August 1 Zodiac is Leo, Birthdays and Horoscope

August 1 Zodiac Personality

August 1 zodiac personalities belong to the zodiac sign Leo. Yes, you are a lion which is why you are very focused. Astrologically, your birth date is ruled by the power of the moon. This intensifies your generosity and warm heart. Your friends know you to be jovial and fun to hang out with and you are very open making you full of wisdom.

Being a Leo born on August 1, you obviously enjoy luxuries. You will not stop until you have achieved your goal. It’s not pride. It’s just who you are. You got an admirable sense of style and you like looking and feeling good. Your energetic optimism and your determination. Also, your ability to stand up quickly after a fall is something to be admired for. Staying down and being defeated is not part of your portion in life.


An August 1 zodiac might get a hard time finding a suitably paying job, or even one as stimulating as you would wish. You have a competitive element deeply rooted in you. Your main drive is to achieve big positions that are well paying in order for you to be able to afford the luxurious life that you desire to have. You will go to great lengths to ensure that this happens for you. You are gifted with the talent of being persuasive. This is your guide to excel in the professions of advertising, sales, and even marketing. You are able to convince the snake out of its hole, that’s the kind of a person you are.

Business Meeting, Pigs Make Great Business Partners
Leos thrive in a competitive working environment.

As a Leo on August 1, this day gives you motivation for working and the general direction for your career and therefore guaranteed job satisfaction. You achieve your set goal though you tend to grow slowly emotionally. Due to your preference in the finer things in life, it’s important you have job security to support this lifestyle.


As per the money you earn, a person born on August 1 is known to save money for the future. You know what is to be achieved and you plan for it. Once in a while, though, you indulge in some shopping that you regret. This contradicts your intentions to save.

Romantic Relationships

As an August 1 zodiac, your horoscope predicts that you are very friendly and easily approachable. You possess an idealistic view when it comes to romance. When in your youth, your social charm and perfectionism might lead you to be disillusioned about love. As you mature though, these views slightly change as you now know better.

You are naturally loving and protective. You need a partner who tells it as it is, frank, uncritical, and one who understands your need for appreciation and affection, and also your well-sought attention. Despite your pride and confidence, you require constant emotional reassurance and your insecurity can get the best of you. Your soulmates approval is normally important for you.

Love, Rabbit Women, Vrischika 2020 Horoscope
Leos are faithful and passionate.

Sexually, a person born on August 1 is expressive and broadminded with episodes of sometimes being selfish in the bedroom. Be more passionate and giving and be perceptive of flattery. This is the key that will bring out your fieriness. Your idea of a perfect partner is someone to calm you and also someone who will quell most of your insecurities.

Platonic Relationships

You possess plenty of self-esteem and you are not scared of being alone. Your impulsiveness and wit make you so lovable. On the other hand, you can at times be a tad arrogant and a bit thoughtless.

Smile, Woman
Leos attract so many friends because they are charming.

Assertive with a warm heart, you are loyal and you will always stand for what you believe in due to your dislike for injustices. As a Leo born on August 1, you are deemed self-sufficient and you hardly ask for help. Due to the attitude, you have of not wanting to be a bother to others. Your outlook towards life is without high expectations or illusions, and therefore it is hard for you to get disappointed.


For you who was born on this August 1, it’s time for you to learn how to compromise and be aware not to make enemies. This is true even when it comes to your own family. In other words, do not burn your bridges. These two suggestions will be beneficial to you and bring you great rewards in both your personal and private life.

Person, Sad, Family
Learn how to get along with your family members better.


People born on this August 1 tend to be ignorant when it comes to the matters of their health. You have this ignorant way of thinking that your health will take care of itself. However, as we all know, that’s not exactly how it works. You also seem to think that since you know how your body and mind works that you are safe from harm. Undertake physical activities and try to follow them in order to avoid any illnesses.

January, February, Calendar
Keep a planner to make sure you stick to an exercise schedule.

However, as much as you are ignorant about fitness, your eating habits are admirable. You understand the nutrients required and the right food to consume. Hence, you do not have any issues with weight. The only problem that is common for you to have lower back pains and foot based pain problems. Therefore, improve your posture and sit upright. Avoid stress as much as you can as it might be the trigger to these problems.

August 1 Birthday

August 1 Zodiac Personality Traits

August 1 zodiac personalities have a beautiful character and courage. Your tact and proper manners are distinctive traits of your character. Your way with words makes you know what people would like to hear. You find the best way to say it without any effort. This is why people easily trust you.

August 1 Zodiac Symbolism

The numerical reference to your day of birth, August 1, has the keyword “drive.” This presents your desire for success and also your persistence. The tarot card deck has the magician linked your birthdate. This signifies your viewpoints and diplomatic manner of handling situations. Your lucky gemstone is a ruby. Wear it for mental clarity and added courage and also to dispel negativity and bad fortune.

Ruby, Gem, Pig 2020 Horoscope, August 1 Zodiac
Ruby jewelry will bring you good luck this year.

August 1 Zodiac Conclusion

Your openness and frisky nature not forgetting your determination support your way with words. This combination is what keeps you in afloat in tough times making you a survivor in life. It’s good to be, once in a while, selfless and focus on other people’s needs rather than your own. Also, work on the temper to bring out the happy person that you actually are.

As you celebrate your day, remember how lucky you are to be born on the best day of the year. Have a wonderful birthday, you are a wonderful person and a darling to many.


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