January 19 Zodiac Is A Cusp Capricorn and Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 19 Zodiac Personality

January 19th babies are one of the unique personalities in the Capricorn category. They are quite easy to interact with, as they are naturally nice. They value honesty and opt to be realistic about situations. These Capricorns have a determination for success that cannot be deterred. They love being independent and will rather lack than borrow. They are down to earth individuals with a self-motivated spirit.

January 19th babies have a number of character traits that give them a special place in life.  They are incredibly loyal and devoted to relationships. They are always ready for the worst and will always have organized plans to face challenges. Optimism is part of them and they face situations with a lot of confidence. They have huge potential when it comes to business and will have many strategies to increase productivity.


Our careers are of importance to us. Individuals born on January 19th will take their work very seriously. They are very reliable and this is why they are very excellent when performing their duties, not for being lazy as they have goals to pursue. They love working with others and will discuss their views during meetings.

Connection, Network, Business, People
January 19th babies work best when working with others–preferably when they’re in charge.

Their expansive mind explains why they always come up with new ideas and thoughts. They have a skill of being able to perform any task at any given time. They have a sense of gaining satisfaction in what they do. Their high potential produces good results in their assigned areas. Individuals with this particular birth date will always be willing to sacrifice a few more hours for work.


Managing funds is a crucial part of us as human beings. As a Capricorn born on January 19th, you will often get into tricky financial situations that will lead you to reorganize your income from time to time. You are advised to make a budget and form a habit of following it.

Watch, Jewelry
Capricorns like to treat themselves to the finer things in life– they just need to make sure that they don’t treat themselves too often.

You value steady progress and this is why you find yourself wanting to buy new things all at once. However, you need to tone down on this to avoid getting involved with debt. they value ensuring that they put their basic need s before luxury. Nevertheless, they are not known to be selfish with their money and are active when it comes to charity. They love helping those in need and will drop a coin or two for a person on the street with no home to go to.

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, we all have different opinions. Individuals born on January 19th believe in love and have the thought that it takes part in determining their main wishes and aims. They are very good at expressing their feelings in personal relationships.  

Dating, Sex, Couple
Opposites don’t attract in the case of the Capricorn. They need a partner who is similar to them if their relationship is to work out.

Finding a partner that shares the same opinions and views about life as them is part of their agenda. They are often distracted from work and other activities as they plan on how to approach someone who intrigues them. You will find them having a pep talk in bathrooms trying to build their confidence to be ready in case of rejection. They are very open with themselves when it comes to long term relationships. They are able to embrace their partner’s flaws and help them improve on their mistakes. This explains why it is a great advantage to have them as a long life partner.

Platonic Relationships

Having a social life matters a lot. Capricorn babies are able to interact with others effectively as they are friendly in nature. Connecting with others on social networking sites is part of their daily routine. They are able to make new friends every day with their high sense of humor. They have the capability of understanding others and have a potential of building strong and long-lasting friendships.

Social Media, Phone, Apps
Capricorns are likely to have more friends on Social media than they have in real life.

Taking comfort in the company of others is one of their favorite things to do; they hate being lonely. They have a tendency of holding parties even when it is no one’s birthday. This explains their love of having people around them.


Family is a sensitive issue in our lives. Personalities with this birthday tend to treasure their families and no one trifles with them when it comes to family. They love spending time with family and will check on them from time to time. Putting a smile on their parents’ faces is one of their goals. They have a certain power of increasing the bond in their families by showing them the essence of having respect and joy for one another.

Family, Child, Parent
Capricorns are always read to help a family member in need.

They will always help when a hand is needed. The fact that family is the central unit of society and has contributed much to their growth. When it comes to advising their siblings, they do it willingly but give them space to make their own mistakes and learn from them. All this explains why almost every member in their families is open with them about their lives.


Our bodies are very important to us and we should have a discipline of taking good care of them. January 19th babies normally have less serious health issues caused by their fragile emotions. They are usually stressed by petty issues and are advised to learn to distract themselves and dealing with unresolved issues immediately for their general well-being.

Capricorns aren’t huge fans of seeing a doctor, but they need to learn that sometimes they have to.

They love taking part in exercises and are very good at keeping their bodies fit. January 19th babies have difficulty relaxing as they think a lot about disturbing issues. They are advised to have regular checkups to ensure the smooth running of their systems.

Born On Jan 19

Personality Traits

Capricorn babies born on January 19th  are very opinionated individuals. Their strengths of character are revealed in their modesty nature and value for truth. They have a high sense of intelligence and always come up with an effective way to solve problems. They are good at going an extra mile to make progress in their lives. Capricorns of any date care more about gaining knowledge than gaining worldly goods. They have patience in what they do and will work continuously to get what they want. They are flexible and capable of facing challenges that hinder them from success.

Business, Work, Promotion
Capricorns go the extra mile in nearly everything they do.

January 19th Birthday Symbolism

Your tarot card on the magician’s deck is 19 which is a representation of the shining stars and brings out your tendency of standing out.  For a Capricorn born on the 19th day of the month, your date of birth adds up to ten and gives you a lucky number one. This explains why you are always at the top of your career and happen to be the best in what you do. You are harmonious individual and treasure peace, this is why you always avoid drama and like solving your differences with others.

One, 1
Your lucky number is one.


Just like fellow Capricorns planet, Saturn has an astrological influence on your personality. The glowing sun rules the actual day you are born and this is why you are an ever smiling person. You never let people put you down and are bestowed with vitality. You are always taking a step up on the corporate ladder. Capricorns are always in a cheerful mood and you will avoid showing people when you a disappointed. The ruby is your lucky gemstone and gives you a sense of uniqueness and makes you a special person in life.

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