January 14 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 14 Zodiac Personality

January 14th is a unique day to be born. People born on this day are known to have a sharp intellect, like a typical Capricorn. You are friendly and skilled with words and are able to solve problems with the help of your intuition. You enjoy informing, helping and driving people towards success.

If you have this birthday you tend to be very observant and have an extra expensive mind. You have empathy and sensitivity to emotional cues. You are very sociable as you find comfort in the company of others. Also, you are dependable in nature and your kindness does not allow you to disappoint others. Luck and good fortune come your way often.


Occupation can be challenging but will always be part of our lives. As a Capricorn, you take your work very seriously and always polish it to perfection. All your actions are pre-planned before putting into action. You require a career that brings out your full potential and can help you utilize your creativity.

Business Meeting, Pigs Make Great Business Partners
Jobs that allow you to use your brains and creativity will be great for you.

You are a quick thinker and this enables you to generate new ideas. Laziness is not part of you as you believe hard work pays. Your creativity is exquisite and this explains your wide range of thoughts. You are always ready to work for people and are willing to walk with them towards the path of success.


Management of funds is very important. Being a Capricorn, you have an easy time organizing your income as you always ensure you meet your basic needs first. You love having your own money and this makes you gain a sense of accomplishment.

You usually have professional credentials and appropriate investment managerial experience to qualify for a treasurer in workplaces. Your colleagues have faith in you when it comes to dealing with cash as you work to satisfy your inner being and not for monetary goals.

No Money, Poor
While you are good at making money, be wary about giving too much away!

You would rather lend than borrow, this does not show your proud but means you love eating fruits from your own tree. You are not motivated by finance but ambition. Everyone admires you on how you organize your spending and put more effort in investments.  

Romantic Relationships

We are all interested in the idea of relationships. Capricorns want affection but you wait until later for honesty and openness to come out. You can become a little bit selfish when it comes to a relationship as you crave for attention. You love taking charge when it comes to intimacy. A partner that will appreciate your need for occasional solitude is perfect for you. It is unusual for you to have many lovers as you appreciate long term relationships and tend to be very devoted and loyal to your partner.

Hug, Couple, Winter
Capricorns are generally very loyal partners.

Platonic Relationships

Your social nature is quite interesting. Being born on January 14th enables you to make new friends every day. You are a popular character in society and are known to embrace people’s different personalities. You have a wise desire to reach hearts as you appreciate the impact of social connection.

The people you meet help you determine your main goals in life. You believe in the advantage of belonging to a cohesive society and this explains why you are not choosy with your friends. Reaching out to people is part of your daily routine as you love advising them on how to cope with challenges in their lives that hinder them from success.

Men, Friends
You seem to be able to make friends just about anyone!


Family is the original beginning of social life. January 14th babies always put their family first as they believe that without the gift of love in their families they would not have inner peace. Family gives them a sense of belonging and enables them to have a purpose in life. Their siblings are their bundles of joy and they love observing and admiring their sheer cluelessness. Also, they love advising them on what to do and they should tone this down and let them learn from their mistakes.

Capricorns are likely to have many children.

Family provides a setting for much of the growth they experience in life. They love serving their family and they will move mountains to see them happy. Friends never come before family for Capricorns. They make sure they never miss out on any special moment of their lives. They understand that the bond that binds them to their families is the support they have for each other.


Health is an important aspect of life. Capricorns born on January 14th  experience minor health problems as they tend not to focus much on their bodies. They dedicate most of their time to work and this explains their negligence in ensuring they have a proper diet and regular exercise. They are advised to put more effort into good nutrition to maintain a strong body.

Snake Health, Woman Sleeping
Capricorns would do well to get more sleep at night.

Their sleep patterns are usually affected by stress and this means they should settle unresolved issues immediately. They need adequate rest and should relax more often to avoid minor headaches and a grumpy mood during the day. They love having control over their bodies and will rarely see a doctor. Instead, they love depending on natural remedies to boost their immune systems and keep their bodies fit as a whole.

Personality Traits

You are an opinionated individual being, as all January 14th babies are. Because of this, it is important that you know some of the personality traits this birthday horoscope predicts. Below are some of your special birthday traits. To learn about some average Capricorn traits, which you likely also have, read our article All About Capricorn.

Capricorn symbol


You value upholding the virtue of honesty. You love telling the truth and expect people to do the same. It is not likely that you will have any friends who do not have this same virtue.

Friends, People
Capricorns can make friends with just about anyone–but not liars.


You have an acute realism and will always put things as they are. You are calm in nature and this explains why you do not like being involved in drama. This is one reason why you rarely blow things out of proportion. You have a realistic view of the world around you, and you are not likely to change when it comes to this.

Goals, Plans, Success
You are also likely to have realistic life goals.


You are strong-willed and have an innovative practical approach to life. You tend to be uncompromising when expressing views and opinions. However, you also have an adventurous age in your personality and want to discover new things.

Studying, Woman, Monkey
January 14th people will look for ways to learn new skills– a very practical trait.

January 14th Birthday Symbolism

The number 5 from the summation of 4 and 1 make you a very lucky individual. Luck basically looks for you and finds you when the opportunity is just right. You are the best description of when luck meets opportunity. You meet people who want to help you get to the next level.

Born On Jan 14

The fifth card in the mystical major Arcana signifies the ampleness of your honesty and will power. The diamond is your lucky gemstone and it gives you positivity when challenges come your way. Being born on this day gives you a unique character and this explains your extra sharpness and intellect.

The clear diamond is classic, but diamonds in other colors can also fit your birthday horoscope.


Your personality is ruled by planet Saturn and this explains your witty behavior, mental alertness, and ability to organize at speed. The pale gold color of the planet symbolizes your richness of heart. Your actual day of birth is governed by planet mercury and this gives you a certain kind of individuality in that you are special in your own way.

You prefer following your guts in taking risks and when an opportunity does not knock on your door you tend to build your own. You love appreciating other people’s work and this explains why you succeed in what you set your mind on. January 14th babies are brave and will face any situation with a positive attitude. The dreams and goals that you may have can be quickly achieved with your skills of fine focus. If you can beat your apprehension at being hesitant to accept people into your life you will find the emotional attention that you crave for.


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