Rainbow Symbolism: Spiritual Guidance it has in our Lives

Rainbow Symbolism: Living with the Guidance of its Meaning

Is rainbow symbolism coming into your life with no reasons that you can understand? Or are you just wishing that you something a little more about what the rainbows represent in your life? Rainbows are one of mother nature’s beautiful marvels that brings a lot of joy into one’s heart by just looking at it. To me, it gives me the notion that there truly is a divine power behind everything that there is on earth. I can say on behalf of most people that it provides the radiance of such breathtaking sight.

Plus, the sight of the rainbow is one of the most mystical things to happen on earth despite the explanation of some scientists. Therefore, it has suitable life lessons that bring a lot of positive gesture in your life. In its form, the rainbow has seven different colors with different meanings. So, the combination of such a compelling purpose has a significant influence on people lives. It is the symbol of cohesion and coming together of different things life. This in itself symbolizes the need for peace and harmony among people of the world.

For this reason alone, the symbol of the rainbow has been adopted by many of the civil rights groups to advocate for the need for togetherness. Also, they pursue through the symbolism of the rainbow the need for equality among all the people. Besides, the only way that we can genuinely realize peace is by embracing all our difference. This should happen regardless of who the person is. Moreover, it also gives us the chance to learn from other people and to grow.

Spiritual Meaning of the Rainbow

Did you know that rainbow in some circles is somewhat a path that leads the dead souls into their new lives? This is because the rainbow usually transcends from this reality to the heavens. So, it is the symbol of ascension from this world into the next. However, the rainbow can also serve to mean the ascent in terms of knowledge and wisdom. It is the gateway with which you can attain universal enlightenment.

Also, some believe that is the path that gaps the two realms to allow for communication between the spirit world and ours. On the other hand, the rainbow will enable us to find the best part of our lives. In turn, we can use this gift to better our lives. Plus, it will give you the time and chance to enhance your spiritual growth.

Therefore, this will make us have a close relationship with the spirit realm. Moreover, it is the light the serves to remind us of the endless possibilities that we can have in this life or the next. So, we should take our time to go after our goals in life entirely.

Rainbow symbolism: Meaning and How It Influences our Lives

The central symbolism of the rain is peace and unity across the globe. However, some say that it also shows the element of calmness or serenity. Moreover, when you look at the rainbow, these are most like the hidden feelings that will come to the surface. In most of the cases, the rainbow is always visible after the break of the storm. The sun will break through the clouds, and its refracted lights will give us this beautiful display. Some even believe that this is a message from God.

Therefore, the sight of the rainbow can only mean good things that are about to happen. The inner meaning of seeing the rainbow is the reminder to endure your struggles gracefully. During this time keep in mind that the situation that you are going through is not permanent. So, make the best of the foul situation and move forward. Moreover, the rainbow is the sole representation of good luck. Some Irish folk, according to folklore believe that rainbows have pots of gold in them.

However, in some other cultures, the rainbows are the symbol of the fallen soldiers of war. This is one of the beliefs of the Norse people. Therefore, the rainbow was the gateway to the spiritual world from this realm. The fallen soldiers would then use it to cross into the astral world. This belief is also in other cultures like the Japanese and the Navajo.

Rainbow Symbolism

Religious Meaning of the Rainbow Symbolism

In the time of Noah in the Old Testament, we finally get a spiritual explanation of the meaning of a rainbow. God says that the rainbow is his sign that serves to remind us that he will never destroy the world with water ever again. Therefore, when you the rainbow it should tell you of the pact the ones God made with man. This account of promises comes after the good Lord wiped out the debris of the earth and gave it a chance to start anew.

He made sure that Noah built an ark that would carry species in the number of two of both male and female. This was to ensure that the Gods creation would live on after the great flood. Therefore, the rainbow is a sign of the holy work of the lord. Moreover, you can look at it as one of the creations that God does long after the garden of Eden. In the book of Revelation also, the rainbow appears. However, there Ezekiel uses it to mark the magnificence of Gods glory.


A rainbow symbolism almost touches on several topics that can prove quite relevant to one’s life and personal growth. Therefore, if you see the rainbow, you should be ready to welcome its meaning. Moreover, the rainbow also gives you the chance to have a secure spiritual connection with the heavenly world. Also, it encourages you to find your true self through the will of a spiritual journey. Plus, if you take this meaning seriously, you are most likely to find peace in your life.

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