful professional life is one of the key goals of a Cancerian born on July 20.

Goals, Plans, Success
Cancers will be happiest when they feel successful in their career.

Individuals born on July 20 do not follow a specific profession based on its finances and status. If your birth date is July 20, Job satisfaction is the key aspect in your professional ladder. Your calm nature accommodates occupations like teaching etc. Your level of adaptability emits diversity. Meaning you can easily adapt to any given situation. You are flexible. 


People born on July 20 have a vision. They care about the future. They save up little bits towards their future. This shows that they are sensible with money. However, if you were born on July 20 you should be careful about your mode of spending. Your generous and charitable nature can cause you to spend more than you have and have people taking advantage of you.

Romantic Relationships

People that have their birth date as July 20 have a special chamber in their life to accommodate a love life. If you were born on July 20, You strive to have an envisioned relationship. When you fall in love, you are true due to your realism. 

You are a person with a moral caliber that makes you want a partner who is just like you. A partner who places restrictions on your individuality is surely a no go zone. You love a sense of freedom and there for you need a person who highly respects your privacy. 

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Both alone time and togetherness are important in your romantic relationships.

It’s your personal rule to spoil those you love. You feel inclined to spoil them with special gifts and goodies. Most people find you attractive because of your unique attributes. They admire how you conduct things and want to emulate your example in their routines. You are very gentle and honest. Your truthful nature makes your relationships last longer.

July 20 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

You are shy and full of charm. Shyness comes accompanied by a lack of confidence. However, your family and friends are very supportive and your charming nature has the upper hand. Your charm covers up your lack of confidence which is a win situation. 

Superman, Aries Man
If you are confident, you will naturally draw people toward you.

You are generous, patient and calm. This nature that is bestowed on you makes you very adaptable to situations faster than others.  You are very cooperative, which makes you a great team player. You are able to accommodate diverse ideas and not only your own. Strive for progress, always.

However, if you were born on July 20, you are resentful. You keep cropping up past situations to hurt other people. You forgive. However, you never forget. You hold grudges for a long time and you end lashing out on other people because of other people did to you. Your present is haunted by your future. You need to learn how to let go. Learn how to make peace with your past to guarantee a brighter future with no resentments.


Characters that are on born on July 20 tend to have a receptive nature towards the need of those they care for. Your family and friends highly depend and lean on you. No matter where you are, what you are doing, you are always there for them. You accommodate them regardless of the situation. 

Family is important to July 20 zodiacs.

Having family and friends who care about you keeps you moving. They offer their support and you end up getting motivated to continue living your life. You are seen to be a selfless being.  Always having the needs of those you care about before yours. Your family and friends look up to you for help. Your charitable nature is what keeps them coming. They feel that you are very hospitable. You bond and blend better with your family and friends because you are likely to share the same morals and values. The morals and values create a common ground for you.


Cancerians that are born on July 20 tend to take good care of their health. If you are one of them, you do not push yourself too far such that you exhaust your body and mind. You get enough sleep. Hence, waking up very energetic and renewed ready to face new challenges. 

Water, Earth, Waterfall
Cancers tend to like exercising outside.

You take each day at a time not burdening yourself with the worries of tomorrow. Keep your self occupied during your free time. You have different hobbies both indoor and outdoor. These hobbies keep you relaxed and replenish your day to day moods. 

If you were born on July 20, exercises routines are not for you. You prefer hobbies e.g. cycling to exercise routines. You find routine exercises overrated and too much of a hustle. Individuals born on July 20 need to learn to treat their bodies as well as they care for others. If you were born on July 20, Vacations near water bodies will work wonders for your body, mind, and soul. Cancerians have a special bond with water which is their element.

July 20 Zodiac Personality Traits

You have a realistic approach to life. Your actions, decisions, and tactics are true to life. You simply dance to your own tune. You adhere to what seems real to you, make your own rules, and do what makes you happy. Stick by your set standards and accomplish that which you have set. 

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Cancer symbol

July 20 Zodiac Symbolism

Two is the number that you have as the lucky number. You are provided with the lucky word “harmony.” You also have the 20th card as your tarot card from the magicians roll. The stone you should be looking at is the lucky stone, pearl.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace, July 20 Zodiac
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

July 20 Zodiac Conclusion

Natives born on July 20 are very authentic. They are a true reflection of originality. Their creative imaginations that are reflected in their day to day activities exhibit their authenticity. You are very optimistic about life and its different aspects.

Use your knowledge to unravel these different aspects of life. You are somehow curious and tend to question some things. The understanding of how certain things work makes you feel at peace with yourself and others.

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