February 12 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 12 Zodiac Personality

As someone born on February 12th, you are a water bearer that is friendly and reliable. You enjoy helping others with their problems sometimes even before they identify them. Compared to others, you are averagely considerate with an understanding personality. You are a good listener and a good adviser as well. This explains why you impart knowledge in others.

You are capable of giving orders and are good at coming up with new ideas. You are clever enough to learn quickly and give an immediate response. Like other Aquarians, you express your feelings and thoughts and have high levels of empathy. You are willing to put other people’s suggestions into consideration as you respect peoples’ advice. You are very supportive and find satisfaction in comforting others in times of hardship. Also, you are self-driven and are determined to be fully independent. Optimism comes first in everything that you engage in as you have a positive attitude towards life.



Career choices for a person born on February 12th are not ordinarily an easy task. However, knowing what you want to do in life and what you are focusing on achieving enables you to take the right path when choosing an occupation to settle for. You are likely to opt for a profession in high demand and are prepared to work diligently to produce excellent results.

Since you were born on February 12th, you are better at multitasking than most people.

You perform different tasks at the same time and this gives you variety. Because of this, you are not known to be lazy and this makes you of great importance. You prefer working in an environment that believes in the advantage of unity and lifting each other for better productivity. You refuse to give disappointments to your fellow colleagues and are able to pull people together to generate positive energy for a good cause.


When it comes to managing finances, you have a difficult time as you have many needs to meet. However, you are good at forming a habit of making a budget and having the discipline to follow it to the letter. You are sensible with your money as you take your income very seriously. You tend to reorganize your budget depending on situations and opt to have a variety of sources of money.

Uber, Phone, App, Taxi
Try taking on a side-hustle to earn some extra cash.

Financial security seems to be more meaningful to you as you head towards your middle age. You put a coin away for a rainy day as you avoid being associated with debt. Whenever you depend on borrowing you do your best to give back money on time to avoid embarrassments. You are willing to help a neighbor in need and are averagely active in charity work. You are very cautious when lending out money as you do not want people to take advantage of your kindness.

February 12 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

You are typically sensitive and intense but a little more realistic about romance than other Aquarians. You seek and crave for oneness, in any relationship you get yourself into. However, like most Aquarians, you are the type that yearns for affection and love from a partner. You show your caring and generous nature to your soulmate and are very loyal and devoted in long term relationships.

Love, Rabbit Women
Loyalty is what is most important to you in a romantic relationship.

You seek a forever kind of a relationship and are capable of dating up to ten years. More than anything,  else, you look for a partner that instinctively feels right on all levels but have no set qualities for the right person. You are prone to being temperamental but are humble enough to apologize whenever you make silly mistakes. You enjoy making your partner laugh from time to time and miss you when you are not around.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for an Aquarian born on February 12th. You try building a connection with others. You are not afraid to bring out your real personality and are good at building casual relationships. Kindness guides you, encouraging you to make nice gestures to people you have just met and try making everyone happy.

Friends, Women
There are no crazy parties required for you to have a good time with your friends.

You are the type that spends quality time with friends during the weekend to relax your mind and take it off the busy routine. You easily get disappointed when betrayed. However, you have a big heart to forgive. You believe in second chances and this explains why you maintain strong relationships.


Family comes first, for an individual born on February 12th. You are attached to your family and will move mountains to make them happy. You are very good at surprising your siblings with sentimental gifts and spoiling them reasonably from time to time. Your parents enjoy having you around as you listen to what they say and take their advice with a lot of keenness.

Argue, Fight
Try not to get involved with family drama.

However, you find yourself arguing about petty issues with them but try not to make the cross boundaries. You are good at helping your siblings make wise decisions in life and explore this challenging world. You are not bossy and this makes your siblings want to be around you.


Dips in healthiness encountered by individuals born on February 12th are usually associated with their slowness of giving a response to their bodily requirements. Being born on February 12th, you are supposed to eat a balanced diet and take part in regular exercises to have generally healthy well-being.

Jog, Man, Exercise
Try exercising outside to enjoy your workout more.

You are a person who appreciates the beauty of nature and this explains why you have natural remedies for most bodily abnormalities.  You care about your appearance and try maintaining a youthful look and you value the importance of taking in enough water and a good amount of fruits.

Personality Traits

Like most Aquarians, you are an opinionated individual and like sharing your views about life with others. You enjoy engaging yourself in healthy debates and productive discussions. You convince people and draw them to your side as you have a very sweet tongue. Your determination in life and focused mind enable you to achieve your goals and objectives. You believe that the people you meet help you determine your main wishes in life. You are good at encouraging others and lifting their spirits when they are low. This makes people admire you and enjoy your company.

Aquarius, Constellation
Aquarius constellation

February 12th Birthday Symbolism

For a water bearer born on February 12th, the summation of the digits of your date of birth is 3, making this your lucky number. This highlights your originality in thinking and practical innovative approach in life. The tarot card that is associated with your birthday is the 12th one in the major arcana, the hanged man. This emphasizes your considerate nature and your hesitance when it comes to opening up to your friends. You are lucky to have the precious purple amethyst as the gemstone closely linked to your birthday as it brings you good fortune.

Hanged Man, Tarot
The hanged man is the tarot card that represents your birth date.


Aquarius is under the command of the great planet of Uranus. This is where your confidence comes from. Jupiter takes care of the date that you were received in this world. These great planets bring optimism into your life. You are always positive. You never think that anything can go wrong. People come to you for your positive energy.

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