Kachina Dolls Meaning: The Blessings It Brings

Learning the Meaning of the Kachina Dolls Spirits

Many of us are wondering why they need to understand the meaning of kachina dolls symbolism. Plus, what will it help you attain in life? Well, this article will help you get to comprehend the inner meaning of kachina dolls. Also, it will help you get in touch with the various significances of the kachina’s meaning. On the other hand, you will also get to relate to the symbolic meaning of its spiritual properties. The Kachina was one of the symbols of the Hopi people.

They were a religious driven group with a lot of creative and peace in all their ways of life. On the other hand, they were good agriculturalist, craftsmen, and artisans. Through this unique and brilliant thoughts, they were able to grow corn in their slightly dry land. Also, they had the highest regard for their symbols and their inner meaning.

Also, the kachina’s are spiritual elements that live under the realm of magic and mist. However, they are not deities to the Hopi but rather friends that help them connect to the spirit world. So, the Hopi people can also invoke these spirits when they need their guidance in life. Moreover, they would do so most of the times to help them ensure that they will have a good harvest at the end of the planting season.

So, for one to fully get a grip on the general meaning of the Kachina, they have also to look into the Hopi meaning and culture. Moreover, Kachina is one of their symbols. Plus, it is has intertwined with their way of life. There are good stories and aspects of creativity and spiritualism that you will get to learn.

Symbols and Properties of Kachina Dolls

Kachina has many symbols that represent it to the Hopi people. Also, the symbols in questions have a different meaning that help explains their global agenda. Therefore, you should take your time to learn most of them if you want to get kachina’s inner essence. Here some of the symbols and their hidden meanings.

The Symbol of the Crow Mother Kachina

In the ancient days, the kachina would walk the surface of the earth in summer and winter. During such times, the symbol of the crow mother would appear while carrying with it a basket. The basket in question is there to represent the sprouts hence the miracle of seeds that the Hopi people rely on heavily for agriculture. Somehow, they would channel the spirit of the crow mother to help plant and let their seeds germinate in winter. Through this, they would be harvesting their crops all year round.

Kachina Dolls Meaning

The Symbol of Hemis Kachina

As one of the significant symbols of the kachina, Hemis is also responsible for the harvest that the Hopi people have. They would call upon it to ensure that they have a bountiful harvest. Hemis is a symbol that bears the symbols that represent fertility. So, the person that would want to use it would wear it and shake a guard or bottle to imitate the sound of rain. They believe that by doing this, they would channel mist and ensure that they have a good harvest.

The Symbol of Masau Kachina

The kachina spirit of Masau is the one the take control of all the things in the underworld. So, they would pay tribute Masau Kachina at all times. Most of the people fear the spirit of Masau, but they also have great respect for it. In some sense, you have to appease this spirit as it controls how the minds of kachina will come to visit you. Masau Kachina has the power over how the kachina spirits arrive in winter and summer. Moreover, this spirit would demand that the people of the Hopi pay homage to it.

The Symbol of Puchkofmoktaka Kachina

The Hopi also have this symbol that they would refer to as the horned runner or the scorpion. This spirit is the one that is responsible for the funny side of the kachina. They found it strange that this spirit would run races and throw sticks at the competitors that were heading it. Most of the times, this kachina symbol appears to be holding two sticks.

The Symbol of Tawa Kachina

The kachina symbol of Tawa is another special symbol to the Hopi. Moreover, it represents some of the most essential this in life like abundance, power of the kachina, and growth. The Tawa spirit in the Hopi world represents the need for the return of the sun. Therefore, they would use it during the solstice. The Hopi would also create the images of the Tawa or the sun symbol that they would wear during the solstice period. By doing this, they had the feeling that they had the power to lure back the sun from the abyss. Therefore, is are some of the reasons why the Tawa Kachin is the symbol of hope, life, abundance, and growth. Moreover, when you wear the sign of the sun symbol, you will get to channel the spirit in your personal life to guide you.

Kachina Dolls Meaning: Summary

When you are looking at the meaning of the Kachina, you have to look at the Hopi culture to get a proper understanding of the people. It will let you comprehend how they would apply the various kachina in their lives. Also, it will teach you the reasons why they would employ such Kachina in their lives. Most of the Kachina spirits are there to help guide the people to a good and a comfortable life except Masau Kachina.

It has some sort of reverence about it that demands that the Hopi people pay homage and respect its presence. This is because it is the spirit of the underworld. Moreover, it has the power to control how the other Kachina spirits appear to the other people. However, all in all, the Kachina dolls is a genuine spirit that aims to help the Hopi people to live a good life of peace, abundance, and harmony.

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