February 20 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aquarius And Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 20 Zodiac Personality

The individual received on February 20th is thought to be fun-loving and fairly enterprising. You have a unique kind of personality and are bestowed with the ability to add warmness in your best attributes. You prefer being independent and are motivated towards achieving your personal goals. Your compassion for others leads you to do good deeds. You enjoy adventuring life on your own and learning from your mistakes. You are naturally nice and willing to help others cope with their problems. However, you find being too close to people making you vulnerable. You are skeptical about being thoughtful with yourself and being open to someone you have just met.

You have adoration for nature and like appreciating the beauty of it. Also, you have a certain kind of mental alertness and originality in thinking. You are dreamy with quite a wild imagination. You are known to be more polite compared to other Pisces people who share your zodiac sign.


The resourceful nature gifted to an individual born on February 20th makes a career path easy to decide on. You are able to perform different skills averagely well. However, you are also talented in many areas and prefer a job with variety. You know yourself and what you want in life and will only settle for what you believe is best for you. You are active and level headed with a tendency to work and play hard.

Progress, Rooster Man Personality
Pisces people tend to like jobs that both allow them to be creative and advance in their career.

Like many others, you try to be at the top of your career by making noticeable steps in the cooperate ladder. You are highly ambitious and strive for perfection in most of your work through your vocational achievement you have a strong will to enable others to polish up on their skills and perform their duties to a certain standard. People enjoy working with you as you do not find it hard to follow guideline and respect authority. Your excellent mind makes you quite useful as you are able to come up with new ideas.


Financial shortcomings encountered by a Pisces with this birthdate are caused by their tendency of being overly generous with their money. You are prone to running into problems with money and being in short of cash flow. However, you do your best to meet your needs and make a good budget for your income.

Money, Rabbits
Don’t treat yourself too often or else you won’t have money to spend on the essentials.

You take money very seriously but are often tempted to dig into your pockets from time to time so as to treat yourself for a job well done. Your imprudent attitude towards finances encourages you to lend others cash to satisfy their own needs. You desire to have a lavish life but have the knowledge that you can do without the pleasures of the world.

February 20 Birthday

Romantic Relationships

For a Pisces born on February 20th, your instincts will naturally tell you when you meet the ideal soulmate. You are typically enthusiastic about love and are very cheery when it comes to romance. Your charming nature explains why you are never short of companions. You are very playful and fun to be with.

Pisces people tend to believe in true love.

However, you can be a little choosy when deciding on whom to spend forever with. A partner must be stimulating both intellectually and physically so as to keep you excited all through the relationship. You are mature at settling any kind of differences and are humble enough to make the first approach of making a sincere apology. You are passionate and loving in long term relationships making anyone lucky to have you as a soulmate.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life is a priority for someone born on February 20th. You are interested in knowing other people’s views about life. Because of this, you have a need to understand peoples different personalities making you take your time to know people. You like taking comfort in the company of others as being alone makes you sad.

One of your best personality traits is that you are a good friend.

You believe in the advantage of belonging to a cohesive society which is helping each other. The people you meet help you determine your main wishes and objectives in life. You try to be there to support others and make them feel appreciated. Your high sense of humor draws people towards you and this explains your wide social circle.


Your love for family flows strong and deep. Your family gives you a sense of belonging and this is why you feel lucky to have them in your life. You have the thought that binder to your family is the respect you have for one another. You are gentle and loving to your siblings and they really enjoy having you around.

As a Pisces, you serve as a role model for your family members.

Also, you are able to inspire your siblings and enable them to make wise choices in life. You have a strong will to build a healthy and trustworthy relationship with your family. You are very considerate when your parents worry too much about you and will not overreact about this. Someone born on February 20th will never want to imagine losing your family.


Health issues experienced by those born on February 20th are closely related to their adventurous characteristics. This is why they have a longing to try out everything and end up adopting bad habits. You are advised to maintain a balanced diet and take part in regular exercises, as you are prone to weight problems. You should increase your intake of water and ensure adequate rest to keep your energy levels high enough. Also, avoid stress and focus more on relaxing your mind.

Woman, Meditation
Try to ease your mind by trying meditation.

Personality Traits

You have an innovative practical approach in life and are very optimistic about your future. You are good at dealing with resolved issues and are courageous enough to overcome obstacles in life. Like many Pisces, you like sharing your thoughts with others and are a very open-minded individual. You are idealistic and sentimental with empathy for emotional cues. You are ever too sure of yourself and will less likely depend on other peoples advice. People enjoy your assistance because you are so optimistic.  You are positive and are confident enough to focus on achieving your goals.

Pisces, Constellation
Pisces constellation

February 20th Birthday Symbolism

You have the lucky number two for your fortune. This resonates with peace.; you seek for peace. In your soul, you want to be calm. In your environment, you want people to be good to each other. You are a role model for many people in your area.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The 20th tarot card is for you in the magician’s envelope. It contains the answers to your conflicts. It will satisfy the curiosity that you have about life. The pearl is your stone of fortune. It is your key to success. It will connect you to the right people. You will feel at peace once you wear this stone.


Neptune is your guardian planet. It influences your action in everyday activities. This is the root of your gifted nature. You can do a lot of things and be good at them. This is an advantage over average human beings. It is important that you use your gifts for good. Always make someone else’s life better. You exist to better another individual’s life. You are very educated as you read a lot and know a lot. It is time to apply this knowledge to real life. Everything you do has to be thoughtful and calculated.


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