Iron Cross Symbol and Meanings: Honor and Bravery

Iron Cross Symbol: The History and the Significance in Our Lives

A long time ago, around the mid-1800s, the iron cross symbol came to life under the influence of one King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia. In his capacity as King Friedrich gave an order that would see the soldiers receive the Iron Cross. The iron cross symbolizes commendations of bravery and honor that a warrior displays in the battlefields. Later after some years, the mad man Halter adopted the symbol of the iron cross to recognize his officers.

The history of the iron cross paints it as a symbol of rebellion. Therefore, if you wear it, it may mean that you are not ready to conform to anyone’s rule. The fact that Adolph Hitler used it in Germany made it more accessible. In today’s contemporary society. The iron cross makes for a better tattoo to the biker, hardcore niches, and skinheads. They wear it on the bodies to show that they don’t agree with the current lifestyle that society has.

In short, it is the symbol that you want to have if you disapprove of the societal norms. However, if you see one of these crosses on a serviceman or civic building, it means honor of duty. It also shows that there is a sign of bravery among the people that were it. Also, it may appear on building like a fire station or a police car, or an ambulance. This means service to the entire community with the same courage and honor as the soldiers.

Simpler Meanings of the Cross

The symbolism of the iron cross seems to be changing with time and the environment that we are currently having. A symbol at one point may have a negative influence, but that may change like the iron crosses. However, you want to follow in the teachings of a symbol then it better to understand it before you do. You may have your meaning for it, but it means a different thin in the society that you find yourself.

Or, you may get it as a tattoo then find out that it means a different thing. On the other hand, if you take your time to learn your symbols, meaning you will have the power to channel it. This means that you can apply the teachings that it has in your life to become a better person. When I first saw the symbol of the iron cross, I thought of it as a lower case alphabet ‘t.’ However, to most people, it may look like slightly inverted letter X. Remember, that this cross has no meaning in the symbolism of Christ, our Lord and Savior.

The Symbolic Meaning of the Iron Cross

The symbol of the iron cross has the power to lead you to find unique and valuable attributes like faith in something bigger than yourself like a brotherhood. Also, it will give the will power to go after everything that you want in life. Apart from the symbol of the iron cross signifies the importance of honor in all the things that you do. Also, you will have the courage and bravery to face anything that life throws at you during a fight with faith.

When you and your friends swear to these symbols, you will be acquiring all these attributes, including loyalty to one another. All the above traits and virtue, plus the drive for liberation have created some of the best warriors the world has ever seen. The symbol of the iron cross was believed to have been the symbol of the Knight Templars. These were knight sworn under brotherhood to defend the interest of the Roman Catholic church anywhere in the world.

They were to answer the call of the pope who was there over patron just before the grandmasters. The iron cross was a symbol of their loyalty, bravery, honor, faith, courage, will, heraldry, and liberation. They would wear a white cape adorned with a bright red iron cross. You look up the symbols of the Templars to better understand their meaning.

iron cross symbolism and meaning

What does it Mean to Dream of the Iron Cross?

When you dream of an object, it means that the spirit of the purpose has taken a liking to you. Therefore, it is reaching out to help you with the various hurdles that you may come across in life. Consequently, it is wise to learn the meaning and symbolic significance of the same symbol. In this case, we are talking about the iron cross. If you see this symbol in your dreams, it means that something is bothering, you and you don’t know how to handle. Or, you lack the courage to face up to it.

So, the symbol of the iron cross will come to you to tell you that you can make a difference by rebelling. You don’t have to do what the situation is subjecting you to. Also, you have the liberty to create your path and follow it. On the other hand, the dream may mean that you need to lend a hand to teach another person on the values of liberation. They need to break free off the patriarchal thing or bullying and make their path. If they are in doubt, they can channel the spirit of the iron cross symbol by using its meanings.


The iron cross symbolism is present in a man of the cultures in today’s world with different meanings. Therefore, you should know how to approach the matter safely and politely so that you don’t end up causing waves in some communities. Therefore, researching the meaning of a symbol before you get to use it is quite essential. It will also open your mind to the history of the logo and its teachings. The teachings of the logo like this one are the fundamental basis of the symbolic meaning. You can also get to compare the logo with others that look like it throughout history.

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