February 11 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 11 Zodiac Personality

Being born on February 11th, you are naturally charismatic and friendly. This enables you to get along with others easily. You are bestowed with an extra kind of sharpness and mental alertness. You are the type that is capable of being a leader as you have an air of authority.

Create harmony wherever you go. Aim to have a peaceful life. You have an avid love for knowledge and this explains your brightness and ability to learn quickly. You can be slightly competitive and do your best to keep up with the trending issues. Intelligence defines you. You also are blessed with a high degree of intuition. You focus on your future and are able to make attainable goals in life. While you are hard working in nature,  you are also able to balance your busy and fun life.


Having your date of birth on February 11th, you are an Aquarius water-bearer who likes making noticeable steps in the cooperate ladder. When it comes to deciding on which career path to take, you prefer a profession that is quite demanding as you like feeling useful. You take every opportunity that knocks at your door and you work your way up to the top.

Business, Work, Promotion
Aquarians are ambitious and can rise as high in a career as they would like to.

You work with others quite well especially when it involves teamwork. Likely, you have a humanitarian element and you have an interest in social issues. You will not have any personal differences at your workplace to avoid any distractions. You enjoy helping others perform their duties to a certain standard and like correcting people when they make mistakes. Meeting your deadlines brings you satisfaction. This is why you are ready to sacrifice extra hours for work.


Financial matters are very important for a person born on February 11th. You are in control of your money and are able to organize and reorganize your income to fit your needs. You have an eye for valuable items and have a desire of living a lavish life. However, you know that you can live a comfortable life without all that.

Don’t borrow money from others or else you are likely to regret it later.

You try saving your money to avoid the pitfalls of depending on loans. When it comes to managing finances, you have an imprudent attitude. You also try to put some money aside to help a friend or relative in need. Managing your budget is a thing you take very seriously. Consequently, you are not likely to be tempted by gambling or other risky financial ventures. You avoid being too greedy with money and are very careful when involving yourself in any activity that is associated to finance issues. You are sensible but not mean as you offer a hand in charity work.

February 11 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

Compared to others, you are averagely positive when it comes to affairs of the heart. You are not over picky when it comes to choosing your lovers. You easily get swayed by nice natured people who understand you and most importantly give you the attention you crave for. Often, you find yourself single as you easily get bored in relationships and sometimes focus more on planning for your future. You value the institution of marriage and have the thought of having a long term partner to raise kids with.

Love, Rabbit Women
Loyalty is what is most important to you in a romantic relationship.

In a romantic relationship, you look for a person who is loyal and one who possesses the virtue of honesty. This is because you believe that trust and respect for one another are the most important elements in every relationship. You enjoy being romanced and pampered as this makes you feel special.

Platonic Relationships

As you are born on February 11th, you enjoy relating with people and making new friends. You could be a little shy when approaching new people but are not afraid of rejection. However, you are not able to express your need for closeness when it comes to making friends. One has to break through your emotional guard to win your trust.

Handshake, Children
Take time to get to know people so you can make more friends.

You take time to know people and are quite choosy on whom to be open. You desire security in a close relationship and are quite dependable. Like many Aquarius people, have a high sense of humor and a wise desire to reach hearts making people want to be around you. You take comfort in the company of others and believe that being social helps you connect.


You take your family very seriously and are able to set time aside to spend with them. Adventuring together with your family and sharing your ups and downs with them brings you joy. You are gentle and caring to your siblings and your love for them flows strong and deep.

Aquarians adore being with their family.

You will do anything in your might to see your family content and happy with their lives. Being with your family gives you a certain kind of joy as you appreciate the happiness that comes with having a sense of belonging. You always give your younger siblings one on one talks encouraging them to bank upon each other so as to build a healthy relationship.


Any health disturbances experienced by an Aquarian of February 11th are usually minimized by your positive views of healthiness. Being worried builds up to stress and makes you have trouble maintaining regular sleep patterns. Lack of adequate rest makes you moody and inactive during the day. You are prone to having weight problems as you have a healthy appetite and do not put enough keenness on the effects of what you eat. Try maintaining a balanced diet for healthy living. You should take part in physical activities to keep in good shape.

Healthy, Food
Instead of filling up on junk food, try to add more veggies to your meals.

Personality Traits

You are an individual who is focused on accomplishing worthwhile things and you are determined to achieve your goals and be a successful person in life. Even though you are intuitive and a wild dreamer, you only hope for inner peace and emotional happiness. You appreciate people and good deeds that come your way. You are sensitive to people’s moods and are a likable personality. Also, you approach situations in a mature way and like feeling responsible.

Aquarius symbol

February 11th Birthday Symbolism

The number two is your lucky number. This is the one you should use in game nights. You are the prince of harmony. You like to stay calm and enjoy yourself. It’s not likely you’ve ever been in serious trouble. You are the mediator among your peers. The pearl is your stone of destiny. It acts as a guardian angel. It protects its owner and gives them harmony. Your tarot card is number 11 on the magician’s ‘deck. You appreciate justice. You want everyone to have a fair share of everything.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

Also, you advocate for handwork. You are a very interesting character. You like to chat with people and get to know them. This is a good thing. However, you cannot trust everyone. You can open up to your close family members. Continue spreading the message of peace to the world. You are the chosen mouth piece for the underprivileged. You care for those who are incapable. This is a sweet side of you.


Uranus is the supreme ruler of Aquarius. This makes you serve under the said planet. It influences your simplicity. You do not get fancy even around fancy people. Your grounded behavior is admirable to everyone that witnesses it. You are a person of charity. You give to people who do not have. Your family enjoys your kindness the most. Remember to focus on yourself sometimes. Treat yourself after work done. It is always good to celebrate small victories.

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