February 18 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aquarius And Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 18 Zodiac Personality

People born on February 18th are thought to be quite independent with a certain kind of self-drive. You are intelligent and have an expansive mind to come up with new ideas. You are known to be kind at heart and very generous with what you own. Like many Aquarians, you have a fine ability to compromise and seek fairness. This is why you are naturally friendly and are sensitive to people’s moods. You have a fairly large social circle as well. You are bestowed with the ability to express your feelings and thoughts to avoid hurting on the inside. Communication is one of your best skills and you have a strong need to build a connection with others.

People look up to you for advice as you are a good listener who is able to give useful solutions. You are determined to dine from your own sweat and work to have a comfortable life. You like organizing things and can over-correct others when they make mistakes. Idealism is in your personality but you prefer being realistic with your dreams.


When it comes to working, an individual born on February 18th does not have a hard time deciding on the career path to take. This is because you are able to know where your passion lies at a very early age. You are not lazy and will have a considerable excuse when you are unable to show up for work. You prefer engaging in a demanding profession and enjoying what you do. However, you do not like working under pressure as this greatly affects your productivity.

Paint, Art
A low-pressure job will be best for you.

You are willing to be very active in teamwork and to instill morale in your fellow colleagues. You are able to get along with others well and pull people together to drive towards a good cause. People enjoy having you around at your workplace as you are always willing to offer a hand when required to do so.


Managing finances for an Aquarian born on February 18th can be a little bit difficult. This is because you find it hard to organize your budget to meet all your needs. You possess extravagant taste and want to buy quality items, especially for your loved ones hence buying things on impulse.

Financial Planner, Finances, Money
Consider hiring a financial planner to help with your finances.

One great trait that you possess if you are very willing to help out a neighbor in need when you have the capability. You have a certain kind of ego that enables you to escape the pitfalls of loan assistance. Family and friends often come to you for help as you give those ways of having a variety of sources of profits and not just lending money to them. You like being in control of your money and you do not like someone telling you how to use it.

February 18 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

For an Aquarians born on February 18th, you are more emotionally sensitive compared to others who share your zodiac sign. You believe in the power of love and have the thought that there is the possibility of finding a companion who is willing to be there for you in both good and bad times.

Love, Rabbit Women
Try to find someone who is as thrilled about commitment as you are.

However, you can be a little bit judgy when deciding on whom to have as a long term partner. An ideal soulmate for you is one who has conscious and one who is able to understand situations and have the same views about life as you. You are quite romantic and are very passionate when it comes to intimacy. You have a need for attention and this is why you seek oneness.

Platonic Relationships

Being social for a person born on February 18th is very crucial. You believe that the impact of building a social connection enables you to determine your main wishes and aims in life. You are able to approach new people with confidence as you are not afraid of rejection you avoid being over mouthy as you know that this could get you into deep trouble.

Work, Volunteer, Friends, Selfie
Try to make friends with generous people!

Of course, you do not get along with everyone you meet. You have an extreme dislike for selfish individuals who only think about themselves. Because of this, you are straight forward when talking to your friends and will probably rely on a mix of your perception and logic to help you find happiness in life. Your friends enjoy having you around as you are hilarious and like seeing everyone happy.


Family comes first for any Aquarian with a birthday February 18thy. You cater to your family’s needs before yours and try to understand their situations as much as you can. You are able to spend quality time with your family. This explains why you are so attached to them. You try to do anything in your power to see them happy and comfortable with your lives.

Siblings, Brother, Sister, Children
It is likely that you would make a great sibling.

You understand that your siblings do not mean to get on your nerves but just get overjoyed to have you around. This is why you should avoid interfering with their personal lives and will only give suggestions when you are supposed to. This encourages them to be more open with you.


Health issues encountered by a person born on February 18th are accompanied by their behavior of letting stress being in control of their body. You are advised to try relaxing your mind more often so as to have generally healthy wellbeing. Keep up on maintaining a balanced diet and taking part in physical activities that promote body fitness. You are prone to allergies and should take keenness on this. All in all, you have an averagely healthy body and should have regular checkups to ensure this is maintained.

Mental Health
Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Personality Traits

Your main strength of character lies in your patience and your ability to forgive others. You try making sure you set yourself challenges and can be a little bit too hard on yourself so as to achieve your goals. Make sure that you are finding time to spend on your own so as to focus planning on your future. You have a positive attitude towards life and this explains why you are ready to take challenges as motivation towards success. You enjoy sharing your opinion about life with others and encouraging them to find ways to make it through this tough world.

Aquarius symbol

February 18th Birthday Symbolism

Nine is your lucky number. It will get you out of any trouble. Curiosity is what you feel most of the time. You want to dig out secrets. It is also like you are more interested in others than in yourself. You wonder what will happen in the end.

Bloodstones, Gem, Stone
Bloodstones come in a variety of colors and shapes.

The 18th card on the deck is your tarot. It will give you a few clues to life and how to live it. You are a person of dignity. You detest people who break the moral code. Every day, you fight for justice. You feel that it is your duty to serve the people who cannot serve themselves. Your selfless acts extend to charity and volunteering. Bloodstone is your lucky gem. This is your guardian and protector. It will give you hope when there is none.


Uranus influences your confident nature. Mars spices up your character. You are not an open book. It is difficult to figure you out. You like people being scared of you because of the respect that comes with it. You feel that it is your shield from people with bad intent. Still, you are a kind person. You have saved many lives by supporting them. This acts of humility will be rewarded at some point in your life.

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