February 21 Zodiac Is A Cusp Aquarius And Pisces, Birthdays And Horoscope

February 21 Zodiac Personality

Personalities born on February 21st are thought to be intelligent and are emotionally sensitive. Having this day as your birthday gives you a certain kind of originality in thinking. This explains your good leadership skills. You are in love with nature and highly value companionship. You have a self-determined spirit and have an extreme dislike for selfish personalities. Also, you are willing to learn and like an adventure. Like many Pisces, you are known to be a humanitarian and are dreamy in nature. You are a very optimistic person and this makes you likable. You are ever cheerful and have control over your temper. Your mental alertness and high sense of intellect make you unique.


As you are a Pisces, work choices are likely to be easy for you. You are hardworking and have a responsible attitude. You are companionate in nature and have the ability to learn very quickly. Working under pressure reduces your productivity, as you like having an organized plan when performing any task.

Monkey Men Career
A career that allows you to show off your skills will make you the happiest.

You prefer jobs where you are able to sharpen your skills and those that are demanding. However, you often settle for occupations that are well paying even if the working hours seem to be very long. Your air of authority endorses you with good leadership skills. You have an avid love of helping others and this explains why most people will want to work hand in hand with you.


Managing finances is very important. You are proficient at budgeting and good at organizing your income. However, you are sometimes tempted to tamper with your savings to congratulate yourself for work well done. Despite the fact that you desire the pleasures of the world, you are able to live without them as you have self-control.

Rat With Money
Pisces are generally okay at saving money, like you.

You are a saver rather than a spender and this is why you rarely dig in your pockets for unnecessary items. You do not like borrowing and will rarely need loan assistance. This is because you save wisely and have a plan for your future. You are not known to be selfish and can turn your hand to help others.

Romantic Relationships

Being born on February 21st,  you are quite romantic. You are eager to find a partner who is a best friend and lover all in one. However, you are not good at expressing your feelings and tend to put on a brave face even when disappointed. You seek a soul mate that you can depend on implicitly and who will always make you laugh from time to time.

Cozy, Love, Couple
Your romantic relationships will likely begin as friendships.

Most of all, you yearn for attention and crave for affection from your partner. Sometimes, you seem a little too protective and jealous of petty situations when they involve your partner. You enjoy building a strong and long-lasting relationship based on loyalty and trust. You require a strong element of friendship and common interest in any personal relationship.

February 21 Birthday

Platonic Relationships

You have a very active social life and are naturally nice to the people you meet. You find comfort in the company of others. This explains why being around people gives you a good mood and a certain peace of mind. Relating to others is one of your priorities. This is because you love sharing your opinions and views with others to generate new ideas and thoughts. You tolerate people’s weaknesses and are very good listeners making quit likable.

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Make sure to make time for your friends!

You are able to balance work and party life. Your sociable nature will sometimes lead to problems in your personal relationships which involve trust issues. You believe in giving people a second chance in life making you have long-lasting friendships.


Family gives us a sense of belonging. You like spending time with family and treasure every special moment you are with them. You find yourself checking on them from time to time to know how they are doing. Your deep love for them is brought about by the love and joy you have for each other.

Argue, Fight
Settling arguments between family members is one of your best skills.

You are able to settle differences among your family members to bring peace in the household. You have a strong will to do anything that makes them happy and gives them a sense of satisfaction. This is because you value the happiness that comes with family.

You like being with your siblings and giving them advice on how to explore this challenging world. You do your things with perfection to act as a guide to them and be a role model for others in the family.  All in all, you are able to unite members of your family to generate positive energy for a good cause. This gives your family a great advantage to have you as one of them.


Any minor health issues experienced by a person born February 21st are connected to their emotions. You are very keen on observing your health and will take anybody disturbances with a lot of caution. Your stress levels are caused by your willingness to do too much at once.

Bike, Exercise
Keep active!

You always seem to be doing an activity even during your free time. You love having control over your body and will rarely take advice on how to manage it. This is because you believe that only you know how best your body works and what it requires for generally healthy well-being. You take part in exercises to keep a trim on your body and will often prefer taking a walk to keep fit. You are good at keeping your diet balanced and ensuring adequate sleep and this keeps your energy levels high enough.

Personality Traits

You have an elevated astuteness and this is your main strength of character. You are quick in thinking and are able to come up with effective ways to solve problems. Also, you are assertive and are bestowed with the ability to make wise decisions. You are good at helping people work on their weaknesses to make them better people in life. More than anything, you value kindness and uphold the virtue of modesty. This makes you a naturally nice person.

Pisces symbol

February 21st Birthday Symbolism

You have a lucky number three. This is the number you are supposed to use when playing games. The number gives you impressive intellect and a beautiful heart. For your tarot card, the third card in the magician’s deck if for you. It contains your truth and personal beliefs. It has answers that are not in any other source. Once it is read you will have a path towards life. It will give you bravery in facing your daily challenges. It will also help you rise from a fall. Also, it will change how you look at different aspect of the world.

Amethyst, Gem
Try wearing amethyst jewelry to keep your lucky gem with you always.

Amethyst is your gemstone chosen for your fate. It is a treasure that builds walls to protect you from evil. It will warm your heart and make you experience harmony.


There are two planets that shape your character. These planets are Uranus and Neptune. They are responsible for your decisive nature. You have a certain level of contentment that makes people admire you. It is like you are always happy to be who you are. You enjoy being alive and want to share your joy with others. Jupiter is the owner of the day you were born. This makes you very authoritative. You are a leader and not a follower. You have a way of making people listen to you. They trust and believe in you.

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