January 20 Zodiac Is A Cusp Capricorn and Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 20 Zodiac Personality

January 20th is an interesting day to be born on. People born on January 20th are believed to be more visionary in nature compared to other Aquarians. They are very persistent in what they do and are very determined to achieve their goals in life. They are cool emotionally than their zodiac symbol portrays. However, they are very assertive and good at making wise decisions.

If you have a January 20th birthday you will always want to try to look at negative things in a positive way. You are a little bit naïve and stubborn and will rarely accept advise on what to do with your life. You appreciate the impact of social connection which is sharing ideas and thoughts with others to improve living stands of people. Aquarians are intelligent and are known as hard workers. Being sociable is part of you as you love being friendly to those you meet.


Career choices are not easy for anyone of us to decide on. People born on January 20th love choosing jobs they have a passion in. Money does not motivate them towards their job options but gaining a sense of success does.

Progress, Rooster Man Personality
January 20th babies will love a job that provides them with an opportunity to grow.

They are very ambitious and prefer occupations that give them satisfaction and security. They are hard workers and have a lot of faith in their abilities to deal with any task that comes their way. Aquarians love working with others so as to improve their skills and increase their productivity. They rarely get into arguments with workmates as they are able to embrace people’s different attitudes. They are very organized with their plans and focused on success.


Individuals born on January 20th  believe that ensuring proper liquidity of funds is a crucial aspect of life. They have a practice of making a budget and reorganizing their income to meet their daily needs. They have a taste for the latest things in the market and this is why they are always saving to satisfy their desires.

Jewelry, Necklace, Pearls
Aquarius people like to buy whatever catches their eye.

Aquarians are not known for being spendthrifts and will often use their money to buy important things. Family and friends always come to them for loans and they are ever willing to help. Putting a smile on the faces of those in need is one of their aims as they are not selfish. They love having control over their own money and do not like being told on how to secure it.  They rarely get into sticky financial situations as they spend with limits.

Born On Jan 20

Romantic Relationships

Relating to others is very important. Aquarians born on January 20th take matters of the heart very importantly. Unlike other Aquarians, they are very good at expressing their feelings. They will care for those they love and will want them to do the same. They often find partners from their close friends as they search for a lover and best friend all in one.

Friends, Couple, Love
January 20th adults are likely to fall in love with their friends.

Aquarians like being appreciated and crave for attention and affection from those they love. They are a little bit insecure about their partners and tend to be very protective of them. Once settled in a relationship they are open and will display their real personalities to their partners. Their loyalty and devotion to long term relationships is so true and have a sense of uniqueness.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life matters for any human being. People born on this day are skilled with words that help them have effective interactions. As an Aquarius, you are very friendly to new faces and tend to be very confident when approaching them. You have a certain power to bring people together and create positive energy for a good cause.

Funny, Person, Girl
Aquarians are some of the funniest people who you will ever meet.

Your sense of humor is quite high and this explains why you crack jokes even without realizing it. You tend to be very sensitive to people’s’ moods and this is why you make friends very easily. Solving other people’s problems even before they realize it makes you interesting and attracts people to you. Sometimes your social personality will appear to be a little bit impractical most especially to the realistic type.


Family provides a wonderful setting for much of our growth in life. Aquarians born on January 20th love to serve their families and their main goal is seeing them happy. They love seeking comfort in the company of their family members. Sharing their joys and sorrows with them satisfies their inner being.

Family, Mother, Daughter
Aquarius people stick tightly to their family bonds.

Though family ties may have challenges, Aquarians always believe that having respect and joy for each other increases the bond in the family. They act as a guide to their siblings and help them explore the world. They try to be a role model to them by perfecting whatever they do. Having a wonderful environment inside the family entitles upholding the virtues of trust and loyalty.


Having healthy bodies gives us peace of mind. To keep looking younger and vibrant, January 20th babies enjoy taking exercises to keep their bodies fit. They have a very high appetite but know the importance of eating a balanced diet. They need to manage stress with immediate effect to avoid building up anxiety.

Anxiety is anything but an Aquarian’s friend.

Luckily, they are very quick in noticing any kind of abnormalities in their bodies and will visit a health expert before it is too late. They avoid practices that could bring harm to their systems such as smoking and drinking. They have a thing for maintaining a smooth skin and highly value the benefit of water to the body.

Personality Traits

Opinion matters to individuals born on January 20th. They prefer the truth as they believe it gives one peace of mind. They tend to look tough on the outside but could be very shy in the actual sense. Their focus and determination enable them to make progress in life. They love exciting activities and this is why they will always create time for fun despite their tight schedules.

Men, Friends
Their work and hobbies will often revolve around their social life.

The people they meet in their day to day activities determine their main wishes and aims. They value honesty and have a big heart to forgive. They have long-lasting friendships because they have the thought that everyone deserves a second chance.

January 20th Birthday Symbolism

As you are born on January 20th, your date of birth adds up to two and this digit is your lucky number. This explains why you love being at peace with everyone that you relate with. You have the power to create harmony among people in society.

Pearl, Jewelry, Necklace
Man or woman, pearls are the perfect gemstone for you.

The 20th Tarot card in the Major Arcana represents your unique individuality. You are very sharp and able to read people’s minds. They luxurious pearl is your lucky gemstone and wearing it generates positivity in you. This is why you have a habit of finding your effective ways to deal with your problems.


The astrological authority that influences your character is planet Saturn. However, the exact day you’re born on is governed by the moon. These two celestial bodies have a certain power on your personality. This is why you are able to express your feelings and are never afraid of rejection. You have an expansive mind and thus able to generate new ideas. You have a unique way of dealing with challenges. Failure disappoints you but you know how do you use it as an encouragement towards success. You are a very special person and should put in mind that you are worth.

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