Makara Rashifal Personality Traits

Makara Rashifal Personality Traits

Makara Rashifal personality traits are more diverse than you might think. These people are very careful and no move is made on accident. They are good at planning things and executing the plan. They are self-confident but they are not arrogant. Makara Rashifal people know what they are capable of and they do what they are good at quickly and well. They simply want others to respect them in their own field of work or talent.

On the outside, Makara Rashifal people appear to be cool and collected all the time. However, they are emotional on the inside or once you get to know them. They have a long and strong attention span and are pretty good at self-motivating.

Personality traits can be affected in a number of ways so it would make sense for Makara Rashifal men to have different personality traits than Makara Rashifal women. It is true that they have the same stone setting the foundation but the houses on top are completely different once you get to know them.

Makara Personality

Maraka Rashifal Men

When trying to befriend a Makara Rashifal man, you need patience. He does not trust easily. Part of why he does not trust easily is how sensitive he is. He does not want to get close to someone just to risk getting hurt. Being as emotional as he is, he can come off as a cynic without trying to. He is kind and caring but only the people closest to him get to see that part of him because he does not want to be made fun of.

Makara Rashifal men always find a way to laugh, whether to cheer himself up in a bad situation or someone else. He knows and understands the social cues that come with the different situations so he knows when the tell the jokes as well. This man looks serious most of the time so people forget that he does have a sense of humor.

Makara Rashifal men are self-motivated. With this comes a strong as steel concentration. When working on a project, he can be distracted a little when it is in its earliest stages. Once the project really gets going, you could blow a bugle in his ear and he still would not look up from his work. He does not bored with his work easily and will not rest until the job or project is done.

Makara Rashifal men are not fans of taking risks. However, he knows and accepts that there are times where a risk has to be taken. When this happens, he is careful and takes his time. Being down to earth can help him at times but his logic falters a bit from the stress too.

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Makara Rashifal men are planners– not risk-takers.

Makara Rashifal Women

These women will not listen to just anyone. If you are able to talk to her and get her to see things in a different light, then there is something special about you. She likes thinking for herself and does not want to give that up for anyone. She only listens to those she respects.

There are times when Makara Rashifal women are serious. She knows when she needs to focus and get things done. Also, she knows when it is okay to unwind and have some fun. Not everything is all fun games with her. Sure, she might be willing to get a couple of drinks with the girls after a day at work. If there is a vacation, she has been planning it for months. She puts work into the planning of the vacation so she relaxes twice as hard while on it.

Makara Rashifal women have a sense of humor that you would not expect from her. She has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. She sometimes uses it as a defense mechanism. It is not turned off often. If it is, it will not be gone for long. She can bust up laughing at comments that others might not have thought were funny because it matches her sense of humor.

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Makara Rashifal women are hilarious and stubborn.

Makara Rashifal women hate relying on others. This woman has probably been doing things for herself for years and may have taken on a motherly sort of role to her younger siblings. She takes care of her responsibilities and will not let others do them for her. However, if she bites off more than she can chew, she does know that she can ask for help.

Dating a Makara Rashifal

A lot of us like knowing what we can about a person before we go on a date with them. This part of the article can give you a little sneak peek at what it might be like to date either of the sexes who have Makara Rashifal personality traits.

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Many Makara Rashifal people end up dating their friends.


One thing to remember about Makara Rashifal men is that they do not trust anyone right away. Chances are, he is going to want to be friends for a while before moving onto dating or he is going to want to go on a few dates before making anything official.

Also, he is a workaholic so he might have some extended work whether he is actually getting paid for the overtime or not. Due to how emotional he can get, Makara Rashifal men can get a little moody at times. Once you get to him, he is loyal and does not usually get jealous.

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Loyalty means everything to a Makara Rashifal man.


Makara Rashifal women usually fall in love with people that she has known for a while or people that she has been friends with first. She does not believe in the whole idea of love at first sight. When she does start a relationship with someone she will want to be exclusive. Even after one date, she will not be going to romantic dinners with other people and expects her partner to return the favor.

Ring, Proposal, Love
Makara Rashifal women attach to their partners quickly.

Since she likes knowing her partner on a friendly level first, she might want to dive too deep when the relationship starts. Do not be too surprised if she talks about what color she wants the kids’ rooms to be after a couple of dates.

Maraka Rashifal Personality Conclusion

In general, Makara Rashifal people are confident hard workers that know their stuff and have a soft side. The men are know what they are working with and want the people around them to see that they are not just flailing around. The men do not trust quickly. They do not like taking risks but will if there is no other way. Makara Rashifal men, when in a relationship are caring and loyal but he might not be around all the much because of how much he works.

The female Makara Rashifal is stubborn unless someone can change her mind and she knows it is time to rest and relax. She has a wild sense of humor and does things for herself. When in a relationship with a Makara Rashifal woman, she can seem a little clingy at first because she likes the idea of being in a long and loyal relationship with one person.

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