April 21 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aries and Taurus, Birthdays And Horoscope

April 21 Zodiac Personality

Someone with an April 21 birthday lays claim to the Taurus zodiac sign. You are a person who is full of wisdom and vast knowledge. When faced with a dilemma, you can always find your way out of it. Sometimes, you are faced with situations that make you feel compromised or that you would become compromised. This never seems to hold you down or pull you back.

Your astrological planet is Jupiter. This means you understand the world and the things of earth, be it people or simple nature very well. You love and enjoy to give. Nothing holds you back. You always enjoy putting a smile on those that lack one. Also, you enjoy helping others, especially those who are close to your heart. Family for you always comes first, regardless of how busy you are. You always make time for those who are close to your heart.


As someone with an April 21 birthday, it is likely that you will know what you want to do as a career since you were a child. Growing up, you always knew deep down in your heart what you wanted to do. You enjoy the challenges that come with being a high achiever and the success that come with it. You are not easily derailed from your dreams. The line of work you always choose to do seems to always compliment your personality. Also, you are very responsible and do not like to be associated with people who are opposite of you.

Progress, Rooster Man Personality
No matter which career you choose, you are sure to go far in it.


When it comes to your finances, it seems like you spend a lot. Yes, you may have the money to do this. However, you do not know how to plan. The irony of this is, when it comes to managing other people’s money, you seem to do this well. Try to take your own advice every once in a while and you may become better at saving money. However, as much as you’re an impulse buyer, the older you get, the more you can manage how to save for the future and your random spending.

Romantic Relationships

As someone with an April 21 birthday, you have a very warm heart. You are extremely accommodating to those you hold dear to the heart. When it comes to relationships, you are extremely loyal and faithful. You crave to be in a relationship with someone who you consider your soulmate. However, this takes time and lots of convincing from the partner who chooses you.

Couple, Romantic
Since you are a Taurus, it is likely that your partner will make the first move in your relationship.

You never choose anyone. They do it on your behalf as you are afraid of rejection. This is because of your giving nature. As much as you admire and treasure physical attention, they must always balance out with emotional attention. You love hard, and may sometimes come out to be quite possessive. When in search of a person, finding someone who understands these traits of you is very important.

Platonic Relationships

You are a very good conversation initiator. When people are around you they never get bored. You also seem to be always interested in the progress of others. This makes it easier for them to talk to you at any time as your availability is always guaranteed.

Friends, Women
“Life of the party” doesn’t exactly describe you, but your friends still enjoy being around you.

However, one weakness you process is insecurity. When unsure and in doubt of yourself or even a person you are intimate with, you tend to be overprotective and seem to be controlling when this happens. As much as you mean well, this interpreted in the wrong way. When upset, because of the much anger and fury you may have, you sometimes end up making mistakes that one after analyzing could have easily been avoided.


As a Taurus, you would make the perfect parent. You are loyal to your family members. Like many other Taurus people, you are always there for your family members. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for them. You are handy with giving out advice. Also, you are great at listening to advice that is given to you. All in all, try to spend as much time with your family members as you can. Do not get too carried away with work that you forget to spend time with them.

Rats Are Family Men
Taurus people make wonderful parents.


As someone born on April 21, you never seem to feel sick. This makes you take your health for granted at times.  You never have any long-term illness. However, because of the lifestyle you have, you are always prone to getting colds and flu. Your weakest spots are your ears and throat. These are the most affected areas of your body.

Cooking, Couple
Cooking at home is a great healthy-living activity. However, make sure to watch your portion sizes!

You love to eat and enjoy food that comforts your soul and heart. As much as you love to cook, it means you may have the tendencies to overeat. For future advice, it important for you to always drink lots of water at all times. Manage your exercises and try and get an accountability partner so you may always be in check. Ensure you practice sleeping early as fatigue contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle as well.

April 21 Birthday

April 21 Birthday Personality Traits

As you have an April 21 birthday, you possess many strengths of character. One of them is the fact that your personality is one that most desire to have. Your organizational skills are top notch. This means that you can achieve high goals and dream big. When you decide to follow something through, be it a challenge or a school project or a goal from work, no matter how long it takes you, nothing holds you back. You are highly planned and the influence you have with those around you especially in places that favor you always seem to work in your favor.

Bull, April 21 Birthday
Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

You love to travel the world. Because you love to meet new people and adventure in new things, this is a dream you hold in your heart heavily. One of the biggest dreams you have always wanted is to be a parent. Therefore, the search for a partner who shares this dream with you is one of the things you look for when considering settling down.

April 21 Birthday Symbolism

Since you have an April 21 birthday, your lucky number is three. This number highly signifies innovation. Therefore, your life is built by so much intelligence and the desire to be great at all times. You never allow anything to hold you back. You always seem to have the will and desire to be great and the best at what you do. Your lucky stone is the purple amethyst. With this with you always, you are guaranteed to always have wisdom and be surrounded with monetary favor regardless of the kind of life you live.

April 21 Birthday Conclusion

In summary, we can guarantee that you will always make mature decisions. You are a very patient person, who is a high achiever. You have a way with words. The simple actions of listening to people and helping them solve problems are what will always get you ahead. A few words of wisdom for these individuals would be, try as much as possible to not interfere with the business of others, especially those you do not hold dear in your heart. As well, try as much as possible to always accept help from others as it is never with any ill intention.

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