Holiday and Calendar Symbols: Time to Make Merry

Holiday and Calendar Symbols: What are Some of Your Favorite Holidays?

In the world, we have holiday and calendar symbols that mean a lot to people around the world. However, holidays and calendars are also different. Also, there are some of the standard holidays that appear in almost all of the calendars that you can imagine. Some of these many holidays include the St. Patrick’s day on which millions of people celebrate the meaning of independence across the world.

However, what do these symbols mean to you? Also. How do they affect your life? In this article, we shall look at the various holidays and the symbols to get the better meaning of the holiday and calendar symbols. The holiday and calendar symbols play a significant role in the way people celebrate this period of the year.

Some of the Common Holiday and Calendar Symbols and their Meaning

Many symbols represent the holiday season in different calendars here are some of them and their meaning.

Holiday and Calendar Symbols: The Symbols of Thanks Giving

Well, Thanksgiving is one of the Holidays that are prominent in the most calendar in the world. It helps the American celebrate their victories over the natives and remember home. In it, they would usually go turkey hunting and give thanks to God for providing them with a new home to stay where there was plenty of food.  There’s a ram’s horn of plenty that they would also use during this period of family gathering. The horn is the emblem of the horn that Jupiter gave to a nursemaid for taking care of his infant. The horn is the symbol of abundance.

Holiday and Calendar Symbols: The Symbols of Halloween: 31st October

Halloween is also another ancient holiday that dates back to the days of the Roman empire. Within it had symbols, like the color orange and black to mark the time of transition of the season from spring to winter through autumn. Also, they would use black cats and bats in this period to mark the witches that were outcasts. Everyone was allowed to come together and celebrate the spirits of their dead. Moreover, there was a claim that at this time of the year, the veil between worlds was at its weakest. At the time they would costume to show the connection that they have with their ancestors.

The Symbols of Christmas 25th December

This is one of the biggest holidays on earth that even non-believers of Christ seem to celebrate. Although the narrative of the holiday seems to be changing form, celebrating Christ to spending time with family. At Christmas, you will see people cutting if not buying huge trees to haul home. They then would decorate it with ornaments and place an angel figure at the top. The other, symbols for chiasmas are Holly, Mistletoe, the color green and red. Also, you will find the symbolism of gift giving and receiving. Well, my family usually bake the cake and write on it merry x-mass with sugar icing.

The Symbol of New Year 1st January

This is one of the holidays that is genuinely complicated because everyone is celebrating it. The Chinese calendar has its new year with specific meaning to their culture. Christians also have the same. So, do other dominant cultures and religions in the world. However, some of the common things that you will notice are the fireworks and loud ringing of the bells. In my village, there will celebrate that celebration in bars full of shouting to give thanks to God for letting people cross that year safely. It is the time to get rid of all the things that were holding you back in the last year and embrace change. People are bound to change cards and gifts like at Christmas.

The Valentine’s Day Symbols 14th February

It is that time of the year that lovers all over the world have the chance to declare their undying love to one another. Chocolate factories have a field day on this day as this is the time that they make most sales. This also goes to those the sell flowers like the red rose. The color red is everywhere, and people are happy. This holiday has the symbols of cards, red ribbons, and laces to help improve the mood of the day. In short, this is the day that the year sees romance at its best. People shall be going out for dinner, and many couples are bound to get engaged. The symbol of the heart is on almost anything that you will buy this year.

St. Patrick’s Day Symbols March 17th

The Shamrock is the doctrine that captures the meaning of Trinity that St. Patrick taught the people while introducing Christianity to the Celts. The people of Ireland hails him as the patron saint. However, these symbols are present in many countries all over the world and the flags of those countries also. So, this day marks that day that St. Patrick died.


The Easter Sunday – The day after the first Full Moon of each Year

Easter is the holiday that originates from the land of the Anglo-Saxons. It has the symbolism of Easter eggs that represent the meaning of birth that they could not consume during the period of Lent. Also, there are symbols of flower and grass that signify the cycle of life that nature has and the rebirth of the animal. Then there is the Easter bunny, that is responsible for bringing back the eggs at the end of Easter. They would hide in the bushes for children to find and eat.

May Day Symbols- May 1st

This is the day that people of the former regime of Queen Elizabeth I would go into the wilderness and bring back flowers to offer to the queen. The people would go to the town square and set up their flowers and trees. Also, they would use the ribbons to decorate the town. They would do this to celebrate the time of the year that flowers were blossoming to their best.


The symbols of holiday and calendar are so many that you may have to look at them individually to completely understand their inner meanings. Also, some of the holidays in the calendar are so old that you may have to consult further. However, they are all there to teach you the meaning of making merry and being happy in life. It doesn’t matter how bad you have had it in the year. When a holiday comes along, you have to go with the flow and unwind.

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