January 27 Zodiac Is Aquarius, Birthdays And Horoscope

January 27 Zodiac Personality

As an individual born specifically on January 27th, your strengths of character lay in your confident nature and mental alertness. You are believed to be brimming with a high sense of intellect and are known for your kindness and compassion. You are emotionally sensitive but seem to be tough on the outside. One thing you might be proud of is your ability to put on a brave face even when disappointed. You are skeptical about telling people about your life and have a habit of being creative. You value family and friends and are good at interacting with others.

Being an individual born on January 27th, your successes in life are based on the realism of your dreams. Your great ability to come up with effective ways to solve problems makes you a role model for many. You inspire others with your big heart of giving. Your tolerance and caring intuitive side attract many.


Work choices to a person born on January 27th could be challenging as you look for occupations based on your passion. You have an air of authority in most workplaces and this gives you good leadership skills. You are quickly responsive and this enables you to perform many tasks at a given time.

Guitars, Friends, Band
People born on January 27th would rather have a job they love than one that pays a lot.

Your coworkers will think that you are easy to work with as you always appreciate others and help them make a positive difference in their lives. You are naturally drawn to work with a purpose to attain a sense of accomplishment. Your hardworking nature explains why you are able to sacrifice a few more hours for work. Doing something you are really good at gives you satisfaction and a certain kind of joy. This is why you find yourself sometimes taking a job with a bigger salary for its better suitability.

Born On Jan 27


For an Aquarians with January 27th as a birthday, you are bestowed with the ability to manage your finances very well. Money appears to come and go easily but you have a way of being able to satisfy your basic needs. You have a taste for quality and will buy expansive items with the belief that they are long-lasting. You are the kind of person that is determined to save up for things to avoid relying on credit.

Snakes With Money, Budget
January 27th babies are good at keeping to a budget

Sometimes, you will be called a miser because you only use your money to buy important things. You are sensible, but not mean and this is why you are ready to help others in times of need. As you mature, you will learn to have control of your finances and have a tendency of being able to resist again.

Romantic Relationships

You are an apprehensive and shy individual and sometimes find it hard to express your feelings. You are open-minded and you know how to differentiate relationships. People who share your interests and understands your personality will be the best match for you. You value truth and do your best to be reasonable in relationships. You are able to create time for your partner despite how tight your schedule is.

Dinner, Wine, Candles
Aquarians love romantic dates.

People who are born on January 27th want a soul mate who values companionship, and who likes to express his or her thoughts and ideas. You have a hard time giving a second chance and this is why you take time in settling in long term relationships. You will choose a soul mate that gives you some ‘alone time’ so that you can have your personal space. Your lightness in spirit makes people want to be associated with you when it comes to matters of the heart.

Platonic Relationships

Humans are social beings and this is why they find themselves interacting with others in different ways. As an Aquarian born on January 27th, you are friendly and skilled with the ability to find things in common with the people you meet. You have a kind of empathy and are sensitive to emotional cues. You have the ability to generate positive energy in people to unite and work as a team for a good cause. It’s almost like you are able to read people’s minds and will approach them depending on their mood. This characteristic may appear impractical, especially to the realistic types.

Elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Zodiac
Aquarians usually get along well with water signs.


Family ties plan an important role in contributing the people we are in life. Being born on January 27th, you take the family as an important institution. This explains why you have an interest in looking for relatives you do not even know. Serving your family gives you joy and this is why you create time to spend with them. You will do anything in your might to make things work for your family. You believe that the bond that binds you as a family is the respect and joy you have for one another.

Mother, Child
The child of an Aquarius is sure to be well-loved.

You often give advice to your siblings to enable them to explore this challenging and wonderful world. Aquarians often believe that to bring up healthy children requires a wonderful environment inside the family. You always try to bring your family members together as this gives you happiness. A family gives you a sense of belonging and a purpose in life.


Health is a sensitive issue to any human being. As a January 27th baby, your well-being concerns you. You seem to commonly adopt a habit of eating a balanced diet and having regular exercises. You get bored with people who tell you what to do with your body as you have the thought that only you know your body best. Make sure to eat sensibly and avoid bad habits such as drinking and smoking with the goal to live a longer life.

Alcohol, Drunk, Hangover
Try to cut back on alcohol to improve your health.

Personality Traits

For a self-sufficient Aquarian water bearer, you are a very opinionated person. You love complimenting others and have an acute realism. You are calm in nature and being happy is your main goal in life. Like most Aquarians, you are determined and will do anything in your power to get what you want in life. You avoid getting hurt and this is why you take caution in choosing the people you are open to. This is part of the reason why you rarely give up as you are a very optimistic character. You have an innovative practical approach in life and are able to conquer challenges that come your way.

Smile, Woman
Aquarians are some of the happiest people you will ever meet.

January 27th Birthday Symbolism

As an individual born on January 27t,h your digits of two and seven give you a lucky number of nine. This is why you have a curious personality and love adventure. You crave for comfort, attention, and affection.

Hermit, Tarot, Tarot Card
This is the Hermit tarot card.

The tarot card that is linked to your date of birth is the ninth card in the major arcana. It is known as the hermit and symbolizes your longing to be helpful and appreciated. Your mature nature in approaching situations gives you life with less drama.


Your character traits are thought to be astrologically influenced by the planet Uranus. This gives you a high sense of independence and explains your originality in thinking. The only person you fully trust is yourself as you find being too close to people making you vulnerable.  

The actual day you are born is ruled by the planet Mars. This gives you double strength to overcome situations that hinder the achievement of your success. You are patient with people and appear to be very understanding. This is why you are a nice person to hang around with and anyone lucky enough to be associated with you is destined for happiness in life.

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