Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Meanings and Symbolism

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Meaning and Symbolism

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card is the tenth Major Arcana card in the deck. This card means there is going to be a movement you can learn from. Wheels spin so they always go back to the starting position. This card tells you that.

Things move and always go back to the beginning. However, you can learn and grow from that movement. Though the lessons you receive at the time may not seem like they are doing much to help you, they can build up so that you do not have to stay on the wheel forever.

Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card
This variation of the Wheel of Fortune shows the Fates.

The Wheel of Fortune has three different symbols. In most decks, a sphinx is on the card. The sphinx, in most cultures, represents spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge is one of the things that you can learn from being on this Wheel of Fortune for a while. Then you have what is usually a monkey climbing down the left side of the wheel. This monkey represents instincts. On the right of the wheel, there is another animal that is climbing up the wheel. The animal climbing up the wheel is meant to represent intelligence ruled people.

Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Divinatory Meanings: Upright and Reversed

When you see Wheel of Fortune tarot card and it is upright, it means that you will see some drastic changes in parts of your life. Likely, the changes are where things have not been going all that well for you. With that being said, this card can also mean that there is good luck on its way to you. If you do not get the feeling that luck is coming to you, then it can also mean that there are big changes coming to you rather soon.

Luck, January 2Nd, Clover, Plant
Seeing the card upright brings luck. Upside down, it brings just the opposite.

Seeing this card reversed is not a good thing. When this card is upside down or reversed, it means that something bad is going to happen. It can also mean that your time of good luck has come to an end for the time being.

General Meanings

When doing a general reading, this card means that you are going to be having an easier time with things in the near future. This is because your luck is increasing after long last.

However, you want to pay close attention to the cards surrounding the Wheel of Fortune tarot card. If the cards around it are bad then it means that your luck will not be increasing. If it is any comfort, this does not mean your luck is going to get worse.

History Of Tarot, Tarot, Divination
The other cards on the table will influence this card’s meaning.

If the card is reversed, then it means you are in for a bout of bad luck. Otherwise, you should simply have no luck at all, good or bad. You are just going to need to keep up with your dedication and hard work to see things through.

Love Life Meaning

All in all, seeing the Wheel of Fortune tarot card in a reading about or related to love, it means that things are getting better very soon. You no longer need to be upset over your last breakup. The next lover you meet is going to be more of a soulmate than a rebound. Whether or not you believe in love at first sight, this card predicts that.

Cozy, Love, Couple
This card could predict good luck in love.

If you are in a relationship already, then you can be assured that whatever hardships you and your partner have been having is over. It is going to be smooth sailing from here on out. If you try a reading to see how a crush or new partner feels about you, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card means they like you a lot. They might even love you.

Career Meaning

Sometimes, when it comes to work, all you need is luck. If you have been working hard, then your luck is on your side if this card comes to you in a career reading. You have a chance for things to go amazingly at work. You might end up getting an offer for a job or position better than where you are now.

Outside, Working, Career, Job, Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card
The harder you work, the luckier you are likely to be at work.

Even if this card comes to you, you do not want to start slacking. Watch out for Karma! The luck this card brings could simply be the boss walking around and seeing you doing your job while someone is scrolling on social media or checking their phone. If you do not have a job at this moment, this card means you are getting one soon.

Health Meaning

If you have an illness or another ailment, then getting the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card can suggest that you will get better soon. However, if the card is reversed, it can also mean that you are going to fall ill with the cold or flu. If you have a cold, this card can mean you are going to be over the illness soon.

Cold, Fever, Sick, Vrishicka 2020 Horoscope
If you are sick, you are likely to get better soon.

Most of the time, this card is a harbinger of good health. However, it can mean the exact opposite if you have an addition of some sort. While gaining more of something may feel like a great thing for your addiction, it can still bring bad effects to your fortune.

Family and Friends Meaning

When you are doing a reading for or about a family member or friend, this card tells you they are going to be lucky soon. Someone you are close might win a contest or some other prize soon. Maybe they are going to be meeting a new lover before long. Simply put, the person you are doing the reading for is going to be seeing more of the sun at the end of their tunnel then they would usually see.

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card: Conclusion

All in all, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card means good things are coming around for at least a while. You will meet your true love soon, you are getting a better position at work, if not a better job entirely.

If the card is reversed it is trying to tell you the exact opposite. Because of this, you might want to watch your back in case that dark storm cloud comes faster than you think it will. When you see this card in reverse, just like good luck does not stay forever, the bad will come to an end as well.

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