Tiger Monkey Compatibility: Similar but too Far Apart

Tiger Monkey Compatibility

When it comes to Chinese Compatibility, the Tiger and Monkey live in two distinct worlds. They have different interests and hobbies. Since they will not enjoy the same things in life, it will be hard for them to get along. Due to their many distinctions, their partnership will certainly not be an impressive one. They will, occasionally, be faced with arguments and disagreements. Nevertheless, they are both friendly, easy-going, and kind. They can use these positive traits to build a strong partnership. The Tiger and Monkey seem to be incompatible. Will this be the case? This article looks at the Tiger Monkey compatibility.

Tiger Monkey Compatibility
Tigers, while caring, might not be able to give their partner the emotional security they are looking for.

The Tiger Monkey Attraction

There will be a strong attraction between the Tiger and Monkey. Both of them will be fascinated by the other’s intellectual side. An intellectual connection is wanted above everything else in a relationship by both parties. The Tiger is innovative and a great thinker. They often come up with new things the two can engage in. This ability will fascinate the monkey who loves new things. On the other hand, the Tiger will be attracted to the Monkey’s keen mind and intellect. They love to challenge each other with intellectual discussions.

They Share Some Similar Traits

Despite the Tiger and Monkey being so different, they share several similarities. Both are companionable and friendly. They are likely to have a great circle of friends around them. The couple loves going out and spending time with their friends and acquaintances. They will discover a lot of things together and will generally love every moment they spend together. Moreover, both of them are intelligent. They will engage in lots of power talks where they will come up with numerous ideas they will be ready to implement together. They will also engage in a lot of conversations which will keep their relationship lively and exciting.

The Two Are Important to Each Other

These two are important to each other. The Monkey will help to get the Tiger into the limelight. The Monkey possesses amazing social skills they can help the Tiger develop. The Tiger will get a lot of appreciation and commendation which they will value greatly. On the other hand, the Tiger will offer their idealism into their partnership.

The Downsides to the Tiger Monkey Compatibility

The Tiger Monkey relationship will be met by a lot of issues. They will be caused by the numerous differences these two hold. Let us have a look at some drawbacks of this partnership.

Tiger Monkey Compatibility
Monkeys are very outgoing and love making new friends.

The Domineering Tiger

Tigers love to be in control of every activity they participate in. In the Tiger Monkey relationship, the Tiger will not hesitate to take up leadership roles. They will not give the Monkey any chance to be in control. The Monkey loves their freedom dearly, though. They are also outgoing and fun-loving. The Monkey, therefore,  does not like the Tiger controlling them. Due to this, the two will end up competing for control. This competition will cause conflicts between them. They will have to divide responsibilities among themselves. This is the only way both of them will feel in control of the partnership.

Two Outgoing Beings

The Tiger Monkey relationship brings together two of the Chinese Zodiacs’ social and adventurous characters. This means the two will most likely spend their time out of the house. While out, they will make new friends and discover new things. It will be hard to find these two at home during their free time. Since they will be spending most of their time away from the house, no one will be available to handle their family responsibilities.

In addition, they will hardly have time for each other since both will be on their own expeditions. In no time, doubts will start building. They might end up keeping secrets from each other. At this point, a breakup is likely. If they want to enjoy a great life together, they will have to learn to spend time with each other. They will have to spend time at home, too. This will enable them to handle family chores and keep their home in proper order.

The Monkey’s Overexcited Nature

Monkeys are free-spirited individuals. They love to be out of the house where they can spend time with different people and discover new places or things. They love a simple life with few responsibilities so they can spend time having fun. Although the Tiger is exuberant, their vivaciousness cannot be compared to that of the Monkey. The Tiger will most likely be the one to go out and fend for the family. This will not fascinate the Tiger. They will want their mate to show some level of devotion and commitment.


The Tiger Monkey compatibility is low. Although they seem to be quite similar in terms of their social traits, there are a lot of things they will have to work on. One major area they will have to check on is their shared love for the outdoors. This is because they will have little time for each other. They will also have to work on their personality differences and develop the needed understanding to form a strong relationship.

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