January 15 Zodiac Is Capricorn, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 15 Zodiac Personality

People born on January 15th are usually a little more bestowed with much perseverance than the majority of typical Capricorns. They are known for their confidence and positive attitude towards situations. They are sociable, dependable, naturally nice, and own a generous heart.

These Capricorns possess a sincere being and value the virtue of honesty. Their dedication to the things they believe in is excellent and this makes people admire them. When it comes to being creative they have a diverse mind that helps them flow with ideas. They are generally blessed with a unique individuality.


Career options are an important part of our lives. January 15th babies take work very seriously. They love working for others and with others as well. They love involving themselves with work that makes them have a feeling of accomplishment. Appreciation after a good day’s job helps to boost a Capricorn’s morale.

A job that has variety in its tasks will be the best for a Capricorn. They prefer their careers depending on passion and not the amount of income so as to display their full potential. They are highly versatile and hence able to do most tasks. Being lazy is not part of them in that they polish their work to perfection to be noticed in the society.

Business Woman, Career
Capricorns can be perfectionists at time.


Individuals with the January 15th birthday take management of funds importantly and do it with extra caution. As a Capricorn, you believe in spending money with a limit. Saving money is always your main focus, explaining why you reduce your usage of cash and avoid carrying credit cards. You are able to cope with any amount of income because you are usually resourceful with finances. You learn not to try to live beyond your means and only buy what you can afford. Your discipline when following your budget inspires many. You take control over your money and rarely take advice from others on how to use it.

Financial Planner, Finances, Money
January 15th babies would do well to hire a financial planner.

Romantic Relationships

Relationships help us determine our wishes and aims. Capricorns tend to believe in love and will often involve themselves in long term relationships. The possibility of you finding a perfect match is higher compared to other Capricorn babies because love at first sight actually applies to you. However, you have a slight lack of confidence in yourself when it comes in making the first approach. You are advised to tone this down as you are destined to find a wonderful soul mate.

Couple, Romantic
January 15th couples don’t need to see each other every day to be happy in their relationship.

In relationships, you never feel obligated to hang out and can go for days without seeing your partner and believe that the affection is still flowing and deep. You prefer finding a soul mate that has the same views of life as you. You are intent on keeping your own life and maintaining your identity even when dating someone.

Platonic Relationships

We all appreciate in taking comfort in the company of others. People that have a January 15th birthday are very sociable and believe in connecting to create a cohesive society. You will find them trying to make new friends and discussing on social networking sites so as to share ideas with others and develop new ones.

Talking, People, Men
January 15th babies don’t do well with awkward conversation.

Whenever they think they have nothing in common in the person they have met, they try talking about something different such as switching to politics if they were talking about sports. They don’t fear rejection and always want to give people a chance to know you better. They tend to be very open-minded towards new people and believe that anyone is good enough to be your friend as you try to look at the good qualities of a person when you meet.


The importance of family is appreciated by all as it is the central unit of society. Capricorn babies prefer spending more time with family as they believe the bond that binds them is the respect and love they have for each other. It is hard for them to celebrate and enjoy special moments of their lives without the presence of their family members. They like admiring their younger siblings and watching them learn from their own mistakes. They understand that their family members do not mean to get on their nerves but just love being around them.

Siblings, Sisters, Children
Capricorns have deep bonds with their siblings, no matter their age.

According to them, family gives valuable suggestions on how to lead their lives as they only want the best for them. The decency in their lives has been influenced by the time they have spent with family. They believe that their lives have been shaped by family as it teaches as the values of truthfulness, self-confidence, honesty and trying to embrace people’s different personalities.


Health is an important aspect of our lives. A strong constitution and overall good health are usually experienced by individuals born on January 15th. They are very quick at noticing any abnormalities in their systems. To keep in trim they value exercises and will at least go for a jog during their free time. They prefer walking to their destinations whenever they are not in a hurry rather than using other means of transport.

Capricorns would do well to relax more often.

However, they are advised to reduce letting their worries building up to anxiety as this affects their general health. Whenever they have issues they need to solve them immediately and this is why they are blessed in being able to find effective ways to deal with their stresses.

Born On Jan 15

Personality Traits

You are a very opinionated person for a Capricorn. It is in part for this reason that you would like to learn all about your birthday personality traits. These are the same as many of the average Capricorn personality traits, but there are some traits that help you to stand out.

Capricorn symbol


Your perceptions are always there to justify life. You prefer honesty and this explains why you can be a little bit blunt when with your friends.  Your main strength of character is in your strong will and ability to speak your mind, even if this means being brutally honest at times.

Honesty, Stones, Sand
Capricorns were born to be honest.


Living well with others is of importance to you and this explains why you own a big heart to forgive. You have an appreciative nature and this helps you have good progress in life. You like having your own space to create time to pursue your goals in life.

Smile, Woman
January 15th babies seem to be able to find a positive note to everything.

January 15th Birthday Symbolism

As an individual born on January 15th, your date of birth totals to a root number of six. This is an indication of your love for success and determination in life. You crave for attention and affection emotionally and this is why you need to overcome your shyness and learn to express your feelings. Your optimistic attitude enables you to face challenges in life with great confidence and this reduces the pressure in your life. Your diligence in work inspires many and this makes you a role model in the society. You are also naturally generous, which makes you a very dependable person and people will always count on you and take your word very significantly.

Six is your lucky number.


Capricorn individuals are believed to have their personalities guided by planet Saturn. However, their uniqueness is brought about by the influence of planet Venus. Their popularity when it comes to social circles is quite interesting and is explained by how they are tolerant of people’s different mannerisms. Their braveness helps them deal with all types of hindrances that come their way. They have a deep longing for a happy relationship and will do the very best to stay devoted and loyal to their partners. A concluding thought for these Capricorns is that they are special in their own way.


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