Law of Polarity Symbols: The Symbolism of Opposite Sides

Law of Polarity Symbols: How to Live Under Its Principles

The law of polarity symbols have a lot of powerful meanings because it revolves around everything on the surface of the earth. Its purpose dictates that everything in the universe has two different poles. In short, most of the things on Earth behave like a magnet. This is true when you view how most of the things behave on earth. If you can keenly observe how most of the objects on earth behave you will notice that they all seem to have opposite sides.

The meaning of the law of polarity capture the specific symbolic meaning of things such as their behaviors. For example, if you look at the definition of a lion, most of it is calm. However, the Lion can also be quite vicious if it chooses. But this change of character always comes when you mess with the natural order of things. This shows that all animals will defend their position. A bear cannot attack you not unless you give it a reason.

Some of the reasons that can make a mother bear attack someone is when she is protecting her cubs. Since you can now understand the general principle behind the law of polarity, let us see how effective it can be. The first place that we will apply the meaning of the rule of polarity is on the matter of symbolism. Just like the rest of other symbolism, the law of contradiction also has opposite sides. This is a matter that affects everything on Earth. Also, it dictates that each and everything that has the right side has the other part that maintains the balance. You can take up a few practicals to learn more about the law of polarity.


Understanding How the Law of Polarity Works

The law of polarity is also known as the law of contradiction. For example, for every good deed that someone does, there is an equally wrong opposite deed. On the other hand, you can also look at it as, where there is light, there is also the darkness that surrounds the area. The law of polarity is one of the symbols that take after the ying-yang sign. However, the law of contradiction gives you a leeway to rectify all the wrong or opposite sides that you may have.

Through the principles and issues of law of polarity, you can be able to ignore the wrong parts of your life. By doing this, you can be able to concentrate on the right side of yourself to make yourself better. Generally, this dictates that you’re not a slave to any of the sites that seem to be overshadowing you. Alternatively, you can also look at it as an opportunity to take charge of your life and do something better. However, you should remember that every good deed will require a lot of sacrifices. Therefore, if you practice and work hard, you can be able to break the chains and bondage.

Some of the Symbols that Explains the Meaning of Law of Polarity

As we have seen Above, the Law of polarity captures almost all types of symbols. Therefore, one can say the application of the law of contradiction can take up any symbolic meaning. Here are a few symbolisms that will help us explain the purpose of the rule of polarity.

The Solar Symbols

Most of the characters of sun symbol give the meaning of being lovely and warm towards many people. Also, they represent the symbolism of providing food and nurturing. This means that the Solar symbolisms present a proper path for people to follow towards their enlightenment. However, solar symbols can also have negative sides. Some of these include a lion that is a solar symbol. It can kill you even though it has majestic looks. The fact that the lion is beautiful to watch does not mean it can be tolerant of you trying to pet it.

On the other hand, the solar symbols themselves like the sun can sometimes be harsh. This means that they will be drought, and some people will have sunburns. This will happen even though the sun is the one that is responsible for most of the living things on Earth. If you look at the spirit guides of some of the Native American solar symbols, the sun was their god. In that capacity, sometimes the sun god will punish them and let them go hungry for such a long time. However, if they paid homage to him, the sun god would reward them with a good harvest.

The Water Symbols

The water symbols bear the meaning of sustaining life on Earth because without it nothing can grow especially food. Therefore, most of the animals will die off. However, if you look at it objectively, the water symbols can also be quite dangerous to live. If there is too much water in the soil, then the ground will automatically become waterlogged, increasing the salinity of the land. This will then kill off most plants.

When the plants die off, the animals that depend on the plants will also die.  The animals that eat other animals will follow them. This means there will be an extinction of life on earth. This also means that the water symbols like other symbols have polarity. Therefore, it has the mandate to bend to the meaning and the principle of the law of contradiction. In short, there is no good thing that does not have its opposite.

How to Live Under the Influence of the Law of Polarity Principle

The best way for you to survive under the law of polarity principle is to know the meaning of bad and good. You can also learn the sense of the ying-yang principles. However, in most of the situations, people will be brought up in a specific way. Although in my opinion, you should know how to act and present yourself to others. By having such a mindset, you will find that people will not be able to take advantage of you. Also, you will know when to stand up for yourself. This means that you should never dive into one side of the pool without checking the depth.

I would suggest that people get to toe the line between good and evil. In a society that everyone is the right person, there will be that one person that is ready to take advantage of them. This means that everyone should learn the meaning of evil and evil. However, they should practice goo not unless evil is necessary. If by any chance you have doubts about the path that you should follow, then I suggest that you meditate on the matter. Praying is also another form of meditation that can heighten your awareness.


The best way to deal with the meaning of the law of polarity symbols is by practicing its teaching. It will also help you maintain professional and cordial relationships with other people in your community.

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