Shou Symbol: Longevity, Blessings And Wealth

What is the Shou Symbol?

Since time immemorial, the Chinese have been spiritual people. They believe in so many things that connect them to the spiritual realm. The Chinese find meaning and symbolism in every aspect of nature that surrounds them. Shou symbol is one of the things they believe in deeply. The Chinese treasure long life and abundance hence the aspect of longevity in their culture.

Humanity always dreams of having an abundant and long life that will enable us to achieve all our dreams. A long life gives us a chance to draw closer to God. The Chinese use the Shou symbol to symbolize longevity. The Shou symbol gets its name from the Chinese god, Shou-Hsing. Shou-Hsing was adored and praised by the Chinese as the controller of the destiny of humankind. Immortality is also a reflection of the Shou symbol. The Shou symbol has great connections with nature. We cannot talk about a long and abundant life without the mention of nature.

Nature determines our every being. The Chinese view nature as having representatives of a long and abundant life. Taoist philosophy is the originator of Shou. Tao gives us the insight that relationship we forge with nature drove us towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Shou symbolism signifies harmonious relationships with people and happiness in abundance apart from the aspect of long and abundant life. Long life is not worth living if joy and harmony are absent.

Deeper Understanding of the Shou Symbol

In Chinese culture, the Shou symbol is found in numerous artifacts. It manifests in things such as clothes, jewelry, amulets, furniture, and pots. The Shou symbol is so popular that you find it in every Chinese home. In weddings, the Chinese love presenting gifts with the Shou symbol. The symbol signifies that the person presenting the gift wishes the couple a happy and long life together. It is a gift of good wishes and nothing more.

Shou symbolism possesses qualities such as nobility, strength, awareness, responsibility, and wisdom. These qualities are also referred to as the five pillars of Taoist or Asian philosophy. The symbol clearly outlines the four corners of the above-mentioned qualities. The center of the symbol is the representation of the fifth quality, which is wisdom. Wisdom is at the center because it illuminates knowledge and insight into the other four tenets.

In Chinese culture, the five fortunes of life include longevity, love, health, virtue, and wealth. The Shou symbol forms a part of the triplet of good luck, which constitutes the Fu and Lu. The Fu represents blessings, while the Lu represents wealth. The triplet of good luck is mostly found in literature and art. The triplet of good luck only works effectively when all its tenets are maximized jointly.

Relationship between Fu, Lu, and Shou

Additionally, Fu represents not only blessings but good luck and good fortune. This symbol is often found upside down in people’s home. The position it occupies is all about good luck and good tidings. Lu, on the other hand, signifies abundance and prosperity. Fengshui, according to Chinese culture, is the path to good health, happiness, and wealth. Shou, as mentioned above, is a symbol of longevity. It represents birth, age, and life. It encourages people to live their lives to the fullest.

The Fu, Lu, and Shou are three gods in Chinese culture People also refer to them as the Three Star. The Three Star means blessings, abundance, and longevity. These deities hold a special place in Chinese homes. The Fu star carries a baby (Jia Pu) to symbolize harmony and good fortune in the family. The Lu star sits in the middle of the Three Star carrying ru yi symbolizing power and prosperity. Lu is the god of affluence. The Shou star possesses a domed head and carries a peach and walking stick to symbolize longevity.


Fu Lu Shou is Chinese culture denotes a great life. History has it that Fu was a high ranking mandarin in feudal. He lived with his partner for eighty-three years, and they had a large family. They were in the same age group hence lived a comfortable life. Fu is also likened to the planet Jupiter, which Chinese consider auspicious.

Shou Symbol


History also has it that Lu was a poor man born as Shi Fen. He held a minor position at court, so he worked hard and kept on learning until he acquired a higher position. He carries a gold coin at the center of the three gods. The coin is a symbol of prosperity and excellent financial stability.


Shou, on the other hand, is the star of the South Pole. This is according to Chinese astronomy. The Shou symbol controls the life span of humans. The Shou god is always smiling and friendly. In one hand he holds a staff with a gourd of Elixir Life and on the other hand a peach. The peach in Chinese culture represents immortality.

Shou Symbol: Summary

Shou Symbolism signifies long life, blessings, and wealth. People do not pray to or worship these gods, but they give humans hope in life. Having them in your house brings out a positive vibe that is welcoming and assures people of good wishes.

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