Tiger Tiger Compatibility: Same Yet Different

Tiger Tiger Compatibility

The Tiger Tiger compatibility combines two lovers of the same Zodiac sign. This means the two will have a lot in common. It will be easy for them to get along. This means the odds for this partnership being successful are high. They are attractive, indulgent, and vigorous. They love spending free time together and really treasure these moments. Nevertheless, this partnership brings some issues as well. They are both domineering and hate being controlled. There are some changes they will need to make if they want to be happy together. This article looks at the Tiger Tiger Chinese compatibility.

Tiger Tiger Compatibility
Tigers, while caring, might not be able to give their partner the emotional security they are looking for.

The Tiger Tiger Attraction

Similar Traits

As said before, the Tiger Tiger relationship brings in two lovebirds of the same Chinese Zodiac sign. This means they have numerous similarities. Firstly, they are intelligent and creative. They come up with ideas they are happy to implement together. They are also explorative and love being out of the house where they can engage in outdoor activities. Another similarity is that both of them are kind-hearted, straightforward, and seductive. The two are easily attracted to one another. They will be loving and kind to those around them. They will shower one another with tenderness and love.

Two Sociable Beings

The Tiger Tiger compatibility brings together two of the most sociable beings under the Chinese Zodiac Signs. They are likely to create a charismatic and lively partnership. They are energetic and will create an intense union. The two engage in outdoor activities where they create great memories.

Both are Emotionally Detached

Tigers are naturally emotionally aloof. They are not good at showing their feelings and emotions to the world. Although this looks like a disadvantage, it is actually a great benefit for both of them. Tigers hate emotions, feelings, and love to distance themselves from the same. When two Tigers are in a relationship, they understand one another’s emotional aloofness. This makes them perfect mates. Their relationship will not be faced with loyalty or commitment issues.

The Downsides to the Tiger Tiger Compatibility

Multiple challenges face the Tiger Tiger compatibility. Although these two have a lot in common, there are things that will come between them. One major challenge will be caused by their domineering traits. Tigers do not like being controlled. They have different views about who will take control of which areas in their lives. Although Tigers hate disagreements, leadership will be an issue they will have to handle. For their partnership to be successful, they will have to grant one another responsibilities. This will make them feel in control.

Tiger Tiger Compatibility
Tigers are super outgoing but they do not get emotionally attached to people.

Similar Need for Independence

Tigers are outgoing and love to live the lives of their dreams. They love to meet different individuals and discover new things. Due to this, they do not like to be held up in one place for too long. They also need space and time alone to be happy in life. If they are not able to get this, arguments and disagreements may arise in their partnership. They may also go to the extent of looking for better options where they will get the independence they love. They have to offer one another the freedom they love if they want to be happy.

Lack of Emotional Connection

Although two Tigers have a lot in common, one major issue they have to deal with will be the lack of an emotional connection. Tigers are emotionally aloof and might have a hard time showing what they feel. Their relationship will lack warmth, intimacy, and they may end up feeling lonely and neglected. If this relationship is to be successful, they have to learn to show their feelings to each other. This is the only way they can develop a sense of emotional belonging.

A Stubborn Couple

Tigers hardly make changes in their lives because they are naturally stubborn. They believe they are always right and hardly accept advice from other people. When two Tigers come into a relationship, one major problem they have to deal with is obstinacy. When faced with different views and opinions, neither of them will be willing to back down. Since they are not flexible, they will have a hard time forming a long term partnership. For this union to be wonderful, the two have to learn to be adjustable and accept changes once in a while.


The Tiger Tiger compatibility has the potential of being strong. The two have a lot of things in common mostly because they share the same Chinese Zodiac sign. Due to this, they will have an easy time going ahead. Nevertheless, there are several things that seem to set them apart. They are both quite stubborn and hardly accept change. Moreover, their union will lack emotional connection since the two are emotionally aloof. They will have to work on such things if they want to enjoy a successful partnership.

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