The Empress Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbolism

The Empress Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbolism

The Empress Tarot Card, like The High Priestess, is a show of women’s power. While The High Priestess card is all about women being equal to men, The Empress tarot card is more about motherly women. The Empress card does try to teach a kind of balance as well, however. When it comes to women, they can gentle like a mother but they can also be courageous and protecting like a mother bear looking after her cubs.

The Empress tarot card is all about openness and finding the truth. Rather than telling you to wait, The Empress all but spells out the answer to your problem for you. This card is also a sort of connection between the physical and spiritual world. This is because the card, like all the cards in a Tarot deck, is mystical but some readers see

The Empress as a kind of Earth Mother. As well as the Earth Mother, The Empress is sometimes shown as Goddesses of different cultures. This card has also been shown as the Nordic goddess Freya, the Egyptian Isis, and the Greek Demeter.

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The Empress Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings: Upright and Reversed

The Empress, when upright, tells you that you can get power and strength from nature. You do not have to go through everything on your own. This card usually brings peace, comfort, and tells of growth.

flower, earth, the Empress tarot Card
The Empress tarot card represents growth.

When The Empress card is shown to you but reversed, this card can mean that something is poor, there is something wrong at home, or something that should be moving is still and needs to be moved.

General Meaning

There a few things The Empress card tells you. It could mean you are about to see personal growth in the nearby future. This card could also be telling you that you are doing well when it comes to being kind to the people around you and connecting with them.

Cancer, man, couple, hug
This card encourages kindness.

Lastly, The Empress tarot card could be saying you are trying to get in touch with your creative side and are headed in the right direction. Since this card also usually implies you need to be in touch with your feminine side, maybe you need your feminine side to be creative in the sense you are trying for.

The Empress Tarot Card

Love Life Meaning

The Empress is one of the best cards you could hope for when doing a love reading. The relationships that should be going strongly are getting even stronger, you are caring towards the people you love, and you are overall content with what is going on or soon will be.

If you find yourself without a partner, this card tells of a love that about to start very soon. Rather than trying more dating apps, try taking a walk around town or go out with friends.

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This card shows good luck in love.

If you are already in a relationship, however, then this card means you and your lover are going to be even closer. You do not need to worry if you are not looking for a romantic relationship, however. There are different kinds of love. This card can also mean that you are likely to meet and make new friends very soon.

Career Meaning

When The Empress card appears in a work-related reading, it is a good thing. You are about to enter a highly productive time at work. However, this also means there must be plans you have been considering but have yet to carry out.

Man, happy, laughing, monkey
Work should be easier from now on.

In order for your workplace or your advancement in the workplace to happen, you need to see the plans through so you reap the benefits of what is going to happen. Though you may have been struggling in the past, The Empress tells you that you are going to be having an easier time now. Maybe you are finally getting that pay raise or the relocation you have been trying for.

Health Meaning

For the most part, The Empress applies to couples who are trying to become pregnant. When you see this card during a health reading, it can simply mean you are spiritually ready to be a parent. If you are trying to have a child, then the card means you are going to be pregnant soon or that now would be a good time to try.

marriage, baby, pregnancy, The Empress tarot Card
The Empress might hint at a new family member.

If you are not trying to have a child, then it might be best if you and your lover hold off on sex or to be very careful and use more protection than you might usually use.

Keep in mind that what the cards mean also depends on the feeling you get from them. So if you feel the card has nothing to do with pregnancy, then it can also mean you or someone you care about is coming out of an illness soon.

Family and Friends Meaning

The Empress card is a great one to see when doing a reading about your family. Things might be rough for you right now but you are likely to get a boost of motivation because family and friends are going to be asking you for your advice.

friends, women, July 17 zodiac
Friends will also come to you for advice often.

This card is the one to tell you this because you are gentle and caring. This is what is drawing them to tell you their problems. If you are doing a reading about your friends, then this card is more of a reassurance. Though you might be feeling lonely now, you need to know your friends and family care about you more than you think and you are going to be the center of attention before you know it. This card can also mean you are going to make new friends soon.

The Empress Tarot Card: Conclusion

All in all, The Empress tarot card is a good one to see in just about any reading. This card never means that something bad is coming. The Empress simply tells you when you are spiritually ready for something or when you need to be a bit more caring.

This card can also mean that you need more time. Go back to the drawing board or try to be more open about your love for others. The Empress is caring. She is more of a gentlewomanly power compared to The High Priestess that appears when something needs to be changed.

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